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    The next 25 is here making it 100 successful entrepreneurs – #PNgrowth. Application closes by Nov 15th 2015

    The next 25 #PNgrowth people are here, and this time, even we are excited by the sheer breadth of the domains that are coming in. The three-day residential launch camp at the Infosys camp in Mysore is what we are looking forward to, most, though. There’s still a slim chance that you might get in, though; you can apply here.

    The last 100 will be announced as one list, and will complete the 200 for the program. So we implore you to apply now, and not come back to us later. :)
    So here you go, the next 25 participants of #PNgrowth
    25-founders-collage-4th-batch (1)

    Arvind Pani from Reverie Inc

    Ashish Belagali from Kommbox

    Harshal Katre from Profitbooks

    Prakash Vishwanathan from Gradatim

    Praveen Singh from 99tests

    Sreepriya Koppula from PixterPro

    Aseem Marwaha from eLitmus 

    Kaushik Panchal from Travelcarma

    Vaibhav Kakkar from Rankwatch

    Ashish Tulsian from Posist

    Manu Madhusudanan from Cooey

    Naman Sarawagi from FindYogi

    Rajesh Bernard from SmarterBiz

    Shankar Krishnamoorthy from Synergita

    Shashi Bhushan from HealthMacro

    Mohammaed Ali from Primaseller

    Vinod Muthukrishnan from Cloudcherry

    Ajay Chauhan from SalezShark

    Sanmaya Kumar Dhal from Slickaccount

    Dixit Chopra from Truggo

    Mahavir Chand from XLapp

    Vinod Jeyachandran from AnuntaTech

    Navneet Sharma from Snapshoppr

    Hemant Sahal from CollPoll

    Rohit Shroff from Holidify

    Congratulations, and wait for the last list!

    iSPIRT Meeting at PMO – Stay in India Checklist
    India is a closed source community or am I missing something here?

    Nov, 13
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