Announcing the CXO connect program

Reaching out and connecting with the CXOs at the enterprise level is still a problem many product companies tend to struggle with. While some well funded companies seem to have covered some ground there is more work to be done here. Most companies tend to lose out big when it comes to getting the mindshare of the CXO/decision making body in an enterprise sale scenario. They  often end up losing the deal to a competing product from a much bigger brand. This despite their product being a better, faster and cheaper one. A host of multiple reasons emerge but one of the most obvious ones is the company’s inability to connect at the decision making body level and get their mind share.

At iSpirt, we are making an attempt to solve this problem for the Indian product company. I am pleased to announce the CXO Connect Program that is designed to connect enterprise product companies with the CXOs at large enterprises. The objective of the program is to give the reach to the product companies and facilitate business conversations that will eventually lead to a win-win business relationship. Large enterprises get to benefit from the program by discovering innovative product start-ups that could help them address specific needs of their enterprise. As part of the program, we reach out to the CXOs and identify the kind of products they would like to buy/implement within their enterprise and make the connect from a highly-curated list of product companies in the iSpirt database.

If you are product start-up and you are selling/have sold to large enterprises, I would like to take a look at your offering and get you on the CXO Connect database. Please write to me on [email protected] and we can set up a time for a quick demo of your product and discuss some success stories of the product.

I am working out the finer details of the program at the moment and will share more details about the program in the weeks to follow through the Product Nation blog.

Announcing the third batch of 15 companies selected for @InTech50 2016

Last week, we announced the second batch of winners of InTech50 2016. It’s been a hectic month for all the stakeholders.

Happy to announce the third and final batch of 15 companies that are selected for InTech50 2016:

  1. Aujas: Security Analytics and Visualization Platform
  1. Canvazify: Canvazify is a visual collaboration tool for team brainstorming and planning. Its a pinterest of team ideas. Canvazify helps you organize and discuss ideas, derive meaningful insights and plan activities
  1. FarEye: FarEye, is a Mobile Workforce Management Platform. It is a customizable Enterprise Mobility Platform., that automates processes and field workforce thus., helping the enterprises in delighting their customers
  1. Germinait Solutions Private Limited: Germin8 Social Intelligence is a product suite that enables brands to get valuable insights from consumers in social media about the products, campaigns, content and customer service.
  1. Happay (VA Tech Ventures): Happay is a first of its kind, VISA card driven, expense management solution that streamlines a company’s expense workflow from purchase-to-accounting and enables real-time visibility and control over business spending.
  1. Indix Internet India Private Limited: Indix offers a variety of products including a Product API, Reports App, and machine learning services using proprietary data science algorithms. Leading brands and retailers use Indix products to boost productivity, drive innovation, and accelerate growth.
  1. Innotion Technologies Pvt Ltd: Protean is a Business Process Management & Field Service Management Platform, which helps the organizations in automating the backend Processes & Field activities.
  1. Lucep: Lucep is a sales acceleration solution for B2B businesses. Using a website widget and our mobile app, Lucep connects leads generated from your site directly with your team in under 60 seconds.
  1. NavStik Autonomous Systems Pvt. Ltd: FlytPOD is the next-generation flight-computer for commercial drones. FlytOS is its operating system that empowers developers build variety of commercial applications for drones. Together they offer a platform for drone-makers to build next-gen drone applications.
  1. Nowfloats: The NowFloats platform helps large enterprises by getting their local channel online in a relevant, meaningful, frictionless manner. Think how to get all of your retail stores, your insurance agents, your branches, etc all being highly discovered by local consumers via latest, frequently updated content by your extended teams.
  1. Propalms Technologies Pvt Ltd: Propalms TSE: Delivers Microsoft Windows client applications from datacenter over browser to users using presentation virtualization technology.
  1. SayPay Technologies: SayPay Authenticator combines voice recognition and speech recognition seamlessly into one single step. By simply speaking the SayPay “crypto-token” into their mobile banking app, users identify the transaction, authenticate themselves, and lock their biometric signature to each authentication.
  1. Tydy: Tydy is an Automated Employee Onboarding & Engagement Platform. Tydy combines automated workflows, pre-defined content modules and engagement hooks resulting in a personalized & amazing onboarding experience.
  1. Vidooly: Vidooly is an SaaS based video analytics and marketing suite that provides actionable insights to content creators, MCNs and brands enabling them to optimize their videos on YouTube and increase the organic reach, build an audience base and take data driven decisions to create content.
  1. Xtreme Media Pvt. Ltd: XM DSS is a Cloud based digital signage solution, it enables brands to centrally control & manage digital screens located anywhere in the world on a single click.

Congratulations again to all the above winners !!

You can see the first batch of winners here.

We will keep you updated on all the action, during and after the event. Keep watching this space.

Guest Post by Arvind Kochar, Terrene Global Leadership Network

Announcing the second batch of 15 companies selected for @InTech50 2016

Last week, we announced the first batch of winners of InTech50 2016 amidst a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The judges and panelists are having a great, yet tough time.

