• ProductNation Network

    Indian E-commerce: Moving on from GMV

    It has been a nervous month for the professionals working for internet and e-commerce companies in India. Shutdowns and layoffs have been the flavour of the month, and business models have come under scrutiny. The… MORE >>

    Mar, 10
  • Suresh Kabra

    Can e-commerce be price competitive…always?

    While everyone is talking about the lower price points on online stores, people in the business understand that a lot of that price competitiveness is coming due to venture capital (VC) money, which is being… MORE >>

    Sep, 17
  • Shyamanuja Das

    The Other E-commerce Guys

    “Fifty years ago the nice housewife still prided herself on knowing the right place for everything. There was a little man in a back street who imported just the coffee she wanted, another who blended… MORE >>

    Apr, 18
  • Mukund Mohan

    Who are the “early adopter” Venture Capitalists in India

    Like you, I assumed that all VC’s are risk takers. I mean as an asset class if you have to provide the highest returns over the long term, I would suspect you have to take… MORE >>

    Aug, 23

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