We are almost at the end of the lists. Here are the next 25! #PNgrowth

So here are the next 25. Only two lists remain, and the calibre of the people on here in itself should convince you what we have put together.

Mysore 2016 is going to be super awesome!


25-founders-collage-6th batch

Jayadev Mahalingam of Piqube
Sachin Sharma of Townscript
Shardul Mohite of YogurtLabs
Nitin Gupta of NavStik
Vinay Nathan of Altizon
Mandeep Makkar of Amigobulls
Prasad Nagalapura of Vitamap
Nitin Kapoor of meetuniversity.com
Dilip Ittyera of Aikonlabs
Osho Sidhant of Craftemporio
Niranjan Nokhate of Frapp
Srikanth Chellapa of ContactDoctor
Vasanth Sampathkumar of Honeytask
Pranav Tej of Vibrantworkapp
Ajay Chanam of Halfsteprock
Raghu Mittal of Handsrel
Vaibhav Jain of Teramatrix
Jyoti Sahai of Kavaii
Shivam Mishra of Ahataxis
Ravi Datanwala of Appice
Rajarshi Chakraborti of Grosum
Aatash Shah of Edvancer
Hari Venkata of Mybustickets
Sangeeth Velekett of Bixera
Parichay Das of Rootalpha

Congratulations to the chosen ones again!