With much deliberation and discussion, we are very happy to announce the second batch of 15 companies that are selected for InTech50 2016:

  1. CanvasFlip Solutions Pvt Ltd: CanvasFlip is a User Research and prototyping tool for UX teams and product managers to record User Videos, Conversion Funnel and Interaction Heatmap.
  1. Entersoft Information Systems Pvt Ltd: EnProbe is a cloud based vulnerability assessment tool designed to help developers, website owners and administrators to identify security vulnerabilities in their website. EnProbe provides a “One-click, configuration free” scanner that helps in identifying the security health map of a website.
  1. FourthLion Technologies: The product is an offline retail behavioral analytics platform that offers a superior than e-commerce experience – (a) Personalization based on offline retail behavioral signals (e.g. with how many people you come, what time you walk in – and based on this give you timely offers, and give you a enhanced menu experience); (b) Using IoT to detect retail behavioral signals (capturing what table you prefer, how much do you walk around when in store); (c) Making IoT intelligent to aid the offline retail experience (e.g. vending machine suggesting what you should buy right now to stay in line with your diet)
  1. FRSLABS Research Systems Pvt. Ltd. Detects and prevents fraud at the point of application. Patent Pending technology that detects fraud faster with fewer false positives resulting in reduced operating costs (over 50%) and improved customer experience.
  1. Gradatim IT Ventures (India) Private Limited: The Gradatim MFInsure OnDemand Insurance System, is a flexible system for the core processes of life and non-life insurance companies and agents. It is a cloud based, analytics driven, web and mobile-enabled, policy and claims administration system for life and non-life insurance products.
  1. IgrenEnergi Inc: It has three hardware products supported by a common underlying IOT and cloud analytics platform: the Solar Optimizer, the OptiVerter and the OptiPVStore. The Optimizer boosts lifetime energy production by minimizing module mismatch losses. It connects 8 modules independently, operates each at its maximum power point and extracts the highest generated power at all times.
  1. Innovaccer Inc: This Integrated Enterprise Analytics Platform enables organizations to integrate disparate enterprise data sources / applications on a big data lake (Hadoop and Spark based) and democratizes access to enterprise wide data without having to write code.
  1. I-exceed technology solutions private limited: Appzillon Digital Banking Suite consists of pre-built banking solutions that help the bank go digital in a very short time frame. The solutions under the Appzillon Digital Banking Suite are Appzillon Consumer Banking, Appzillon Corporate Banking, Appzillon Branch Banking, Appzillon Relationship Management, and Appzillon Onboarding System. Appzillon Digital Banking Suite enables the bank to offer end-to-end digital experience for its consumers, corporates and internal users.
  1. Nextgen Project Management Systems: Platform for corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  1. Quicko Technosoft Labs Pvt Ltd: Whatfix is a SaaS solution which helps companies to accelerate user on-boarding, reduce support queries and remove training needs.
  1. Qustn Technologies: Capabiliti is a mobile first SaaS platform used by large enterprises to train and engage with their remote users (employees / clients / vendors). The platform allows a company to have a one view of their entire business – and ensure that harmonised communication / training / sales support is reaching the last mile.
  2. Vistara (VistaraIT India Pvt Ltd): Vistara is the software defined IT operations management (ITOM) platform. They offer the only SaaS based ITOM suite that delivers a policy based framework for visibility and control across hybrid IT infrastructure.
  1. Spoors Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd: EFFORT is a one stop solution to all field challenges for all verticals. EFFORT a fludic mobile+Cloud based SaaS solution, helps companies quickly configure any field business process in just few mins, deploy and start using EFFORT to monitor and execute field operation with ease.
  1. Ttatva innovation labs pvt ltd: Offers a cost effective Tele care as a service platform to enable remote patient care transformation and reduce overall cost of care for patient. This platform will help patient receive care through moving patient clinical and diagnosis information and not moving people
  1. ZingHR: ZingHR is a new-age End-to-End HR platform that delivers Real Business Value with a combination of latest Cloud Technologies, Best Practices and Employee Centric Mobile Applications, rather than just HR process automation.

Congratulations to all the above winners !!

Watch this space for the announcement of the third batch of 15 winners.

Announcing the first batch of 15 companies selected for @InTech50 2016

InTech50, a flagship event of iSPIRT & Terenne Global, running in its third year, is a platform for showcasing of some of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India.

50 companies are shortlisted every year, by an eminent panel comprising of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of global companies, VCs, and senior executives from Product companies.

The chosen 50 companies will receive advice, on-going mentoring, product marketing support, and funding to scale their offering to the global markets.

This year, we received over 300 applications. The criteria for the first phase of shortlisting were as follows:

  • Products that were already operating in the market were preferred to those at a concept / POC stage
  • Products that addressed horizontal opportunities were preferred over those that focused very deep on a vertical
  • Products that were easy to implement & use were preferred over products that needed deeper integration with enterprise systems (like ERP)
  • Solutions that could be an “add-on”/”bolt-on” to the existing eco-system

Here is the list of the first batch of 15 companies that are selected for InTech50 2016:

