It takes time to build something successful!

Since SaaSx second edition, I have never missed a single edition of SaaSx. The 5th edition – SaaSx was recently held on the 7th of July, and the learnings and experiences were much different from the previous three that I had attended.

One primary topic this year was bootstrapping, and none other than Sridhar Vembu, the CEO and Founder of Zoho, was presenting. The session was extremely relevant and impactful, more so for us because we too are a bootstrapped organisation. Every two months of our 4.5 year-long bootstrapped journey, we have questioned ourselves on whether we have even got it right! If we should go ahead and raise funds. Sridhar’s session genuinely helped us know and understand our answers.

However, as I delved deeper, I realised that the bigger picture that Sridhar was making us aware of was the entrepreneurial journey of self-discovery. His session was an earnest attempt to promote deep thinking and self-reflection amongst all of us. He questioned basic assumptions and systematically dismantled the traditional notions around entrepreneurship. Using Zoho as an example, he showed how thinking from first principles helped them become successful as a global SaaS leader.

What is it that drives an entrepreneur? Is it the pursuit of materialistic goals or the passion to achieve a bigger purpose? The first step is to have this clarity in mind, as this can be critical in defining the direction your business would take. Through these questions, Sridhar showed that business decisions are not just driven by external factors but by internal as well.

For example, why should you chase high growth numbers? As per him, the first step to bootstrapping is survival. The top 5 goals for any startup should be Survive, Survive, Survive, Survive, Survive. Survival is enough. Keep your costs low and make sure all your bills are paid on time.  Cut your burn rate to the lowest. Zoho created 3 lines of business. The current SaaS software is their 3rd. They created these lines during their journey of survival and making ends meet.

Why go after a hot segment (with immense competition) instead of a niche one?  If it’s hot, avoid it i.e. if a market segment is hot or expected to be hot, it will be heavily funded. It will most likely be difficult to compete as a bootstrapped organisation and is henceforth avoidable. Zoho released Zoho docs in 2007, but soon as he realized that Google and Microsoft had entered the space, he reoriented the vision of Zoho to stay focused on business productivity applications. Zoho docs continues to add value to Zoho One, but the prime focus is on Applications from HR, Finance, Support, Sales & Marketing and Project Management.  Bootstrapping works best if you find a niche, but not so small that it hardly exists. You will hardly have cut throat competition in the niche market and will be able to compete even without heavy funding.

Most SaaS companies raise funds for customer acquisition. Even as a bootstrapped company customer acquisition is important. As you don’t have the money, you will need to optimise your marketing spend. Try and find a cheaper channel first and use these as your primary channel of acquisition. Once you have revenue from the these channels, you can start investing in the more expensive one. By this time you will also have data on your life time value and will be able to take better decisions.

Similarly, why base yourself out of a tier 1 city instead of tier 2 cities (with talent abound)? You don’t need to be in a Bangalore, Pune, or a Mumbai to build a successful product. According to Sridhar, if he wanted to start again, he would go to a smaller city like Raipur. Being in an expensive location will ends up burning your ‘meager monies’ faster. This doesn’t mean that being in the top IT cities of India is bad for your business, but if your team is located in one of the smaller cities, do not worry. You can still make it your competitive advantage.

Self-discipline is of utmost importance for a bootstrapped company. In fact, to bootstrap successfully, you need to ensure self-discipline in spends, team management, customer follow-ups, etc. While bootstrapping can demand frugality and self-discipline, the supply of money from your VC has the potential to destroy the most staunchly disciplined entrepreneurs as well. Watch out!

And last but not the least – It takes time to build something successful. It took Zoho 20 years to make it look like an overnight success.

This blog is authored by Ankit Dudhwewala, Founder – CallHippo, AppItSimple Infotek, Software Suggest. Thanks to Anukriti Chaudhari and Ritika Singh from iSPIRT to craft the article.

3 Key Factors to Increase Revenue for Your SaaS Product


There are two types of SaaS products.

  1. New innovative product
  2. The commodity products (which is a copy of an innovative product)

The innovative products get sign ups and are able to scale because they have built a very useful and handy USP. They get word of mouth from early users which are enough for them to grow to a considerable size.

