Announcing the CIO Mentorship Program for Enterprise Product Startups

A ‘startup’ is a company that is confused about – 1. What its product is, 2. Who are its customers, 3. How to make money.

– Dave McClure

As a startup we all struggle either with the Market Fit, the right price for the product and finally the sales. There have been times when we have wondered if the product is perfect or I could have added some new feature, all the while loosing time to launch the product. When the product is out we wrestle with how to sell – Free, Premium or Freemium models and wonder, when will we get to close the big orders. We wonder why our product is being outsold by our competition – What does he have that I don’t.

We sometime wish that how wonderful it could be if we could share our thoughts, bounce our ideas with someone who could understand us and help us in a sustained long term manner, in short become our Guiding Lights as Mentors.

To help startups with just this dilemma, we are pleased to partner with CIO’s of leading Indian Enterprises to put together the CIO Mentorship Program. Where some of the very recognized CIO’s of the Industry from Hero Motors, BMW, Ericsson, Matrix, Max NewYork Life, Moser Baer are ready to use their collective wisdom and experiences to help the startups scale over a sustained time period of 5 months.

If you are brilliant Enterprise Product who is willing to take advice, implement advice and share your pain points then this is just the opportunity. So if you are operating in HR, Education, Data Analytics, Cloud, Mobile applications, CRM’s then you need to apply here. This is only open as of now for companies in NCR region. The last date of getting the entries is 17th Dec. Only the short listed companies will be contacted for the event on 21st Dec in Delhi NCR.