Announcing the CXO connect program

Reaching out and connecting with the CXOs at the enterprise level is still a problem many product companies tend to struggle with. While some well funded companies seem to have covered some ground there is more work to be done here. Most companies tend to lose out big when it comes to getting the mindshare of the CXO/decision making body in an enterprise sale scenario. They  often end up losing the deal to a competing product from a much bigger brand. This despite their product being a better, faster and cheaper one. A host of multiple reasons emerge but one of the most obvious ones is the company’s inability to connect at the decision making body level and get their mind share.

At iSpirt, we are making an attempt to solve this problem for the Indian product company. I am pleased to announce the CXO Connect Program that is designed to connect enterprise product companies with the CXOs at large enterprises. The objective of the program is to give the reach to the product companies and facilitate business conversations that will eventually lead to a win-win business relationship. Large enterprises get to benefit from the program by discovering innovative product start-ups that could help them address specific needs of their enterprise. As part of the program, we reach out to the CXOs and identify the kind of products they would like to buy/implement within their enterprise and make the connect from a highly-curated list of product companies in the iSpirt database.

If you are product start-up and you are selling/have sold to large enterprises, I would like to take a look at your offering and get you on the CXO Connect database. Please write to me on [email protected] and we can set up a time for a quick demo of your product and discuss some success stories of the product.

I am working out the finer details of the program at the moment and will share more details about the program in the weeks to follow through the Product Nation blog.