Ezmove – Redefining the Movers and Packers Services

Businesses succeed with a mission to serve customers and related ecosystem. Ezmove is following the same path.

I recently got a chance to catch-up with Ezmove co-founders – Anand & Vishwajeet. Ezmove aims to be a guiding agent, to whom consumers can just outsource their movers & packers requirements.

Q:Why do you guys feel there is need of guiding agent?

Founders: Most Movers & Packers lack professionalism, accountability and efficiency. Also, Majority of players are not equipped with solution to deliver as per customer preferences. We are here to address all such basic issues.

Q: How Ezmove plans to deliver? Any success till now?

Founders:To begin with, we have been able to process 200 Moves till now in 3 months. Here, I can talk about the process we followed to deliver these movements.

On behalf of consumers, EZMove filteredmovers through stringent screening.  A dedicated Relocation manager took care of the movementfrom request until completion. In addition, we have built CRM & Enterprise products for our vendors to achieve backward integration& produce cost benefits for the industry. Hence, our aim is to make our vendors more efficient through technology. In turn, producing value for the customers.

Q: How big is this market?  What’s the average revenue per customer?

Founders :In India, We believe its $2 billion to $5 billion. AverageTicket size is about $300.

Q: What’s the customer conversion rate till now?

Founders: Conversion rate is around 24%

Q: Considering such a huge market, what are your plans?

Founders: Our focus is to resolve problems & set new trends with innovation. We wish to empower the customers as well as Packers and Movers with better tracking & communication tools.  Team has a vision to introduce the usage of data analytics techniques to foresee demand & make estimates.

Last but not least, Ezmove plan to make your relocation or home shifting or vehicle transfer a promising and optimal experience.

Guest Post by Gaurav Lakhani