• Avinash Raghava

    Do we have the DNA to build great products in India?

    For the last two decades I have followed global products and success stories, and a question constantly in front of me is why India has very few globally comparable products and even fewer category leaders?… MORE >>

    May, 14
  • Sudhir Singh

    National Software Policy 2.0 needed

    A recent article by Andy Mukherjee, predicting the end of India’s IT industry has caused lot of commotion. Though, the ‘end’ is an exaggeration, the warning of the ground slipping is not new. The declining… MORE >>

    Nov, 13
  • Avinash Raghava

    Why I’m doing what I’m doing!

    I’m forever being asked a question by the people I meet during my travels, events, etc. I usually smile and avoid it. Or let someone embarrass me by talking about how important and selfless my… MORE >>

    Apr, 11
  • Shekhar Kirani

    iSPIRT Welcomes Product Circle Donors

    The world has been witness to several movements that have changed the face of history. India is not alien to these – Mahatma Gandhi’s silent revolution that finally led to Indian Independence is a shining… MORE >>

    Aug, 19

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