In conversation with Sanjoe Jose, Founder of TalView, participant in Intech50 2014.

Talview was founded as Interview Master in 2012. Starting up as an asynchronous video interview platform, in 3 years they have grown to a full-fledged Video Interaction Platform, with use cases as varied as hiring-training, telemedicine and customer engagement. In 2014, Mayfield funded them. Today, they have more than 60 large-enterprise clients, including many Fortune 100 companies.

TalViewDo you think that product companies in India have the mettle to go global? What was your experience?

In my opinion, a company’s ability to go global is defined by vision of the team. We strongly believe that every product company in India can go global if they get the right assistance. iSPIRT is doing a good job in this regard. As a company which has successfully acquired many global clients, we try and share our experience whenever possible with aspiring product companies.

Is India geared up to be a ‘product nation?’

Today, India is a services nation and I think we should be very proud of that. Service companies have tremendous capability to provide job opportunities to millions of our youth. Having said that, product companies are also great value creators and I would like to see a right mix of both.

Why did you consider participating in InTech50?

Initially, InTech50 looked like an exciting opportunity to connect directly with the decision makers of large enterprises. The scale and focus of the event was also very interesting for us when we considered applying for Intech50.

How has getting shortlisted for InTech50 helped you?

InTech50 helped us connect with many potential clients in India and the US. Some of the largest deals we closed in 2014 had their origins in Intech50. 

What advice would you give to other emerging companies as they plan their scaling up?

I think clarity and speed are very critical in building a global company. Identify the milestones; set timelines for milestones; and ensure that you have access to the resources you would require to execute your plan to reach those milestones on time.

Last 10 Finalists: #InTech50 Most Innovative Products from India

The countdown to InTech50 has begun – as we are nearing the event that takes place on April 9-10, 2014 in Bangalore, to witness the 50 Most Innovative Products from India.

We now present the last 10 finalists for InTech50 2014 Most Innovative Products after announcing 40 finalists in our previous rounds. (See the complete list here)

  • AppExe from Mobilous is a zero programming product building tool that requires no development expertise. Apps built by AppExe are fully cross-platform –iOS, Android, Windows … including HTML5 capable. It offers easy integration plug-in framework to connect with backend databases – SAP, Oracle etc.
  • CereBrate is a digital platform for hospitals to manage customer experience and engagement. The product’s intuitive and powerful analytics enables the hospital management to identify areas of concerns and take action. Seamless integration with Hospital Information System using HL7 allows hospitals to ensure enhanced customer experience.
  • Continuity Patrol™ from PerpetuuitiTechnosoft, based on BS25999 standard provides full automation of the workflow activities that enables a single-click Disaster Recovery solution to enterprises. Its real-time dashboard provides ‘C’ level executives with complete visibility into health of the DR environment and services. Its cloud based business model helps customers maximize cost savings in a virtualized environment.
  • Heckyl – FIND provides real time news and data analytic platform for retail traders and brokerages. The app gets integrated with trading terminals to provide quality Information, Visuals, Heat Maps of Sentiments and Market Data to help traders find trading opportunities in this dynamic market.
  • Interview Master is based on the concept of automated video interviews, which comes with provision for recruiters to pre-design questions, setup interviews, and invite any number of candidates quickly and efficiently. This is followed by an automated process that also helps candidates with limited technical knowledge to attend interviews that are available in a structured inbuilt evaluation tool to the line manager at his convenience.
  • InstaClique is an engagement and conversion solution for E-commerce stores that converts casual online viewers to real customers by re-creating the social offline buying experience. This enables virtual shoppers get a personalized experience based on their shopping activities and preferences.
  • ILANTUS Unified Express  provides one-time sign on for all browser based application with self-service password and synchronization. Users can seamlessly access any browser based, web or cloud applications on their workstation without retyping their username/password. This helps enterprises adopt cloud applications in a secured way by providing industry standard protocol based on single sign on.
  • Linguify from LinguaNext is a zero-code change application solution that helps transform the way global corporations, software application vendors, and system integrators address the multi-language requirements for their applications. Linguify translates screens, reports and files to any language without requiring access to the application source code or database.
  • Notiphi is a leader in location analytics. By directly measuring locations through smart phones and leveraging big data technologies, Notiphi is able to understand the real-world paths and consumer behavior patterns, which empowers brands to send relevant rich media content to focused audiences.
  • ZapStitch is a Cloud data integration platform. It lets you seamlessly sync and integrate data between various Cloud/SaaS business apps without any custom programming or engaging API developers. The product meets the requirements of business managers who want to flawlessly integrate and sync data between these apps.

We congratulate all the 50 companies who have made it to InTech50. We also take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your participation and interest in InTech50 nominations.

Let’s keep the spirits high!