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    Enterprise Applications – Thousands of app “snacks” instead of “full meal” applications?

    Today was the second time I am hearing that the future of applications in enterprises are thousands of small apps instead a hundred or two applications!

    I was listening to the CTO of Computer Associates who forecasts the future of applications in enterprises as stringing together lots of small apps that do something very well rather than developing something from scratch fully!

    Here is the article that covers his talk that is provocatively labelled “Video Killed the Radio Star and Cloud Computing Will Kill the Programming Star”

    Donald Ferguson, CTO of Computer Associates makes the very interesting point that you can STITCH together bigger applications with small focused apps together to do something larger in an enterprise.

    Very true! Here is the website I created for our local networking group Healthcare Innovation Programs – Kentucky which is a networking group to educate each other about innovations happening here in Kentucky.

    I put this together in 30 minutes! THIRTY MINUTES! Ten years ago this would be a three month project with hacking HTML by hand!

    About a year ago I put together another website for another networking group usingNing that took me three hours to figure out and set up!

    Here is the second article that argues for enterprises using thousands of small apps rather than developing large apps! – On Deploying Tablets in the Enterprise

    The discussion panel in this article also makes the same point – “Don’t turn tablets into PCs,” Todd Barr said, meaning that IT departments shouldn’t try to manage them as closely. Since apps are cheap, organizations should encourage experimentation and individual work styles.

    Seems like that’s where things are headed – small apps stitched together to do something bigger!

    It’s happening in mHealth already – Withings Body Scale enters into partnership with BodyMedia FIT Armband.

    Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. – Mother Teresa.

    Ozonetel Innovates Voice Cloud in India
    What makes a product “fit” a market? Or how to achieve product-market fit?

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    • Lakshman Pillai

      Nari, Which is more healthier?

    • http://www.emportant.com/ Sandeep Todi

      Nari I’d shout this from the rooftops. You’ve articulated it quite well and SaaS solution sellers like Emportant (my company… no plug intended) are selling best of breed software that does one task really well and joins hands with other “snack” providers to provide that wholesome meal. The future belongs to those who can play this game well.

    Jun, 06
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