However, most SaaS products today fall into the commodity category with no innovative features. For such products, three factors are really important to grow.



One you have marketed your product well, and have people landing on your website, the first important thing is to get them to Sign up. Here the most important criteria is Pricing. As you are a commodity product, the price point, lower than the market leader will help in getting paying customers. Such a pricing strategy helps you get the price conscious customers to sign up. Remember, pricing is a factor of features. Pricing would be irrelevant without features, and your software needs to provide the features that your competitor is giving at a lower price.

Let’s take the example of Freshdesk. When Freshdesk launched, pricing was their major differentiator from their competitor Zendesk.

Usability, UI, UX

Pricing can get you signups. However, your users need to start using your software to give you their credit card ultimately. If you are not a market leader and want even to become the second best, you will have to focus on the design and usability of the product.

Often the first mover tends to avoid design, as they are competing on their innovative feature and design is where the late movers can compete on. Easy to use design coupled with self-onboarding features will help in getting the customer engaged.

The trials most SaaS products have is for 15/30 days. It is practically impossible to implement the product in the complete organisation in 15 days’ time and try all features of the product. Hence, the usability & design of the product is the most important deciding factor.

As you already have ensured a convincing pricing, there is a very high probability that the user will convert to a paying customer.

Pipedrive is one company which entered the CRM space rather late and still could make it big. This is because Pipedrive focused on the usability of the product. They have taken care of very small things — every time my team cancels a meeting or an appointment, Pipedrive gives an automated pop up which will ask for the next appointment. It reduces the chances of losing a lead in the pile because of not setting up the next activity. I run SoftwareSuggest, and have many friends who run CRM software companies. All of these CRMs are free for us to use, but we still prefer to pay Pipedrive because of its usability.

Customer Service

Converting a user to paid customer is not enough in SaaS. You will need to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of the customer so that you start making profits. Once the user has converted to a customer, you need to start focusing on ensuring impeccable service quality. Organisations generally don’t prefer to move from one SaaS product to another. It’s a pain. Once they have signed up for a product, they like to stick with it. However, not focusing on customer experience once they have made the first payment will lead to churn. They might even leave before you have recovered your cost of customer acquisition. Hence, you will need to constantly monitor their usage of the product and ensure that the time on the app is increasing. Setting up a customer success team can be a good method. Good service will help in increasing the lifetime value of the customer.

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Customer Purchase Insights for Hotel Management Software

SoftwareSuggest is an online platform exclusively dedicated towards Business Software Discovery and Recommendation. We analyze every aspect of the software trends for the customers so that they can purchase the best software from hundreds of such products thronging the market. Since we value the satisfaction of our customers highly, we analyze their requirements with extensive research, and ultimately compile our observations and conclusions in the form of a report.

Here is an exhaustive Research Report on the “Customer Purchase Insights For Hotel Management Software”. The following are the conclusive findings of our Research Report.

Key Findings

– Most hotel management software buyers were from Maharashtra, followed by Delhi and Karnataka. With 8.5 percent, 7.5 percent and 7.3 percent software buyers respectively, these states tower over other states..

– Requirement for Installation-based software was more than Web-based software; the former crossing the mark with a whopping 64 percent.

– The Budget preferred by a majority of customers was in the range of INR 0-50,000, with around 65 percent of them belonging to the ‘First time User’ group.

– Around 40 percent of the customers prefer 3 demos before taking the purchase decision.

Let us have a detailed look at the figures as per our research results.

Geographic Spread Of Hotel Management Software Buyers

We found that 8.5 percent of hotel management software buyers were from Maharashtra, followed up by 7.5 percent in Delhi and 7.3 percent by Karnataka. Rest of the sections in the Graph is shared by other States.

Prefered Deployment Type: Installation-based Vs. Web-based Software

More Software buyers preferred installation-based software to web-based software. The former attributed to 64 percent of the total software buyers.

The Estimated Budget Preference (in INR) Of The Customers

Around 49 percent of customers preferred to buy their required software in the Budget range of INR 0-50,000. This is followed by 28 percent of customers, who preferred the the Budget range of INR 50,001- 1,00,000. The percentage of customers decreases gradually as the Budget range increases and this is clearly demonstrated in the Graph.

