Collaborating Framebench way!

As cloud based platform for online collaboration, communication & feedback platform Pune based startup Framebench is driven to hold your central workplace where you can store & share your creative assets. The objective is to help all your remote team members and clients to review, mark changes required on the assets and even host discussions on them in real time. All of this is automatically documented for viewing later.

Online collaboration is a method that gives the ease of access to work together with your team online simultaneously. Over the last few years, online collaboration has got a few adjustments done and all we can say, yes, it is better than ever. The World Wide Web has exploded with information, there are new ideas created, implemented, and trashed every day. Restricting yourself to one idea at one location is not doing justice to the race of technology. This is where online collaboration tool comes into play. If you have the right tools, using the technology to your advantage becomes even easier. Co-founded by BITS Pilani alumni Rohit Agarwal and Vineet Markan, Framebench is a promising venture in an exciting space. Framebench is built as a HTML5 web application with some of the latest technologies in the backend. The team depends on web sockets and low latency media streaming in order to achieve near real time collaboration among browser clients. The server side is built with a clear objective to serve thousands of concurrent connections which in turn allows them to scale effortlessly using the amazon web services. It helps teams to quickly annotate and collaborate on images, documents and videos and review them online. Teams can suggest edits and approve files in a single place which substantially reduces their time to market. The best part being able to achieve this workflow completely in real-time and can also be executed in an online conference environment.

According to the Co-founder Rohit Agarwal they already have over 1000 companies using the platform. These include the likes of Unilever, Prime Focus, HBO etc. However as Rohit shares the challenge post product launch in Feb 2013 was to acquire users. They spoke to college users and about 800 designers within the first two months of the launch. This was to get feedback and user experience reports. This helps them to build a business around the product that users enjoyed using.

Frambench is currently focused on expanding their paid user base and making it popular amongst lawyers, architects, consultants and other professional groups with attractive pricing structure and options. This they believe can be achieved via strategic partnership with various large players across the globe. The team is also exploring series of fund raising with well-known venture capitalists in India and the United States.