Announcing The 2016 India SaaS Survey – A Joint initiative by Signal Hill & iSPIRT

According to a recent report by Google and Accel Partners the SaaS market in India is expected to cross over $50Bn by 2025, driven largely by demand from Western markets, in particular from US-based SMBs. Indian firms are noted as uniquely qualified to serve this opportunity given the available talent, mobile-first mindsets and language skills that enable cost-effective inside sales.


In realizing this opportunity, however, there remain a number of hurdles to be cleared. To understand these challenges, and gain insight into the SaaS landscape in India, Signal Hill, a reputed independent advisory boutique and the iSPIRT Foundation conduct the annual India SaaS Survey which is open to all SaaS businesses in India.

We are happy to announce the second edition (2016) of this survey. Like last year, the survey aims to create a single reference point for all players in the SaaS ecosystem to understand:

  • Company & product profiles
  • Delivery mechanisms
  • Sales methods & channels
  • Scale & traction
  • Customers & key markets
  • SaaS metrics

From last year’s survey, some key takeaways included:

  • Indian SaaS players are predominantly young companies striving to exceed US$1m in ARR
  • Horizontal applications dominated vertical specific ones
  • Most companies surveyed offered multiple products; in contrast, Indian SaaS leaders recommended a narrower, more focused approach
  • 84% of respondents reported looking overseas for growth, ranking North America as their #1 target geography

To view the full report, click here.

To participate in the 2016 survey, respondents will need to fill in two simple forms Form A, a 100% anonymous survey and Form B, which records company details for us to share the final report. Note that A & B are kept distinct to protect your privacy. Overall, the surveys are 100% multiple choice and will take ~10 minutes to complete, providing the ecosystem with invaluable data & insights.

Apart from the core analysis of the industry and its challenges, participating companies will have their company logo featured in the report and they will also receive a surprise gift from the organizers as a token of appreciation for their support, time and valuable inputs.

It goes without saying that relevant solutions are found only when problems have been clearly identified and understood. Your 10 minute contribution to this effort will be hugely useful in helping the Indian SaaS ecosystem to get there.

We look forward to hearing from you.