Using small data in a BIG way

These days there’s a huge buzz about BIG data. Everyone is now talking about investing huge in BIG data in a BIG way. But before we get all gung-ho about it and take the BIG data plunge, companies should try to figure out applicability of whatever existing data they have. This is especially true for Startups and SMBs who don’t have BIG budgets for BIG data.

With that thought, here’s how we at #PNCamp are using the small data we have to draw BIG and meaningful conclusion…

Participating Cities

Bangalore and Pune are leading the pack with Mumbai / Chennai trailing behind them. Do you see your city? Register today put your city on Startup map of India.

Business Model

B2B is leading the pack. Surprised?

Primary Customer Base

Startups and SMBs have now slowly started building products with primary focus on Indian marketplace. The local market focus enables these companies to be closer to their Customers and create products that address their business needs.

Number of EmployeesNumber of Employees

Companies with up to 20 employees are really interested in identifying ways to crystallize understanding of their customers and or rapidly grow scale their business. Hence, if you are a business with fewer than 20 employees, you will get to interact with bunch of your peers. And discuss way to find and grow your Customer base.

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