  1. CloudCherry: Cloudcherry is a real-time, Omni-channel customer experience management platform that helps customer-facing brands track, measure & improve Customer Delight – thereby resulting in greater customer loyalty and profitability for the brand.
  2. Drona HQ: a mCaaS – mobile container as a service. It offers mobile app as a container preloaded with various engineering components like SSO, push notification, Security and various other features which can be extended by any 3rd party web app that can be loaded on top of DronaHQ.
  3. FT Cash: ftcash aims to empower micro-merchants, small businesses, retail chains and home based entrepreneurs with the power of mobile payments..
  4. Ideal Analytics: Ideal Analytics provides proactive business suggestions using business rules and advanced statistical & data mining techniques.
  5. Ideapoke: Ideapoke is a B2B software platform, which helps companies to find technology partners, connect and collaborate with them to acquire new innovations fast and at reduced cost.
  6. Indusface: Indusface Total Application Security (TAS) is industry’s first truly integrated web application security and compliance solution. It helps organizations detect application-layer vulnerabilities accurately with web application scanning (detect), patch them instantly with web application firewall (protect), and monitor traffic continuously for emerging threats and DDoS attacks, to mitigate them (monitor).
  7. In10stech: A comprehensive application development and deployment platform that is being built on modular architecture of OSGI that helps large enterprises improve business agility.
  8. Reverie Inc: Cloud based platform hosted in AWS which enables web and mobile based applications to go multilingual. The platform provides SDKs which comprises of APIs for content localization and transliteration.
  9. Senseforth: Senseforth’s humanlike conversation platform helps enterprises chat with millions of customers simultaneously. Senseforth’s intelligent assistants can address queries, resolve issues, perform tasks and even help customers shop.
  10. Teamchat: Gupshup is a smart messaging platform that offers APIs for developers to build interactive, programmable, omni-channel messaging bots and services as well as SDKs to enable in-app and in-web messaging.
  11. Tone Tag: ToneTag is a product first company driven to realize mobile payments and revolutionize the payment ecosystem with innovative payment products.
  12. Uncanny Vision: UncannyDL provides Vision framework for using Deep Learning models based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). UncannyDL is the 1st Deep Learning-based SDK available for ARM Cortex-A series processors.
  13. Vymo: Google Now’ for enterprise sales teams
  14. Wavemaker: WaveMaker RAD Platform helps enterprises build custom applications quickly, saving money and time on application development and maintenance. WaveMaker can be used to build both responsive web (browser based) as well as Hybrid mobile (smart phone installed Apps).
  15. Yogurt Labs: FLIX is a business-grade video maker mobile app that is easy enough for business of any size to use, yet powerful enough to create cost-effective, professional looking, on-brand videos within few minutes.

Congratulations to all the above winners !!

Watch this space for the announcement of the next batch of 15 winners.

Brace up all Product Entrepreneurs; InTech50 is back…

InTech50, iSPIRT ’s flagship event is back. The first two editions have been very successful and InTech50 has become the ‘must-go-to’ platform for enterprise CXO’s and product entrepreneurs. Over the past two years, we have hosted CXO’s and business leaders from global companies like AllState, Citibank, HCC Insurance, Standard Chartered, Colgate Palmolive, Time, AirTel, Yes Bank, Exide Life, Mother Diary and the likes. Here are some quick high points from the last two years of InTech50:

  • 18 enterprise deals that got originated and closed from conversations at InTech50
  • 42 enterprise PoC’s offered to InTech50 companies
  • 120+ innovation leaders (read: buyers & influencers) exposed to Indian product entrepreneurs

We have already managed to showcase over a 100 companies, and we have made 50 global investors and CIO’s travel to India to interact and associate with these companies, and happily so.

Here are a few portfolio companies from our past events – Capillary, Uniken, Seclore, Freshdesk, Reverie, Sapience, NowFloats, ToneTag to name a few.

Just to share the impact that we have created, and how these 50 companies have benefitted from this initiative, hear hear what some of them had to say –

“Intech50 is a phenomenal event. It is probably the highest RoI initiative we have ever participated in. With 50+ Global CIOs turning up, it is a great platform to validate your product. Met some of the largest enterprises, found use cases we weren’t aware of and closed marquee deals. Highly recommended!” Yamini Bhat,

“Intech50 was extremely useful in 3 ways. First, making a presentation of just 5 minutes to an extremely discerning audience helped us make our value proposition very crisp. Second, demoing our product to several heads of technology helped validate our product and use cases, and resulted in actual business deals getting signed. And most importantly, we were able to bag a large client with whom we’ve been able to co-create 2 completely new products. I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Intech50 to all B2B startups who have demonstrable products that are ready for large enterprises” – Ranjit Nair, Germin8

“Being a part of InTech50 2015 was a great opportunity for ToneTag. It was exhilarating when ToneTag was selected in the first batch as one of the top 10 products. The event gave us the exposure, guidance and support we needed. InTech50 enabled us to pitch our product to a global panel of curators and the media coverage we received was also been beneficiary to the company. Since winning InTech50, ToneTag has been expanding rapidly. We acquired many leads through the event that led us to PoC’s and commercial deals in the making. The resources we received through InTech50 have been invaluable as it has helped us build exciting partnerships with many in India and around the world” – Kumar Abhishek, ToneTag

If you are a product entrepreneur and your product is solving a problem for the enterprise CXO, InTech50 is your chance to showcase your product to the who’s who in the enterprise buyer community.

Apply before Feb 22nd 2016 and experience a bigger and better InTech50 in 2016.

To know more, click here.

Calling all Indian B2B companies: InTech50 2016 – the global platform beckons again!!

With two super successful events in 2014 and 2015, InTech50 2016 is back – bigger than ever before.

For the uninitiated, InTech50 is a showcase of some of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India. A panel of Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Venture Capitalists, and Product Leaders from previous successes will look out for fifty companies to make the cut to InTech50 selection criteria. Here are few reasons why you should apply( last date is 22nd Feb ’16).

  • An opportunity to showcase, get validation of the concept and product direction, better understanding of business value in the enterprise from Global CIOs.
  • High probability of being selected by Global CIO’s for pilot or early adoption.
  • Possibility of being selected by large product companies for add-on/bolt-on value add/partnerships to their large scale product solution sets.

Is it relevant for you? Yes it is, if you are a software product company that has aspirations to go global. Most importantly, you don’t need to travel abroad to seek your fortunes but rather the panel of experts comes to you in Bangalore, in India.

17220053885_5aa4bbf407_bThe program combines prospective buyers (CIOs) who will constructively critique your offering, funders (VCs and other investors) who will tell you why they will fund your product and mentors who will offer you that timely bit of advice that will give you the extra edge.

What’s in it for me? To answer that question, we are sharing some enthusiastic and overwhelming responses from people who were a part of InTech50 2015.