First time Software Buyers Against Existing Users Looking To Upgrade

It was observed that 65 percent of the users were first time software buyers and and 35% were looking to upgrade their existing software. For such buyers, the existing hotel management software was not quite up to the mark, and they wanted to try another software, with more functionalities and better quality standards.

Time Consumed By Customers Before Making A Purchase Decision

40% of customers usually take 2-3 months before finalizing which Hotel Management Software they want to purchase. Around 15% of the software buyers take the purchase decision in less than 1 month’s time. These are usually first time buyers with a new property.

Number Of Demos Taken by Customers Before Purchasing the Software

Around 40 percent of customers took 3 demos before opting to buy the paid version of Hotel Management Software. While 20 percent of users were satisfied with just 2 demos, around 30 percent used 4 demo sessions, before they were actually convinced to purchase this software.

Features Customers Look For In Hotel Management Software

features of hotel management software

As per our research, customers look for the below-mentioned features when it comes to buying a Hotel Management Software. Among these, Channel Management, Front Desk and Book Engine are the ‘must-have’ features in a Hotel Management Software.

All the above-mentioned facts and statistics have been generated from the data collected by SoftwareSuggest team.

We welcome your valuable thoughts or suggestions in the comment section below. You can find a list of Hotel Management Software here.











Customer Purchasing Insights For eCommerce Software

SoftwareSuggest is an online software discovery & recommendation platform. We provide free consultation on software and help SMEs select the right software for their organization. As a part of our business, we collect customer requirements, which when analysed can serve the industry with deep insights. Our learning for the eCommerce industry are presented in this report.

Below mentioned are the major takeaways:

  • There has been a hike in the number of organisations opting for online eCommerce solutions for their business. According to our findings a whopping 80% of the total are first time users.
  • A good number of e-commerce software buyers are located in Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka region.
  • We discovered that organizations prefer buying SaaS based over installation based software. The data suggest 69% prefer SaaS based.
  • The spread and depth of functionalities of software is the most prominent factor influencing the purchase decision of the software buyers.

Let us have a look at the fascinating figures that we discovered.

1.Industries turning up to use eCommerce software

industries using ecommerce software

We found that 35% of the software requirement was from apparel industry and next position is occupied by food and grocery item business (i.e. 20%). Rest is shared by miscellaneous industry like electronics, footwear, etc.

2. From which state maximum requirement was generated?

According to our observation, maximum eCommerce software buyers are from Northern region with Delhi (16%) being the kingpin in the list. Next place is shared by Maharashtra (12%) and Karnataka (13%). It can be a good decision for eCommerce companies to invest their resources in these region.
state wise lead distribution

3. What do the users prefer- SaaS based vs Installation based?

There has been a drastic shift in the number of users who prefer using SaaS based software when compared to server based software. It has been found from our data that 70% users prefer SaaS based or online software over the server based software.

User preference- SaaS based v/s Server based

4. What all features a buyer looks for in eCommerce software?

Nowadays, software buyers look for the product which can help them facilitate their customers in smarter way. With the advancement in technology, they look for sundry features which are stated as follows:4

5. What is the preferred budget in which buyers purchase the software?

For SaaS based, it has been found that on an average 50% of software buyers look for an ecommerce software between ₹1000 to ₹3000 per month. Around 18% buyers are willing to spend ₹3000 to ₹7000 per month. Only 7% can spend above ₹10000.

budget criteria for SaaS based sofwtare

For server or installation based, it has been discovered that 80% of software buyers prefer buying in the budget range of ₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000. Around 10% prefer buying in ₹100000- ₹150000. Remaining can afford up to ₹150000 and above.

budget criteria for server based software

6. New users v/s Existing users

new user v/s existing users

Around 20% of the software buyers are the existing users who reach us due to following reasons:

  • They are not satisfied with the services provided by their software providers
  • Their software does not have the latest features and they want to upgrade their software

In regards with the changing market conditions, there has been a hike in the number of retailers opting for online stores for their business. We discovered that around 80% of the software buyers bought software for the first time.

