Christening of a Tribe and Launch of Home Tour Videos

iSPIRT is not a tradebody. It is a think tank focussed on transforming India into a Product Nation. To describe the set of things we do to make this happen, we have created four Home Tour videos. They will give you a good idea of what iSPIRT is doing today through the voices of some of our anchor volunteers.

There was a trigger to create these these Home Tour videos. Recently the tribe of product entrepreneurs touched by one of iSPIRT’s programs swelled to over 1000 people! Many of them told us that they know that there is a lot going on in iSPIRT but don’t have the full picture.

As many of you know, we are believers in deep impact. We would rather touch fewer participants (entrepreneurs, policy makers, buyers) and make a big difference to their lives than go after shallow engagement with many. In light of this, having an iSPIRT tribe of 1000 software product entrepreneurs is a big moment for us. To mark this occasion, we christened this tribe as the Product Nation Founders Tribe(PNFT)! More power to them. They will make India proud.