InTech 50 was an excellent opportunity to get attention from some of the top decision makers from India and US. I am very happy to say that some of the largest deals we did in the past year had their origins in Intech 50. It is probably the best networking and showcasing platforms for Enterprise technology companies in India. Sanjoe Jose, CEO, InterviewMaster

Congrats to you both on amazingly successful and proactive event. I have always had so much respect for how you all do all the right things to build be ecosystem. It is really commendable and we all entrepreneurs appreciate it so greatly. Thanks again! Valerie R Wagoner, Founder & CEO, ZipDial

This is a very unique event happening in India where in you are getting Global CIOs under one roof. I think this is god send for Indian CIO-focussed product companies like ours who want to go global. Manjunath M Gowda, CEO, i7networks

In my view, this was one of the best organized events in Bangalore in the recent past! I was quite impressed with the concept, companies that participated, their offerings, their passion and expertise etc. I have decided to buy the solutions offered by 2 of the companies for our internal use Kris Nair, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ascemdum

Thinkflow was one of the 50 companies that was chosen to be part of the first edition of InTech50 2014. It turned out to be a wonderful platform because we got an opportunity to showcase Thinkflow to a 50 global CIO’s and Intech50 gave us the opportunity to interact 101 with CIO and VC community. Conversations on the sidelines of InTech50 2014 led to multiple discussions on funding for Thinkflow and connecting with people who have helped us open conversations around sales and partnerships. Although we had a few good customers by April 2014, our selection to InTech50 and the press mentions made people take note of Thinkflow and our reach and recall with the CIO community increased substantially. For start-ups who are selling to the west, you cannot miss the InTech50 opportunity. Praveen Hari, Director – Alliances & Partnerships, ThinkFlow

When we at Whatfix decided to participate in inTech50, our initial expectations were limited to networking. But, the event turned out to be much more than that thanks to amazing participation by investors, start-ups and Fortune 500 company CIO’s. We were able to close big name clients like Procter & Gamble, iLantus and Nanobi. We are most definitely going to return every year! Khadim Bhatti, Whatfix

Thanks for organizing a wonderful event, esp, getting the top buyers in one place, is no easy task. KiSSFLOW had 5-6 inquiries and few VC interests too” Suresh Sambandam, Founder & CEO, KiSSFLOW

This year again, our Global Advisory Team has stalwarts like Ned Curic, Suren Gupta, Harmeen Mehta, Jack Pressman, Sashi Reddy, Narendra Kale and more… The startups will get an opportunity to showcase their wares to this highly selective team, giving them the opportunity to get a global footprint, right here in India.

Startups, please note – There is no application fee. 50 companies will be shortlisted by the Advisory Board comprising global and Indian CIO’s, product company heads, venture capitalists, and analysts. The selected companies will need to pay a fee of Rs. 25,000 to cover the expenses for two attendees. Only the 50 shortlisted companies will get to attend the event.

22nd February, 2016 is the deadline to submit your entry.

Apply now for the InTech50 2016, 13-14th April in Bangalore. Click here to submit your application.

Have a product idea for the enterprise? Validate it with @InTech50 Validation Tank

The first 2 editions of Validation Tank have yielded better than expected results. True to the name, it has served as the platform for idea and proto-type stage entrepreneurs to validate their product idea. The entrepreneurs got an opportunity to present their idea to a CIO panel comprising of Darshan Appayanna (Happiest Minds), Sudhir Reddy (Aricent), Yatendra Kumar (Gokaldas Exports), Vijay Ramachandra (Editor-in-chief, CIO Magazine), Satish Das (Cognizant) and Murali Krishna (Ex- SVP, Infosys). The CIO’s judged the idea on a range of parameters and provided actionable insights on the idea and what can be improved when it comes to pitching to the enterprise buyer.


So, what is InTech50 Validation Tank and who is it for?

InTech50 Validation Tank is for idea and proto-type stage product entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity for founders to pitch their idea to the ultimate enterprise buyer (CIO) and understand

a)      If the problem they are trying to address through the idea is major concern for the CIO

b)      If it is a market that is well served

c)       If the CIOs can make a business case for a product or allocate buying budgets

d)      If adding a feature or a functionality will make it a great product 

The CIOs will also provide actionable insights in to the opportunity size, technical viability, business model and importantly the buyer’s perspective. All this at a concept/idea stage and even before you start developing the prototype. It is a great opportunity to get an honest feedback about your product idea. It is a platform to engage with IT leaders, product champions, mentors and early adopters for your product.

Who can apply for Validation Tank?

If you are company founded/incorporated after 2014 and working on a product idea for enterprises or in the process of building a prototype, you are the ideal company for Validation Tank. You need not have a working prototype but if you are a little ahead and already started product development, we can still consider you. 

When is the next Validation Tank happening?

The next edition of the Validation Tank is happening on 25th of June 2015 in Bangalore. We are soon going to announce the dates for Validation Tank in Chennai and Pune too.

How do I apply?

APPLY NOW ! 19th June, 2015 is the last day for rushing in your entries.


Validated: InTech50 – boosting India’s next-gen tech innovations

Did you know that India is ranked as the fourth largest startup hub in the world with over 3,100 startups? According to the economic Survey 2014-15, the startup scene has been mainly driven by ‘hyper-growth’ in the technology startup and software product landscape. Owing to some great software product innovations of late, India is no more tagged merely as a technology service provider, but is also known for its innovations. Investors and big tech giants from across the world globe are acknowledging the tech startup momentum in India, thanks to initiatives like InTech50 which have given these companies a platform to showcase their products and potential to the world.

