Have a product idea for the enterprise? Validate it with @InTech50 Validation Tank

The first 2 editions of Validation Tank have yielded better than expected results. True to the name, it has served as the platform for idea and proto-type stage entrepreneurs to validate their product idea. The entrepreneurs got an opportunity to present their idea to a CIO panel comprising of Darshan Appayanna (Happiest Minds), Sudhir Reddy (Aricent), Yatendra Kumar (Gokaldas Exports), Vijay Ramachandra (Editor-in-chief, CIO Magazine), Satish Das (Cognizant) and Murali Krishna (Ex- SVP, Infosys). The CIO’s judged the idea on a range of parameters and provided actionable insights on the idea and what can be improved when it comes to pitching to the enterprise buyer.


So, what is InTech50 Validation Tank and who is it for?

InTech50 Validation Tank is for idea and proto-type stage product entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity for founders to pitch their idea to the ultimate enterprise buyer (CIO) and understand

a)      If the problem they are trying to address through the idea is major concern for the CIO

b)      If it is a market that is well served

c)       If the CIOs can make a business case for a product or allocate buying budgets

d)      If adding a feature or a functionality will make it a great product 

The CIOs will also provide actionable insights in to the opportunity size, technical viability, business model and importantly the buyer’s perspective. All this at a concept/idea stage and even before you start developing the prototype. It is a great opportunity to get an honest feedback about your product idea. It is a platform to engage with IT leaders, product champions, mentors and early adopters for your product.

Who can apply for Validation Tank?

If you are company founded/incorporated after 2014 and working on a product idea for enterprises or in the process of building a prototype, you are the ideal company for Validation Tank. You need not have a working prototype but if you are a little ahead and already started product development, we can still consider you. 

When is the next Validation Tank happening?

The next edition of the Validation Tank is happening on 25th of June 2015 in Bangalore. We are soon going to announce the dates for Validation Tank in Chennai and Pune too.

How do I apply?

APPLY NOW ! 19th June, 2015 is the last day for rushing in your entries.