• ProductNation Network

    Story of an iSPIRT Volunteer.

    I am Taron Mohan, CEO of NextGen Tele and an iSPIRT Volunteer. I usually meet many CXOs of Banks for selling mobile-SIM-overlay based financial inclusion solutions. This one time I was on an email thread with the… MORE >>

    Nov, 29
  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    Every scale has an expiry date #PNgrowth 2016

    It was all about #GoodScale at #PNGrowth2016 !! Pitching to Peers in Gurukul Style I participated as a volunteer this time around and missed the keynote in day one since I was busy in printing #MindFlip worksheets… MORE >>

    Nov, 28
  • ProductNation Network

    Minimum Viable Technology (MVT) — Move Fast & Keep Shipping

    Technology teams can be the biggest asset or worst bottleneck for a growing company based on the strategy taken by them. In name of future proofing engineering, the technology teams become a hurdle to company’s… MORE >>

    Nov, 23
  • Sudhir Singh

    RBI relaxes FVCI norms

    RBI relaxes Foreign Venture Capital Investor (FVCI) norms for Startup investment One more announcement to the stay-in-India check list has come from RBI with respect to registered under SEBI (FVCI) Regulations, 2000. RBI has announced… MORE >>

    Nov, 18
  • Thiyagarajan M

    Why Indian startup founders should think about M&A and not be shy about it ?

    Think about endgame, chess grandmasters do so to win. Studies point out that chess grandmasters visualize the chess board state few steps away to a ‘winning game’ and make moves based on memory pattern that… MORE >>

    Nov, 18
  • Sanjay Anandaram

    The Kaysh-less Economy

    The November 8th announcement of demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by Prime Minister Modi caught everyone by surprise. That was the intent. It is, however, widely expected that bank accounts, plastic cards… MORE >>

    Nov, 17
  • Krupesh Bhat

    Discussion On Digitisation Of The Indian Legal System

    Digitization surely acts as a catalyst for most of the flourished fields to prosper further. With the digital age revolutionizing all domains including law & legal services, it is important to study its impact within our… MORE >>

    Nov, 15
  • Avinash Raghava

    Mavens are Everywhere

    Playbook Round Tables were created with an intention to orchestrate the coordination and exchange of tacit knowledge. Thoughtful Founders acted as facilitators in this sharing of tacit knowledge. We call them Mavens. For them, their… MORE >>

    Nov, 14
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