7. What is an average number of products showcased by merchants using eCommerce software?

average number of products showcased by ecommerce merchants

The data which has been collected by our team revealed that 17% of merchants prefer showcasing around 100-200 products on their website. And 21% of merchants prefer showcasing between 200-1000 products. Only 8% showcase above 1500 products which is quite less.

8. Time taken to decide on ecommerce solution

Our findings suggest that for a large percentage of software buyers, it takes around 3 to 5 weeks to decide on a solution.

time to find ecommerce solution

9. Number of demos before buying a software

We found that maximum software buyers usually take around 3-4 demos to decide on a solution.

no. of demos before buying

10. Factors influencing purchase decision

A software buyer looks for multiple features before purchasing any software.The depth and spread of functionality of the software is one of major factors. Have a glimpse at the other factors.

factors influencing purchase decision

The report has been generated from the data being collected by SoftwareSuggest team.

You can give your valuable thoughts about the report in the comment section below.

Also, find the list of eCommerce software solution with software demo, comparison chart, and many other values to help yourself select the right software.

#MadeinIndia Time & Attendance Management Software to Enhance Productivity

Let us start with a simple fact, no one can dispute over the countless benefits technology has brought us. It has allowed us to improve, perform and connect our resources beyond imagination!!

Whether you work in a company or run your own business, time management is always on top of your mind. By properly managing time, the organization can know the amount of work allocated to the employees, how long the employees spend in doing unproductive tasks and how many of them are doing over-time.

MadeinIndia time & management Management software

With this, organization can easily calculate their employees productivity. Moreover they can pre-plan their agendas and finalize company’s work schedule.

But, what if your time management software also facilitates the feature of attendance management? This will be an added advantage as the origination can keep an eye on the regularity and punctuality of an employee. Because, if company has a comprehensive and authentic time and attendance management softwares, it can easily organize the work with proper synchronization.

Here is a list of “#MadeinIndia” Time and Attendance Management Software to consider.

Timereckon: It is a web enabled time & attendance management software that can be seamlessly integrated with any payroll system. In case of time records processing, it provides an Enterprise web – based solutions. Moreover, it has comprehensive security layer which is accessible to supervisorial or managerial level only. Timereckon also allows integration with HR, Finance and Payroll Professionals so that they can automate the entire attendance and leave management process. It helps in generating extensive reports and has a large database for maximum storage.

Cost: Contact Website.

Timecheck Software: It is an enterprise grade web based solution with strong features to simplify Time and Attendance management process. Moreover, it provides immaculate solutions for improving business productivity. It integrates with payroll software and ensures on-time payments of salary. It provides intuitive dashboard and flexi-mode options for overtime management and terminal configuration.

Some of its value added features include visitor management integration, Bi-lingual support, user group management and work order management.

Cost: Contact Website.

ZingHR Time and Attendance Management Software: This time and attendance management software ensures that organization can keep track on various employee activities, irrespective of their locations. Moreover, it measures time spent on creating business policies and has a user-friendly dashboard. Thus, the organization can propel its productivity and utilize all its resources.

Cost: Welcome- 7250/month

Power- 9250/month

Business- 14250/month

Turbo- 19250/month

Timemate: It provides an organization the facility to reduce the processing time of employee time sheets and decrease human errors in it. In addition to this, it provides biometric time and attendance system which can seamlessly integrate with many hardware devices. Timemate has various solutions such as fingerprint scanning, swipe cards and hand-on punches which provides authentic attendance report. Moreover, it facilitates graphical representation of events & schedules and it allows the access of attendance reports via internet.

Cost: Contact Website

TimeSheet: Managing time spent on each job by a particular employee can be a daunting task. Therefore, Timesheet software is used as it is highly customizable & can be used by organizations of all sizes. Moreover, it gives enterprise-class time tracking solutions at very affordable prizes. It makes comprehensive reports of time management of employees at a rapid rate. It also provides a “to-do” manager to keep track of small and personal tasks. Some of its top-notch features include auto-locking of time sheets, intuitive dashboard & comprehensive reports with minimum data entry.

Cost: Independent Consultants: Rs.500/user/month.

Startups- Rs.400/user/month.

Growing Businesses- Rs.300/user/month.

