Looking for business leads? Want to be seen among the top level CXOs and decision maker? @CeBITINDIA

The premiere edition of CeBIT in Asia is all set to get off to a very strong start. From 12-14 November over 600 companies spread over 9 topic clusters will showcase global enterprise technology innovations. 200 of these 600 exhibitors are international companies who are completely new to the Indian market. iSPIRT is a key strategic partner to CeBIT India and together the goal is to showcase India as a Product Nation both in Bangalore this year and Hannover in 2015. With a clear focus on IT.BUSINESS.100% the event invites Enterprise Technology Buyers with a clear B2B focus. As per the latest forecasts received from the organisers, the event, will garner close to 25,000 visitors. CXOs, IT Resellers, MSMEs and Government Officials from State and Central Ministries form the majority of the visitor base. The focus end user sectors for the event are BFSI, Automotive and Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education, R&D and Hospitality.

Want to Win the CeBIT Challenge? Here’s your opportunity

“If you are a start-up, then +91 is your code to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, mentors and accelerators and win a chance to showcase your ideas to a global audience at CeBIT 2015, Hannover, Germany.”

Technology, as the industry of choice for many of today’s start-up businesses, attracts investors and venture capitalists, and has enormous payout potential. While the appeal of launching a tech start-up is easy to understand, some entrepreneurs fail to cope with the unique risks they face being in the competitive world of technology. This is where +91 comes in.

The genesis of +91 lies in the Start-up Village that was started at CeBIT Hannover as an international initiative for digital pioneers, innovators and ground breaking start-ups. Initiated over a decade ago, the Start-up Village has since been supporting outstanding business talents and their exceptional business ideas, providing them with a platform for dialog, and therefore stimulating and accelerating innovation in the field. 


Business Technology +91 Start-up Challenge is being organized alongside CeBIT INDIA – Asia’s leading Business Technology and ICT Procurement Event will be held from 12-14 November 2014 at BIEC, Bangalore. CeBIT India needs no introduction. With the aim of showcasing New Perspectives in IT Business, India’s first CeBIT will cover the key IT trends of Cloud Computing, Strategic Big Data, Enterprise Mobilily and Social Media.

Along with its large exhibits, CeBIT India will also feature a series of engaging conferences, workshops and seminars by global thought leaders like Vishal Sikka CEO, Infosys and Mark McDonald Global MD, Accenture at their CeBIT Global Conference. You can download the brochure for +91 Start-Up Challenge for CeBIT India here


Along with CeBIT India, a Consumer Electronic Show for consumers called PLUGGED IN will be organized, parallel from 14 – 15 November, 2014 at BIEC, Bangalore. Consumer Technology +91 Start-Up Challenge will be held at PLUGGED IN

PLUGGED IN is the largest consumer gathering and showcase of consumer electronics & technology in India! It is is a comprehensive convergence of all stakeholders in the Consumer Electronics & Technology sphere to engage, educate and entertain consumers like never before. It is a platform for new product launches and showcase of game changing technologies in the consumer technology industry. For more information visit the PLUGGED IN websiteYou can download the brochure for +91 Start-Up Challenge for PLUGGED IN here

iSPIRT SaaS Pavilion @ CeBIT India

With a view to showcase India’s product strengths, CeBIT India has partnered with iSPIRT to create an exclusive SaaS display. The organisers have built a smart all-inclusive package, which includes fully built and functional display space, central meeting area facilities and prime space on the CeBIT India show floor. In recognition of our partnership with CeBIT, iSPIRT members on the SaaS pavilion are offered a preferential participation rate. In addition to the SaaS pavilion, CeBIT and iSPIRT will work closely together to showcase product innovation in the +91 zone. Please don’t miss the opportunity and contact the CEBIT India team(Mls(AT)HMF-India.com) at the earliest, who will provide you details information on the challenge. You can find more information about the SaaS pavilion here.


  • Showcase & Market:  An exclusive opportunity for start-ups to showcase and market products to their customers at +91 Start-up market
  • Workshops:  Exclusive access to workshops conducted in the +91 Zone by industry experts covering the core business aspects-Marketing, Finance, Operations and more.
  • Mentors: Interact with the best minds in the industry on one-one basis, receive valuable suggestions & feedback to enhance and add value to your business.
  • Network & Interact: An opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs, angel investor and venture capitalists, accelerators, experts & support programs, as well as interact with 25,000+ business visitors of CEBIT India & Plugged In
  • Attract investments:  With investors coming from all domains of thetechnology ecosphere, you get the best chance to attract investment.
  • Visibility: visibility through extensive media coverage and promotion across all mediums



Participation for CeBIT India +91 Start-up Challenge is limited to only 50 Start Up companies and PLUGGED IN +91 Starts-up Challenge is limited to 25 Start Up companies. Please don’t miss the opportunity and contact the CEBIT India & PLUGGED IN team(Praveen.Nair(AT)HMF-India.com) at the earliest, who will provide you details information on the challenge.