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    SBI and iSPIRT discuss future of banking in India

    iSPIRT and SBI had a 4-hour meeting on the future of banking. 30+ seniormost officers of SBI – including all the MDs, DMDs, CGMs, and GMs – participated. Two SBI Board members were also present. Nandan Nilekani chaired the session from iSPIRT side.
    DSC_2148The first session was about understanding the technology trends that are shaping banking. There was special focus on understanding implications of eKYC, Aadhaar, new payment infrastructure and GST Network. There was also a good discussion how point-solutions by startups are changing banking.
    The second session showcased 7 Fintech software product companies (NovopayHappay,Vote4CashCapitalFloatCustomerXPSProbeEquity, Enstage) and 2 non-FinTech product companies(InMobi, TeamIndus). The third session session was about SBI strategy. This was a very productive discussion. We can’t share the details as it was confidential.
    This meeting brought together two threads within iSPIRT. One thread was related to its Policy work related to Open APIs (that is shaping the technology infrastructure of banking and finance in India) and the push for Cashless India. The other thread was InTech50, which is a market catalyst that helps big companies leverage software products startups to drive innovation throughout their business.
    DSC_2150iSPIRT is fostering many such dialogs with not just banking giants like SBI, but with Regulatory institutions like SEBI, RBI and others, to fashion a new India.
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    • Akshay Shah

      Hope this results in some action and benefits the startup world at large with easy access to funding, especially to the IT sector where we have no tangible stock, collateral etc to show and get access to bank finance!!!

    • Srinivasan G

      Please share FinTech events as I am exploring in this area.

    • http://www.tabcapital.co.in/ TAB Capital Ltd.

      Let me know if there are any fintech events in Pune

    Jul, 06
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