Bass tu bhaag Milkha…(the third Cohort #PNCamp)

Running a start-up is like running a marathon. It is not for instant gratification; it is not for short cuts; it is not for everyone. Completing a marathon needs planning, perseverance and technique. As marathon runners know, for every marathon, be it your first or nth, the odds of succeeding are high when you train right for it. Marathon running training is intense; so is the #PNCamp going to be!

One of the popular methods of marathon training is training in groups. It helps to properly prepare to run a safe marathon, with support, advice and a team of people cheering you on. At the same time, each runner builds different targets with each race. Your #PNCamp experience will be something similar—train for the marathon and beyond!

At #PNCamp you will train with cohorts! We intend to enable you to run the customer discovery hacking marathon or scale hacking marathon depending on your start-up stage.  You will be with like-staged peers in a cohort as you go through the day-long drill at PNCamp with great coaches. As it often happens, the tribe grows quickly with time. Yes, we are happy to announce our 3rd cohort!

Cohort3 #PNCampWe have the next set of attendees signed up for each of the tracks. We are also happy to announce two new coaches—Shashank, co-founder and CEO at Practo and Sangeet Paul, mentor 500 startups and contributor for HBR. As it happens with marathon runners, everyone has a different target, so based on your timing targets, preferred trails and routes; this will be a great opportunity to also help you choose your future training partners beyond the bootcamp.

As we get closer to the event, we hope you’re feeling the rush too! To be a marathoner! To train! To look ahead for the pleasant aches from a run! If you want to but haven’t registered yet, hurry, the last few seats are filling soon. So, just do it!

Like me, are you too going to be humming this song all day? Ab tu jaag Milkha… Ab tu bhaag Milkha…