Inside story on The making of #PNCamp

The journey of doing something different for the software products ecosystem that started almost half year ago comes to climax as #PNcamp in Pune this first week of Dec 2013. Over 125 product leaders will come together over two days and meet other companies in similar life stage and exchange notes through a facilitated discussion by a slightly senior practitioner entrepreneur. The vision of making this a national level assembly has been realized, with participants coming from Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Delhi and even distant places like Kochi.

PNCamp journeyI am part of the volunteer team that worked to make this happen and we all know the ups and downs we went through to bring this to you. It’s been an absolutely amazing journey.¬†You can see what this journey has been like, right here. It’s the story of #PNCamp come alive!

Today, all cohorts (~17-20 per cohort) have been formed and all facilitators(20) have prepared for two days of peer learning to happen.

The next few days is action packed and inspite of being tired in this roller coaster run up, we can’t wait to launch. Come, be with us in this journey to make India a software product nation.