#MadeinIndia EMR, Clinic & Hospital Management Software

eClinic and hospital management software are fast changing the way the medical industry functioned some years back. These software are being used extensively by doctors and hospitals abroad and unfortunately, India has been late in embracing and exploiting its numerous benefits. However, the scenario is in for a change and there are many big players who are making their presence felt in the medical world.

EMR,Clinic & Hospital Management Software #madeinindia
Our team has done an extensive research on the subject and here we list below (in alphabetical order) some of the most popular EMR, Clinic and Hospital Management software in India:

A Cloud-based, next generation healthcare IT solution designed to better integrate all departments in a healthcare organisation, solution can serve a single centre clinic to a nation-wide healthcare chain. Maintain records on every medical intervention for every patient; with easy updation. Healthcare Business Intelligence Keeps all processes under control with prompted decision-support through mobiles and hand-held’s.

Providing Online EMR and practice Mgmt. Software services for private, institutional and government enterprises, Clinicea takes pride in its values customers like GPComplete, Healthware Systems, NMSPL, Health Insurance Commission (Australia). Starting from Just 999 per month it provides Patient demographics and scheduling, EMRs, medical billing, multi lingual support, and many more.

DocEngage EMR
A mobile enabled Online EMR software from Bangalore lets you manage thousands of patient’s records across the clinics located in different city. More of a CRM kind Clinic Management software allows you to manage appointment, billing, inventory/ pharmacy, laboratory, asset, Loyalty Programs, membership cards, reports, analytics and automated e-mails.

Electra HMS
Electra by ACG infotech Ltd. (since 1993) from Delhi, India. It integrates all resources of hospital into single software. It makes whole Hospital management a paperless process.

Healcon’s iClinic software is a Cloud based Clinic / Practice management software for doctors. It offers features like EMR, Scheduler, e-Prescriptions, medical charts, billing, SMS reminders, cloud platform and online booking. The cloud based software is completely free and one has to pay only for the SMS.

An Installation as well as cloud based hospital management software by Tamilnadu based VSC infotech Pvt. Ltd. User can efficiently manage patient information, record patient billing and payments made, maintain the patients history, keep a record of the patients investigation results, and trace prescription history.

Insta Health Solutions
Web and open source technology based application with easy scalability, lowering overall TCO. And ease-of-use Single screen philosophy adds to usability experience allowing end-user training in double quick time. An Integrated system with Clinical, financial and operational modules cater to various requirements for both primary care centres and tertiary hospitals; results in productivity and efficiencies across departments. A Remote accessibility – secure ERP Easy management with centralised availability of clinical, financial and operational data; secure deployment on cloud servers with minimal IT management.

Livehealth by Creliant Labs Pvt. Ltd. is an online EMR software providing instant and secure access to Medical Reports. It provides easy and smart central location to store, manage and maintain all their medical information.

It is a web-based clinic cum patient management software with intensive mobile support. User don’t have to worry on patient appointment & managing the medical records with Lybrate. It is very simple to use and free application it costs noting for basic plan.

Hexatech IT Ventures Pvt Ltd formerly known as BPO Softtech Services Private Limited offers powerful, flexible and easy to use Hospital Management System for efficient patient care, hospital management and critical financial accounting. Medismart is specially designed for multi specialty hospitals, to cover wide range of hospital administration and management processes.

Mediware HIS
Mediware by DataMate InfoSoultions provides a comprehensive hospital management software solutions. With almost every possible modules for end to end hospital management like OPD Management, laboratory and Blood bank management, EMR, Clinical Management, Pharmacy management & Finance management. Software is used by clients across 8 countries and top users like Anathapuri Hospital & Research Centre – Thiruvananthapuram , Cochin Port Trust Hospital – Kochi and many more.

Medixcel by Plus91 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud based Clinic Information management System. User can manage their clinics & clinic chains on the cloud or locally. Basic Plan of software starts at Rs 2000 per month.

Power + HMS
It is a web as well as desktop based healthcare software specially designed for small & med size hospitals & Clinics in India by Kunsh Technologies, to make the Hospital Management easy, user-friendly and time saving& paperless.

A very simple and easy to use practice management software by practo technologies is pack full of features required to manage a clinic or hospital. The software has a very interesting and useful feature of cloud telephony. User can manage multiple clinics with one phone number & review the calls. Pricing starts from 999/month – 1999/month.

Praxify is the next generation cloud based EMR & practice management Solution with an integrated iPad application by Xtremum Solutions. It provides solution for everyone in the medical field right from patients, doctors, hospitals to blood banks, labs and pharmacies. Empowered by latest technology it can work seamlessly on Android and iOS.

Srishti Software
A comprehensive, integrated healthcare delivery platform which covers the complete spectrum of patient care. Its web engineered and cloud-ready enterprise solution; ported to hand-helds. EHR based on IoM gold standard to which all other modules like clinical, para-clinical, administrative modules are linked. It covers all functionalities at multi-specialty hospitals at enterprise level; solves issues including vendor multiplicity, related complexities, and higher cost and integration issues.

Visual Infosoft is an Installation based leading home care solution provider since 1996 with specialisation in almost every field in the health care industry like ophthalmologist, paediatrician, dermatologist, General Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, obstetrics & gynecology and many more.

The article has been created with the help of EMR, Clinic and Hospital management Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest . The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.