Julia – The Future of Numerical Computing and Data Science

First things first, we are really excited to announce our first JuliaCon India at Bangalore on Oct 9th and 10th. Julia Computing has partnered with Hasgeek for this event. For details and for registration, please visit http://www.juliacon.in/2015.

JuliaConJulia is the future of data science and analytics. Julia is open source, and its research and development have been anchored at MIT since 2009. Julia can easily be orders of magnitude faster than comparable solutions in interpreted dynamic languages such as R and Python, and is almost as fast as C (see http://julialang.org/benchmarks/). This makes it possible to deploy Julia in production.

Valentine’s day of 2012 was a special day for Julia. Our Why Julia blog post went viral and the Julia website has since been visited by over a million people. Today, Julia is a vibrant community with over 400 contributors. Over 700 packages are available in Julia today, in addition to the thousands of other open source packages in R and Python that can also be called from Julia.

Based on hundreds of discussions with CXO level leaders worldwide over the last 12 months or so, we now have deep insights into the nature of technical and business problems that enterprises are grappling with, and how Julia is already playing a key role in helping solve such problems.

Many companies depend on cutting edge computing technologies to create a market differentiator. Over the years, such companies would have developed in-house languages and/or databases or other technologies that they use to create their business solutions. Examples of such companies are large and small financial services firms on Wall Street, banks, investment banks, hedge funds and others who use such technologies in their trading platforms, asset management, risk management, portfolio management and other kinds of applications. Other examples of such firms are e-commerce companies that need pricing algorithms, search algorithms, and other compute intensive code that uses large amounts of data and complex algorithms. Such companies have either started looking at or started using Julia for their next generation platforms.

Similarly, CIOs’ offices in large enterprises in retail, distribution, telecom, manufacturing and many other verticals wrangle with high performance data analytics using their big data stacks. Julia is an ideal computational companion for such big data analytics applications.

CTOs’ organizations that undertake product design in engineering firms that are using tools in computer aided engineering, CAD, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and other kinds of simulations are looking at Julia to replace the older mathematical computation packages that are slow, unwieldy and expensive. Examples of such organizations are found in automotive, aerospace, government labs, space research, and many others.

Regulators around the world are increasingly worrying about safety. Financial regulators want algorithms that are auditable and don’t crash markets. Regulators who keep our cars and planes safe and our environment clean are increasingly worried about the software that runs on these devices. Health regulators want devices that monitor our health to have reliable software. Regulators worldwide are now thinking about open source as the only viable approach to safety. Languages such as Julia that are mathematically sound and safe, make it easier for businesses to write software and for regulators to inspect it. We invite the reader to watch this fascinating video on the use of Julia in avionics.

In the nascent world of the Internet of Things, Julia provides a common language for analytics on the device and the server where algorithms can seamlessly and automatically move back and forth, given the constraints of bandwidth, power, and processing. Do see this video on the use of Julia in 3d printing.

Julia Computing, Inc. is a company formed by all the creators of Julia. Julia Computing provides professional development and deployment tools for Julia, consisting of open source as well as proprietary components. Our customers love having a common language for development and deployment of analytics solutions. Their gains are easily quantified by the elimination of program rewrites for deployment, and the significantly faster time to market.

Again, we are really excited to announce our first JuliaCon India at Bangalore on Oct 9th and 10th. Julia Computing has partnered with hasgeek for this event. For details and for registration, please visit http://www.juliacon.in/2015.

Guest Post by Viral Shah & Deepak Vinchhi for Julia Computing.

Announcing the 2nd batch of 10 companies @InTech50

InTech50 2015 (a flagship event of iSPIRT & Terenne Global) is happy to announce the second batch of 10 finalists. The Jury had a wonderful time in going through this process of selection – of curating the best product startups in India. They deep-dived into their business models, teams, future plans, etc. and were completely overwhelmed with the quality of their ‘products.’

Congratulations to all the following finalists…listed alphabetically. The first batch of 10 companies can be seen here

  • Analyttica – is a global analytical solutions and services provider. With our innovative TreasureHunt™ platform, we create a sustainable business impact across industries and functions. Analyttica TreasureHunt™ is an experience based knowledge immersion and collaborative workflow platform for advanced analytics, on the cloud. The platform is powered by a proprietary analytics engine, which integrates with multiple statistical packages, such as R and SAS, allowing point and click user operations instead of coding.
  • Anunta Technologies – Anunta Technology Management Services is an IT service company with a specialized focus on Application Delivery as a Service.Anunta has developed a unique offering called ‘Application Delivery as a Service’ (ADaaS) on its own proprietary platform. This solution has proven business and IT benefits that are working for a number of companies around the world.
  • Fix Stream – we make sense out of massive and disparate data through automated correlation to solve complex Datacenter and Cloud problems using a fraction of time and resources. We enable simplistic and elegant visualization of the vast and varied infrastructure with an application centric view – putting the applications and business services at the center! All this in a single pane of glass and in near real time!
  • Julia Computing -Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing, with syntax that is familiar to users of other technical computing environments. It provides a sophisticated compiler,distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive mathematical function library.
  • Xploree is a unique Search & Discovery platform created by KeyPoint Technologies. It is the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual, platform with language intelligence that conveniently connects mobile device users with brands offers and services in the exact moment of need. Xploree predicts a user’s needs and delights them through their journey across applications as they discover most relevant content, apps, deals and services.
  • Reverie Inc – Reverie builds a language as a service platform that enables search and discovery of local language content, interaction in any language, and creation and publication of local language content and apps.Reverie’s  Language Platform is used in the consumer Internet space (online retail, E-Commerce marketplaces, travel, vehicles for hire and more), banks and financial services, e-governance, across millions of devices, and more. Swalekh, Reverie’s free multilingual keypad app, enables typing in 3 modes in 11 Indian languages.
  • Sirion Labs – Sirion helps businesses simplify the management of key suppliers and lower the cost of governance by delivering critical intelligence on demand and automating the full spectrum of contracts, performance, financial, risk and relationship management on a single, integrated platform. Organizations deploy our product to create a single system of record for strategic suppliers, standardize processes, consolidate legacy systems and drive meaningful comparisons in performance between diverse suppliers, functions, and regions
  • Teamchat is an enterprise-messaging app that enables clutter-free messaging for teams of unlimited size. It is an innovative product with patent-pending smart-forms that summarize responses enabling important message content to stand out. Teamchat is available on all mobile and web platforms and is used by 1000+ orgs worldwide, including some of the largest enterprises in the world.
  • What Fix – provides instructions right inside websites; no more verbose howtos and screencasts. It create flows (guides) in just a few clicks; you can see ‘see live’ help directly inside websites; embed flows as articles, slides, buttons.
  • Xurmo  – Xurmo is a Big Data analytics platform that determines the natural structure of raw data and stores it in a patented format. The platform then allows instant Search-guided Query so that complex analysis can be performed without any schema design and use-case specific data models.

We have had a good run so far, and we hope to continue to contribute towards showcasing the  best of Indian software products to an eminent group of global CIO’s. We are proud to have been able to build on our track record of 2014 and aspire to  make it bigger and better every year. Our commitment towards making India a ‘Product Nation’ feels revalidated.

Watch this space. We shall soon announce our next ten finalists.