We are almost at the end of the lists. Here are the next 25! #PNgrowth

So here are the next 25. Only two lists remain, and the calibre of the people on here in itself should convince you what we have put together.

Mysore 2016 is going to be super awesome!


25-founders-collage-6th batch

Jayadev Mahalingam of Piqube
Sachin Sharma of Townscript
Shardul Mohite of YogurtLabs
Nitin Gupta of NavStik
Vinay Nathan of Altizon
Mandeep Makkar of Amigobulls
Prasad Nagalapura of Vitamap
Nitin Kapoor of meetuniversity.com
Dilip Ittyera of Aikonlabs
Osho Sidhant of Craftemporio
Niranjan Nokhate of Frapp
Srikanth Chellapa of ContactDoctor
Vasanth Sampathkumar of Honeytask
Pranav Tej of Vibrantworkapp
Ajay Chanam of Halfsteprock
Raghu Mittal of Handsrel
Vaibhav Jain of Teramatrix
Jyoti Sahai of Kavaii
Shivam Mishra of Ahataxis
Ravi Datanwala of Appice
Rajarshi Chakraborti of Grosum
Aatash Shah of Edvancer
Hari Venkata of Mybustickets
Sangeeth Velekett of Bixera
Parichay Das of Rootalpha

Congratulations to the chosen ones again!

The next 25 is here making it 100 successful entrepreneurs – #PNgrowth. Application closes by Nov 15th 2015

The next 25 #PNgrowth people are here, and this time, even we are excited by the sheer breadth of the domains that are coming in. The three-day residential launch camp at the Infosys camp in Mysore is what we are looking forward to, most, though. There’s still a slim chance that you might get in, though; you can apply here.

The last 100 will be announced as one list, and will complete the 200 for the program. So we implore you to apply now, and not come back to us later. 🙂
So here you go, the next 25 participants of #PNgrowth
25-founders-collage-4th-batch (1)

Arvind Pani from Reverie Inc

Ashish Belagali from Kommbox

Harshal Katre from Profitbooks

Prakash Vishwanathan from Gradatim

Praveen Singh from 99tests

Sreepriya Koppula from PixterPro

Aseem Marwaha from eLitmus 

Kaushik Panchal from Travelcarma

Vaibhav Kakkar from Rankwatch

Ashish Tulsian from Posist

Manu Madhusudanan from Cooey

Naman Sarawagi from FindYogi

Rajesh Bernard from SmarterBiz

Shankar Krishnamoorthy from Synergita

Shashi Bhushan from HealthMacro

Mohammaed Ali from Primaseller

Vinod Muthukrishnan from Cloudcherry

Ajay Chauhan from SalezShark

Sanmaya Kumar Dhal from Slickaccount

Dixit Chopra from Truggo

Mahavir Chand from XLapp

Vinod Jeyachandran from AnuntaTech

Navneet Sharma from Snapshoppr

Hemant Sahal from CollPoll

Rohit Shroff from Holidify

Congratulations, and wait for the last list!

The next 25 #PNgrowth companies – the third shortlist is here!

The next set of #PNgrowth folks are here. This 25 is even more varied and diverse than the last, and we are delighted to welcome them on board the train. If you want some more information about the program, go here (damn, are you late!).

There’s still a chance you can get on the list for Mysore in January, so hurry up and apply here.

And so here are the next 25 –

25-founders-collage-3rd batch

Anjan Choudhary of customer engagement platform Inquirly

Ankur Agarwal of mobile buying site Pricebaba

Jay Sappidi of cloud development platform Plumsoft

Jay Guru Panda of visual engine Wazzat Labs

Ramraj Srinivasan of customer experience system Prevasystems

Satish Garimella of healthcare elution platform Olivo

Sridhar DP of InnovationEnabler

Tatavarthy Murthy of real estate transaction app Simtre

Denesh Mutha of agile software firm Stride Software

Shiraz Ahmed of document management firm Itaz

Arun Kulkarni of web application testing company CloudQA

Vivek Sanghi of e-commerce platform for Travel Business, Ecareibe

Srinivas Mogalapalli of Turacomobile

Sameer Gautam of Rankjunction

Paresh Masade of Alumni portal Vaave

Ankit Singh of payment startup Mypoolin

Ajay Kumar of HR marketplace WorkIndia

Samit Arora of inbound marketing software SalesPanda

Vishvajit Sonagara of IT returns app Quicko

Anurag Jain of Fintech startup Mandii

Mandar Vaidya of mobile market research Survelytics

Ravindra Krishnappa of Slack response manager Appsonchat

Bimlesh Gundurao of pharma e-commerce company Pharmeazy

Hari Ganapathy of travel company Pickyourtrail

Manjunath Nanjaiah of discount app Smart Rhythms


Congratulations. You’ll receive further instructions in your mailboxes.


Announcing the first 25 successful companies attending #PNgrowth

Right. So the first batch of #PNgrowth companies is here. It has been a slog for us going through all the applications we received, and we have made sure that we are extremely fair in the way we are allocating places for our already over-subscribed program.

If you don’t know what this is about, you go here, and if you want to apply, here, better late than never.
We are going to announce the companies finalised as we go along, so they can start preparing for what will possible be a non-stop knowledge ride.
So here we go, the first 25 companies for the inaugural #PNgrowth program
    1. Ahimanikya Satapathy of Docengage,  Healthcare CRM
    2. Akshat Choudary of Blogvault, WordPress backup service
    3. Anand Krushnan of Exclusife, offers app
    4. Ankit Oberoi of Adpushup, online ad optimizer
    5. Arastu Zakia of Collegebol, education/students forum
    6. Ashwin Ramaswamy of ContractIQ,B2B Outsourcing Marketplace
    7. Dhruv Gupta of Valuehire.com, recruitment software
    8. Elvis D’Souza of Sensara, TV search app
    9. Jaineel Agarwal of Planet Superheroes, Superhero merchandise store
    10. Jofin Joseph of Hello Vibe, contact management app
    11. Koushik Shee of Effia Soft , cloud ERP
    12. Krish Subramanian of Chargebee , billing software
    13. Kumar Abhishek of ToneTag, payment app
    14. Laxman Papineni of AppVirality, growth toolkit
    15. Mrigank Tripathi of Qustn, training and assessment company
    16. Nityananda Rao of Actouch Technologies Pvt Ltd, accounting software
    17. Pritesh Vora of Uninstall.io, app analytics provider
    18. Priyanka Agarwal of Wishberry, crowdfunding platform
    19. Rahul Bhalla of Zenatix, energy hardware company
    20. Rohit Bagaria of Budli.in, used gadgets marketplace
    21. Sanjay Sahani of Optimizory, management tool
    22. Shameel Abdulla of Jiffstore, grocery supermarket
    23. Sonal Goyal of NubeTechnologies,data analytics company
    24. Srikanth Adiga of Open Specimen, biobanking informatics
    25. Vijay Mane of Albumizer , album designer
Congratulations to the startups who made it. They will receive further information in their mailboxes.