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    Volunteer Hero: Rohith Veerajappa #CredoStories

    Most of our iSPIRT volunteers have demanding day jobs and yet they jump in to build public goods. They are animated by a cause and a sense of community. Some of them take their commitment to the cause so seriously that they let no task, however unsexy and mundane, get in the way of progress. Their do-what-it-takes approach is what, ultimately, turns ideas and intentions into reality. These unsung volunteers are heroes to all of us!

    Take Rohith Veerajappa for instance. He stepped on the night 7th January 2016 to take charge of the 200 PNgrowth attendees boarding buses at Madiwala at 5:30am next morning. What was likely to be a chaotic and messy beginning turned out to be a wow experience. The boarding was smooth and efficient. He made the first touchpoint for attendees to a transformational bootcamp an out-of-norm experience. It was the best start that one could imagine.

    Nobody asked Rohith to step in; he took the initiative on his own. Nobody was there to commiserate with him when he worked through the night; yet he was energised and upbeat. Nobody was there to demand a high standard from him; he set the bar himself. This uncommon ownership and determination is what makes him an iSPIRT volunteer hero.

    With inputs from Gokul KS

    True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.  – Arthur Ashe


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    • Sandeep Todi

      Rohith was absolutely amazing that day. You couldn’t have a better person at that crucial moment. Hats off buddy.

    Oct, 28
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