InTech50A joint initiative of iSPIRT and Terrene Global Leadership Network, the InTech50 event was held at Bangalore on April 15th and 16th this year and received great acclaim from startups, investors and the industry in general. India’s ‘fantastic fifty’ innovative software product startups, that had made it to the finale, got a unique opportunity to interact closely with a panel of renowned CIOs/CTO’s and investors from across the globe, in this two-day action-packed event.

Know-it-all before you hit the launch pad is the mantra at InTech50 and startups are made to do their homework quite well, before they meet the CIOs. In keeping with this, when the countdown for the event was on, Mr. NRK Raman, Co-Founder of iFlex, the man behind closing the famous USD 909 million iFlex acquisition deal with Oracle back in 2005, was instrumental in helping the startups fine-tune their pitch for investors so they could derive maximum value at the event and get a POC from the investors. To further complement the effort, the Business Catalyst Program that we had launched this year, helped in generating the required traction for these startups, a crucial step in ensuring their long-term success.

Overall, InTech50 lived up to its promise of connecting the startups with investors and CIOs of global repute so they could interact and explore synergies in their operations, thereby mutually benefitting in the process. The startups managed to forge ties with the right people in every field right from funding, product marketing to sales etc., which could not have been possible otherwise in such a short time frame, that too without spending a bomb. It is now the prerogative of these startups to convert these relationships into business opportunities and prove their mettle.

Here are some testimonials from the participants this year:

“InTech50 gave our small startup the opportunity to mingle with industry leaders and titans, something that we would never have dreamt of before!” – Kiran, Tydy

“Amazing effort by the iSPIRT team! Makes it possible for Indian innovators to get direct feedback and prospects from the global markets, which would otherwise entail a substantial financial investment.” – Eashwar, Uniken

“InTech50 was a wonderful platform to meet Global CIO’s, Indian CIO’s and ecosystem enablers. We received good interest from multiple companies and thank the team for putting together a flawlessly executed event. Thank you for being a strong enabler for the Indian product ecosystem.”Sudarshan, RippleHire

“It’s a must for all startups looking for strategic consult, marketing support and media exposure to validate ideas, scale-up business or expand into Western markets. A great place where great products meet great people.” Sumit Goswami, KeyPoint Technologies

InTech50 is a well organised event giving product companies a good opportunity to interact with some of the top CIOs from India and US. Some of the CIOs also spent time with us discussing about our product roadmap and how we should prioritize some features for roll out.” –  Tom, Talview

“InTech50 2015 was a super-useful event for Reverie. It helped us pitch better, position ourselves well, open business partnerships with some dream prospects, expand tech partnerships to enrich our Language Gateway, explore sales channel alliances, and above all, build some great relationships.” – Dheeraj, Reverie

Please note that we intend to continue the process of mentoring and advising the companies, even after the conclusion of the event.

Feel free to reach out to us …

Validation Tank @ InTech50

This year’s InTech50 saw a new addition to the format. While InTech5 was designed to give global exposure to companies that have got paying customers and product-market fit, this year we have introduced Validation Tank to help companies in idea and proto-type stage companies to validate the potential for their idea. The format is designed to help the founder get a feedback on their product idea. Read more about Validation Tank here.

After a couple of pilots, we have chosen 5 companies to pitch their product idea to the CIO’s and they got first hand feedback from the ultimate technology buyer in the enterprise. Validation Tank was moderated by Ranga Raj and to judge the idea we got Harmeen Mehta – CIO Airtel, Akshaya Gaur – CIO Mashreq Bank, Jon Walters – CIO Direct General Insurance and Ravi Narayan – Head Microsoft Ventures. Each company got 10 mins to slot and they pitched their idea for 3 mins and the 7 mins slot was used for Q&A and feedback from the CIO’s. The jury was honest with the feedback and more importantly the companies got actionable feedback making it very attractive for someone who is at an idea/proto-type stage get first hand feedback of what the enterprise buyer thinks. Here are the five companies that pitched at InTech50 Validation Tank 2015.

Contentivo – It is a tool for helping enterprises increase its social media reach exponentially through employee networks

ConvFlow – A product that helps enterprises collaborate on problems and ideas in real-time on mobile and web

FixNix – Cloud based Governance, Risk and Compliance solution for the enterprise

Nous – Product that helps match people and skills in the enterprise

PlayLyfe – Gamification platform for the enterprise. Helps companies gamify internal applications with a few clicks

If you are a product entrepreneur, working on a product idea for the enterprise and would like to get the idea validated, please apply here for the next edition of Validation Tank.

Validation Tank is curated by Praveen Hari(Thinkflow) & Ranga Raj(Thinxtream)

InTech50: an outside-in perspective

After a gap of 10 years, I recently returned to Bangalore to attend InTech50. The excitement started from the get go when I was flown from Delhi to Bangalore by an all-female Indigo cockpit – itself a reflection of our fast changing times.

Variration Banner 1.0-01The age of tech startups in India has dawned. With 3500+ registered startups & counting, India is well poised to become the second largest startup hub in the world (after the US) by the end of this decade. The quality of product design & engineering has also increased since entrepreneurship has become a career of choice. Top notch talent including IIT engineers and IIM MBAs are no longer flocking to high paying corporate jobs. A significant number are taking the leap to build new technology products. At the same time a broader ecosystem of venture capitalists and corporate partners have emerged, supported by institutions like NASSCOM and iSPIRT – which have tirelessly worked to galvanize stakeholders and unlock the value chain. None of this “software product industry architecture” visibly existed when I last left India 8 years ago!

