iSPIRT invites you to participate in the Indian Software Product Industry Survey

As you know, the Indian software product industry is still in its infancy. Your active involvement is essential to nurture and grow this industry and realize our collective dream of building a product nation.

This survey is the first step towards developing a systematic and accurate understanding of the Indian Software Product Industry landscape. The data from this survey will enable iSPIRT to work effectively with various stakeholders (software product companies, government and venture capital) to build a strong software product ecosystem.

This survey has been developed by iSPIRT in collaboration with Prof. Sharique Hasan and Rembrand Koning of Stanford Graduate School of Business.  The data collected will remain confidential and solely with iSPIRT. Any report generated from this data will be on an aggregate basis and individuals and companies will not be named. Should you have any questions about the data or its usage, please reach out to me at vardhini(at)

In this survey, we are asking you to provide basic information about your company, your hiring issues, as well as your funding and ownership structure. You should expect to spend about 20 minutes to complete this survey. We would appreciate that you answer each of the questions in the survey, except for those that are marked optional. We understand your time is valuable and we truly appreciate your participation.

We would be happy to share the survey findings with you. Please participate in the survey online at