Big Business House- Rs.200/user/month

Zoho:Attendance Management is now a breeze” this is the tagline used by Zoho attendance management software. Its time tracker helps organizations to regularly monitor team’s efficiency thus improving their overall capacity. Its timesheet helps companies to analyze employee’s activity and how much time has been registered on each activity. Zoho time sheets are facilitated with hierarchal structures and customized time-log templates. Timesheets also records Log-billable hours and makes sure that the employees are paid for their over time. Moreover, it enables organizations to record all work related items cohesively at a single click.

Cost: Free up-to 5 users.

Standard: Rs.2340/month up-to 25 users.

Premium: Rs.4500/month up-to 50 users.

Enterprise: Rs.5940/month

Adrenalin: It enables the organization to have a 360 degree view of employees working hours thus provides authentic analysis of their productivity. Adrenalin provides accurate data collections of employee’s information which is the crucial step in attendance management. Along with this, it helps to redefine attendance capture mode through integration with external time capturing devices. Moreover, it provides various reports to monitor attendance, regularity and sign-in / sign-out information of the employees.

Cost: Contact Website

Time productivity is the key to success of any organization. With this, it is imperative that it should be managed properly. Moreover, the above mentioned time management software amalgamate with other features such as payroll and attendance management thus providing additional facility to the company. Optimizing and synchronizing time dwells well if managed properly. Therefore, use these software in order to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Moreover, if you are looking for free and open source time and attendance management software you can check it out here.

List of 11 #Madeinindia Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking systems are great for HR professionals and recruiters. Even though there are disputes about their effectiveness as they target keywords more than candidate skills, it greatly helps recruiters to minimize the size of talent preposition without wasting their precious time and energy. Statistically speaking, ATS has saved over 20% of companies’ precious time during the recruiting process. Moreover as per careerealism “75% of large companies uses ATSs to review a resume before a recruiter sees it”. By seeing the above stats you can easily analyze how ATS is a must for every organization in this highly competitive business scenario.Indian Applicant Tracking Systems

To simplify your talent pool acquisition, here is a list of some of the Top Indian Applicant Tracking Software (In no particular order):
Resumefox: It is an innovative and easy to use recruitment software that saves the hiring time and cost by a whopping 70%. Moreover, through its comprehensive modules an organization can simplify its recruitment process by a great deal. Here are some of its notable features.

  • It helps in building searchable resume databases with zero manual efforts.
  • Reformates multiple resumes at one go and has a strong duplicate resume detection system
  • Generates comprehensive and insightful reports in real time
  • Creates recruitment life cycle and offers detail analysis of employee until joining.


  • Lite: $699
  • Standard: $899
  • Enterprise: $1199

TalentRecruit:  TalentRecruit is an end-to-end solution that integrates and automates your entire recruitment processes. It helps your company grow by streamlining the recruitment process and reduces operational cost with increase in recruiter’s efficiency. It is highly customized so can fit in any organization. Some of its most enterprising features are:

  • Provides candidate screening and evaluation facility
  • Enrich with facilities such as candidate sourcing, resume management, tracking candidate progression, etc.
  • It provides advanced search algorithms to locate the right candidate.
  • Has an efficient and agile management of jobs and candidates in order to reduce the “Time to Hire”

Price: Rs 1000-1500/user/month

99ATS: It is a web-based recruitment system that helps organization to stream line and manage their recruitment process. Moreover it has easy migration and avoids resume duplication. Here are some perks :

  • Has built-in bulk email to reach out to maximum number of candidates.
  • Imports resumes one by one or in bulk from external resources and organizes with the applicant tracking system.
  • Has comprehensive and reliable social media integration which helps in providing jobs and requirements at one click. (Learn More: How ATS Systems Integrate with LinkedIn)
  • Provides an authentic resume extract facility which by parsing extracts accurate information about the candidate.

 Price: Contact the Website

Zoho recruit: It a Saas based online recruiting system software. Moreover it helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments to track job openings, resumes, candidates, etc. quickly and efficiently. It provides features such as:

  • Automatically captures and import resume information from email attachments, outlook inbox, etc.
  • It lets the recruiters to post job opening on popular sites such as CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Manages candidate activity effectively from one location inside Zoho recruit.
  • Provides facilities like event management and candidate source tracking.