InTech50 was a great example of how far we’ve come. 50 exciting B2B startups were showcased across key enterprise spaces – big data analytics, security & infrastructure, enterprise mobility & collaboration, compliance & HR management, and industry specific solutions in finance, manufacturing, retail and health. Across the board, the teams were impressive, in that the founders reflected original thinking & IP, and made their pitches with both passion and data. A few were established companies like Qubole, FreshDesk and Druva; others were earlier in their journeys. Some of my favorites were: Reverie, a “language gateway” that helps businesses localize their products across linguistic contexts; Vymo a simplified Saleforce-like tool for mobile foot force effectiveness; Clary5, a cross-product and cross-channel enterprise fraud management platform targeting financial institutions; low overhead & easy-to-use enterprise content & collaboration tools like Tydy and FrameBench; and hyperlocal retail analytics software like Nifty Window and NowFloats that bring online-grade data capabilities to offline retailers

InTech50-FinalistsThe event saw active participation from industry CIOs – both global and domestic – who provided rich and relevant perspectives to startups. We heard from the media, hardware & software technology, telecom, general & speciality insurance, and banking sectors. The program sparked rich interactions that highlighted core industry needs & product gaps, provided feedback to early stage concepts, and introduced prospective customers and operational partners to startups much in need of them.

Two interesting models of deeper corporate engagement with startups were explored. First, the role of corporates as enterprise startup customers. Here, given reputational risks involved, CIOs are more likely to test new products internally or with non-core services before extending them to customer facing or core operations. Not surprisingly, data security was highlighted as a dominant theme as many corporates – particularly the financial sector – continue to face fraud and data leakage risks. In addition, mobility, cloud-based digitization, large data analytics, & cognitive intelligence were areas championed by the industry representatives. Second, with traditional services companies, including Telcos and ITeS, moving away from time based billing models and rolling out hybrid product-service offerings, they are looking for startups as partners who may help them plug key portfolio gaps. This requires considerable thought around a joint go-to-market strategy leveraging both parties’ expertise to drive customer acquisition.

A third interesting perspective was offered by the son how certain software apps – notably Slack with its transparent, multi-channel collaboration functionality – when adopted in a corporate setting had potential to become a powerful cultural transformation catalyst. Slack has changed my world as well – exposing the massive inefficiencies of email as a collaboration tool – so I can completely relate.

With India as a major R&D hub (as well as a destination market) for US tech companies, the right skills and context will continue to infuse into the ecosystem and power India’s potential as a product nation. iSPIRT’s goal with InTech50 is to drive M&As from the current rate of one-per-quarter to one-per-month by the end of the year. The ecosystem is ripe for this. New & creative corporate relationships are needed to build trust and awareness. This is a must for corporates to stay relevant and innovative, whereas access to corporate customers, expertise and funding can help accelerate startups. This will in turn require numerous actors to join forces and build collaboration platforms that further strengthen the digital product ecosystem.

Guest post by Badal Malick – Co-founder of Nirvana Labs, a digital platform to drive global startup-corporate partnerships

D-Day at InTech50 (2015 edition)


Here is wishing all of you – happy pitching, selling and buying…

Today, ‘fantastic fifty’ Product Founders will showcase their solution potential, and work collaboratively with buyers, investors and partners to shape, and create a plan to take their solutions to global markets—a true sign of India’s potential in innovation.

We are satisfied to see not only the quantity, but the impressive quality of our startups this year. It was indeed a tough call to curate ‘the fifty.’  Go on people, enjoy your place under the sun.

We would like to reiterate here that we are not seasonal. Please feel free to reach out to us, whenever…

Look forward to some ‘real’ business today and tomorrow.


Announcing the 5th and final batch of 10 companies @InTech50 2015

Happy to announce the final and last batch of finalists (out of a total of 50) of InTech50 2015, a flagship event of iSPIRT and Terenne Global.

Congratulations to them all!

The firstsecond, third and fourth batch of finalists has already been announced in our previous blogs.

Here is the final list –

  • Crayon –  MAYA is a personal concierge, powered by Crayon’s SimplerChoices™ platform. SimplerChoices™ maps affinities based on taste (from review sites, social networks), influence (from social networks), context (from public data, location-based data), and behavior (from internal enterprise data) to build a massive cross-category taste graph.
  • Datonis – Altizon helps the industrial world create smart, connected products within a very short span of time and with minimum investment in infrastructure. Altizon’s flagship product the Datonis™ platform is offered in PaaS and on-premise models and is built to handle a Billion events a day from a million devices.
  • Druva in Sync – Druva’s inSync endpoint data protection and governance suite UNIQUELY integrates secure, scalable, high-performance endpoint backup, file sync across all user endpoints, remote file access, data loss prevention, IT-managed file sharing, and governance – including eDiscovery enablement – in a single platform.
  • Nifty Window – Nifty Window is a hyper-local marketing based new customer acquisition platform that helps offline brands and businesses attract consumers online. The platform uses content marketing and distribution to help brick & mortar businesses drive in-store sales across search, social media and mobile channels.
  • Nowfloats – NowFloats enables local businesses to get online, generate relevant content, and be highly discovered for online users to consumer this information in a meaningful way.Using the NowFloats platform, any enterprise whose channel is a small business, can bring the entire local channel online and drive local consumers towards that business.
  • RateGain – RevGain is an ultra sophisticated price recommendation engine for hotels. It continuously tracks over 11 big-data, environmental factors such as market supply, competitor prices, inventory levels and more to tell hotels how much they should price their rooms at.
  • RippleHire – RippleHire is a technology product that gamifies employee referrals and enables social recruiting. By empowering the best way you hire (Employee Referrals), we reduce your hiring costs & efforts. Game mechanics make the process fun, engaging and drives great results.
  • RobusTest – RobusTest is providing SAAS based Automation Solution for Web/Native/Hybrid applications. Its does not require any pre-configuration or setup. User can automate any mobile application from their browser without any scripting/coding knowledge.RobusTest also provides detailed Automation Test reports (including CPU, Memory, network and battery usage).
  • Vymo – Our vision is to help sales teams make a Million Smarter Decisions every minute. Our marquee product is a mobile first Lead Management System. Our operational analytics help in better lead prioritisation, smarter allocation, better pitches, quicker conversions and higher frontline productivity.
  • Zing HR – ZingHR is an End-to-End INTEGRATED Hire-to-Retire Management Cloud platform. You name any process, right from the time a potential talent is called for an interview, through the employee’s entire lifecycle with the organisation, till the employee moves on. Talent Acquisition, eRecruitment, Onboarding, Leave, Time & Attendance, Claims, Payroll, Compliance, Performance Management…more.

