Innofest in Jaipur.

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.
William Pollard

And that is the change that we are looking driving as part of Innofest. Innofest recently held as part of Rajasthan IT Day in Jaipur saw 3000 people visiting about 15 stalls including the Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sri.Vasundara Raje.

As part of this we had some grassroot level innovations on display including Makersbox setting up a pop-up Makerspace. A mini makers area…


Gesture Hardware workshop by Balaji Lakshmanan who runs imakerobots saw very disciplined younsters taking their seats in time for the sessions with their laptops ready to code..His self balancing minibot created a riot running around and making friends with other robots.

Some of them got to build their first robots… using just the following, Styrofoam Cup, a Motor, A Fan, Some Wires, and a bit of Jugaad, spreading the message that everyone can innovate and build.

Workshop on  Open Source Hardware 101 – What is an Arduino, What is a Raspberry Pi – how do they work, can I build something, let’s build a sensor that reacts to sound, to light, to plays music.

And workshops on

3d Printing 101  – What is 3D Printing, what can 3D Printing do – can I 3d Print, what all can I make with it. Experience 3D Printing, and take home your first 3D Printed accessory

Must say were very well received with people, students especially queuing up to take part and waiting patiently for the classes to begin.


3d printers built by Aha3d printers their own prototype was on display and gliders, on road vehicles, drones that were not flying but so that people can see and experience the same.

We have heard of vending machines which dispenses cola, but ever heard or seen of vending machines that can dispense papers and files which is very much needed for college students. Ankit and his band of college students did just that and hoping refining the product going forward.

Jaipur Belt which supports the back for long working hours of construction workers was also on display. Jewelry that can keep the track your loved ones safe was also on display. Content Kiosk that can be displayed offline especially in areas with no internet and chairs that can be put together by even a child was on display.

Innofest will come to a city near you.. If you are running a makerspace, or built an innovative product or know of someone who has built an innovative product.

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