Because designers need to know *about* code

This is a about a long raging debate on the process of designing and developing great products.

In a recent Medium post, Jesse Weaver said something very simple but powerful — we need more designers who know *about* code. And I agree! Not only because I myself like to experiment with code but also because of the following.

“The reason designers should know about code, is the same reason developers should know about design. Not to become designers, but to empathize with them. To be able to speak their language, and to understand design considerations and thought processes. To know just enough to be dangerous, as they say.” – Jesse Weaver

This thought does enough justice to the whole debate around designers and coding. Now how much should designers know about code and how should engineers reciprocate is a different discussion. Given that we have Chrome DevTools and Framer.js today, it should be simpler.

So what does this lead to? This requires designers to go beyond the usual. Talk to engineers and understand their environment — ask stupid questions. By doing this, our usual work, experiments and hacks become easier and more fun. Now isn’t that worth it?

Guest Blog Post by Amal Tiwari, Yawasa