There will be no greater joy for us than to see our finalists leverage the associations they’ve built and emerge as truly global companies over the next few years, further validating the credibility of India as a ‘product nation’. That is exactly what we had set out to achieve in the first place.

Looking forward to meeting the ‘Fanastic Fifty’ at InTech50 in Bangalore.

What make ‘enterprise sales’ challenging for startups?

Getting a startup anyway is hard. But when you have a software product aimed at enterprise customers, you have to be prepared for even more daunting challenges, and to overcome those challenges, entrepreneurs have to have a plan in place.

Enterprise customers are not accustomed to buying from startups, and hence their buying process is designed to deal with large enterprise vendors.

Here’s a look at some of the major roadblocks that make the ‘enterprise sales’ journey a challenging one for startups:- 

Drawing the attention of CIOs of large corporations

So you have a great idea, a great team and a great product! But what will it take to draw the attention of CIOs of large corporations? How do you even reach them?

Enterprise SalesStartups therefore have to try a variety of things to access relevant customers. Most effective usually is warm introductions by someone known to the CIOs. And for you to get warm introductions, you need to network and meet with individuals who can make those introductions. It could be ex-clients, old bosses, someone you met at a networking event or industry conference, or even VCs, etc. But people don’t make introductions simply because you ask them to. Because it is their credibility on the line too. Hence, it is important for startups to keep potential recommenders informed about your product and progress so that when you request them to make introductions, they can do it with confidence.

Is there a compelling reason to switch?

Large corporations prefer to partner with no less than the best companies in the industry to add value to their own offerings. They would need very compelling reasons to even consider providing you an opportunity to give a demo of your product.

So unless your product fills a gap or addresses an important pain-point that existing players do not offer, there is no real reason for large enterprises to consider switching from a proven vendor to a startup.

It is important to note that for large enterprise customers, a slightly lower price is not a compelling enough reason for switching. Even if the price is much lower, or even if you offer the product free, the implementation and training of the users will generally cost lot more and will impact ROI benefits the customer can derive. Further, the risk with a start-up of a failed implementation is perceived high and impact of failure can be bigger than product costs. (E.g. for a USD 2 bn company, a HR management software product by a known vendor at USD 100K might be a safer bet than a USD 10K software from a startup as a failed implementation will impact HR / payroll / appraisal for all employees).

Proving credibility of the product AND the company

If you did get an opportunity to give a demo of your product to the decision makers in a large corporation, the very fact that you are a startup will make them reluctant in giving their approval because you have no prior track record to prove that your product will be as effective and successful as you claim it to be., and that you will have the organizational maturity or competence to deploy and service the product across the country (sometimes across the world).

Established vendors have the advantage of sharing references and recommendations of existing clients to add a stamp of credibility to their product, which is not possible in the case of the startup. So even though a product looks convincing, investing in technology needs serious consideration, because if your product does not deliver on its promise or if you are not able to service the product well, switching to another product is can prove to be both, costly and cumbersome.

The seed of doubt regarding the startup’s survival

Working with or buying a software product from a startup can be a risky affair, simply because there is fear that it will survive beyond a certain period if it doesn’t have a steady revenue stream or is unable to find suitable investors.

This often becomes one of the prime reasons for opting in favour an established company. It tilts the scale in their favour even if their product doesn’t really measure up to what the startup is offering.

Here are some things that startups can do to help their customers overcome this fear:

  • Build a strong advisory board
  • Focus on customers known to take risks (lead adopters) – ask them which other startups they are working with. If they have not bought from other startups, they are unlikely to buy from you. Innovators and lead adopters generally boast about it and love to tell everybody.
  • Build a credible partner ecosystem – partners who are selling, implementing at your target customer. They can bring credibility to your products. Budget some presales and post sales $ for these partners.
  • Identify key stakeholders – especially in LOB, IT and procurement. Most deals will need a sponsor in each of these departments and anybody can say no to a startup risk. Take time to understand you has authority to say Yes.
  • Plan for in person meetings with key stakeholders. Nothing builds credibility than the enthusiasm of a founder in front of a customer.
  • Highlight advantages relevant to function you are speaking to (example talk about new revenue to LOB, less price to procurement etc.).
  • Identify who your stakeholders consider as experts – industry analysts, industry peers. Etc. They will absolutely look for external validations.
  • If you have investors, ask those investors to accompany you for final sales closure meetings (or at least offer to the potential customer to speak to the investors)
  • Start small to minimize perceived risk – example start with a department specific deal

At iSPIRT we recognize these challenges and have undertaken initiatives to bridge the gap between large corporations and software product startups. InTech50 is one such initiative where we shortlist promising software product companies in India and showcase them to large enterprise customers.

Launched last year, the initiative is now in its second leg and will be held on April 15 – 16 in Bangalore. InTech50 is a collaboration between iSPIRT and Terrene Global Leadership Network and aims to facilitate both startups and established large corporations to leverage from each other in their endeavour to grow bigger and better. While the larger corporations can benefit from the expertise that startups offer, the startups get to work with the best clients and give their business a stable foundation.

The unique initiative brings both, startups and CIOs from the best global companies on a common platform, and explore ways to find synergies in their operations. For CIOs, InTech50 curates the best product startups from across India.

Startups get a rare opportunity to gain easy access to and pitch to 50 global CIOs, all under one roof.

InTech50 Business Catalyst program

In addition, this year, InTech 50 will include Business Catalysts program. Business Catalyst Program connects startups with senior sales leaders and sales consultants from across the globe. These consultants can help you with lead generation; they can identify project sponsors in LOB, IT and procurement. They can help you identify who has tendency to buy from startups and who will never. And they can help you with in-person meetings with stakeholders when you cannot travel. Intech50 is not charging for participation in the program. If you engage with Business Consultants, you can pay them directly for their services. See more about business Catalyst program here.

So, come to listen to catalysts on how they can engage with you.

Announcing the 4th batch of 10 companies @InTech50 2015

InTech50 2015 (a flagship event of iSPIRT & Terenne Global) is happy to announce the fourth batch of 10 finalists.

InTech50Congratulations to all the following finalists…listed alphabetically. The first, second and third batch of 10 companies has been announced before.

  • Accelpro Technology – transforming better technology ideas into business growth and better economies while addressing the much-needed requirement for faster secure remote access solution. AccelPro delivers Next Generation of SSL VPN solution, which has revolutionized mobility VPN market.
  • DataWeave – delivers real time actionable retail insights to you with its extensive feature set. Millions of products related data points curated across categories, geographies, and languages.
  • Drishti Soft-Solutions Ameyo is a pioneering, all-in-one communication suite from Drishti. A multi-channel and multi-modal communication solution, Ameyo can be integrated easily in centralized and distributed (multi-site) contact centers and improves efficiency and productivity.
  • DeepBiz – ICareU is an innovative cloud platform to provide an end-to-end Usage Based Insurance Solution to an Indian Motor Insurance Companies to adopt and implement a cost effective Insurance service to their customers.
  • GoDB Tech – GoDB’s Mobility platform is a comprehensive Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that enables enterprises to extend their business processes outside their corporate walls.
  • InspireOne – We help companies convert their human potential to organizational capability, through comprehensive solutions in the areas of Leadership Development, Sales Management, Productivity Enhancement, and Organizational Change.
  • Ilantus – IDaaS express is cloud based Identity and Access Management product which offers enterprises the ability to address all Identity and Access Management business challenges, such as user provisioning, access governance, password management, single sign-on, federation, security intelligence and BYOD security – without any need for costly and complex on-premise infrastructure.
  • Kissflow – Built as a self-service cloud workflow software, KiSSFLOW is ready to use and can be set up in minutes as against traditional business process management software and customized workflow software which requires huge investments and takes days to set up.
  • NanoBi – a simple to use, interactive and visual full-stack platform delivered as subscription software on cloud or on-premise. Nanobi’s shared data platform provides the most unified views in the form of virtual information.
  • Quintype – Quintype is the next generation editorial management and digital publishing service. And it runs in the cloud. addresses the needs of modern digital publishers, and gives today’s connected Internet users the means to consume and engage with content the way they want, where they want.

Watch this space, as we announce the fifth and final batch shortly.

Announcing the 3rd batch of 10 companies @InTech50 2015

InTech50 2015 (a flagship event of iSPIRT & Terenne Global) is happy to announce the third batch of 10 finalists.

Congratulations to all the following finalists…listed alphabetically. The first and second batch of 10 companies has been announced before.


  • 42Gears – 42Gears Mobility Systems Pvt. Ltd is software company based in Bangalore, India.More than 5000 companies in 50 countries around the world use 42Gears products to increase their mobile workforce productivity, reduce costs and increase profits. Businesses in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, logistics, education and other industries form our customer base.
  • Aujas – Aujas helps organizations manage information security risks by protecting data, software, people and identities in alignment with best practices and compliance requirements. We also help strengthen security governance and intelligence frameworks.
  • Customer XPS – CustomerXPs is revolutionizing Sales, Marketing and Fraud Management in fortune 500 banks by harnessing the power of extreme real-time BIG DATA
  • Ideal Analytics – Helps you in free data analysis in cloud; connect to your data and explore;
  • I-exceed Technology – i-exceed is a technology products and services company. We currently operate across two major business lines, viz. products (Appzillon) and services (BFSI consulting services, Mobile Consulting Services Performance Management and Oil & Gas Technology Services). Appzillon, our flagship product, is a feature rich, agile and flexible cross-platform suite to build apps for smartphones, tablets and browsers
  • Indusface – Indusface provides organisations with a complete suite of comprehensive application security solutions to protect their web and mobile applications from online attacks and assist them in meeting the standards set by compliance regulators.
  • KPoint Technologies – kPoint Technologies offers kPoint – a cloud-based enterprise video platform – that makes your video content discoverable, mobile and social. kPoint enables organizations with a complete range of do-it-yourself tools, packaged as an integrated platform, for use of videos in the enterprise.
  • Olivo – Fully Integrated Patient Centric Care Solution
  • Uniken – Uniken provides a digital access platform REL-ID which provisions mutual trust in the digital relationships and protects digital interactions and data.
  • Zenatix – Zenatix’ mission is to empower energy consumers with data, insights and recommendations that will drive energy savings. Our solutions enable the energy consumers monitor their energy consumption pattern at various system/appliances levels, and take actions based on the recommendations driven by our energy analytics.

Watch this space, as we will announce the fourth batch shortly. Check the first batch of 10 companies and the second batch of 10 companies here.