  • Free edition- Rs. 0 for 1 recruiter
  • Standard edition: Rs. 1500/recruiter/month
  • Enterprise: 3000/ recruiter/month

RecruitPro 360: Highly customized, RecruitPro 360 enhances recruitment process, synchronizes workflow and increases productivity. Moreover it provides high level automaton process which makes the recruitment process burden free and less time consuming. Here are some of its notable features

  • Provides intuitive user interface and automated resume import facility
  • It has comprehensive internet search and match capabilities.
  • It has a sophisticated tracker which tracks the candidate in an unique and user friendly manner
  • Has easy to use data migration facility with zero data entry

 Price: Contact the Website

Talentpool: It helps in executing better joining ratio by quality and streamlined recruitment process. It empowers front line users with better profiles, getting real time visibility of resumes and track key metrics. Take a look at its features:

  • It helps managing multiple sourcing activities, including marketing campaigns to access more candidates.
  • Imports candidate resumes from job portals directly into its centralized database.
  • Works seamlessly with agencies to manage vendors thus reducing time spent by recruiters on candidate status update.
  • Provides effective and authentic duplicate resume detection.

Price: Contact the Website

employAstar: It’s a cloud-based applicant tracking system that gives a 360-degree view of client, candidates, requisition, etc. Its cloud-based solutions are focused shrinking efforts and time of the recruiters while the process is going on. Here are some of its most enthralling features:

  • Provides email alerts and approvals so that organization can send automated emails to their corresponding candidates.
  • Has quick and advanced resume searching technique.
  • Facilities effective vendor management system.
  • Provides easy and integrated platform to simplify the process of corporate internal hiring.

Price: Contact the Website

Adrenalin Recruitment Management: It is the most effective hiring platform which facilitates in tracking of individual skills and transforms recruitment into more simple and effective process. Moreover it effectively manages employee talent thus solves employee retention problems. Some of its noticeable features are:

  • Provides intuitive interface which requires minimal training which makes it easier for candidates and recruiters to operate.
  • Has an unique feature of marking out ideal candidates as per company requirements
  • Provides seamless integrations with job portals and consultants with a single click.
  • Has comprehensive requisition (official order) management and secure data access.

 Price: Contact the Website

TalentCube: TalentCube emphasizes on making the recruitment process simple, easier and cost-effective for organizations. Moreover with the facility of mobile apps, it completes a one-stop solutions regarding recruitment for its users. Take a look at its features:

  • Provides comprehensive sourcing of candidates which reduces the “Time to Hire” scenario by 30-40%.
  • With an extensive social media campaign feature, organizations can connect with their candidates and improve candidate experience.
  • Reduces cost of Hiring with integrations with job boards, social media, email campaign, etc.
  • Has a user centered design which provides complete analysis, user feedback, prototype structure, etc.

 Price: Contact the Website

iHIRING: It is a cloud based assessment platform with in-built applicant tracking system. Moreover with iHIRING candidate assessment can be done in all possible formats viz. code simulation, running text, video and audio. Here are some of its salient features:

  • Provides large database storage so as to maintain the records of past candidates for future referrals.
  • Has IP address blocking facility which prevents unsolicited or unwarranted candidates from accessing published assessment.
  • Provides intuitive dashboard which allows the recruiter to view the entire running process and control hiring process in real time
  • It is the best deal and a comprehensive solution for corporate or in-house HR teams

Price: Contact the Website

Talentnow: It is designed with a view to manage the entire recruitment cycle of job creation to candidate finalization with minimum human intervention. Moreover it is a boon for direct employers, staffing companies and permanent placement agencies. Some of its notable features are:

  • Automatically imports resumes from third party job portals, social networking websites, etc. with almost zero data entry
  • Reduces portal cost by building your own resume database
  • Implements different workflows for different jobs and increases workflow efficiency.
  • Provides team/user-level dashboards of activities to track performance, revenues, usage of resources, etc.

 Price: Contact the Website

For most staffing agencies and recruiting companies, analyzing optimum keywords for candidate search is been a tedious task. But with the increase in usage of comprehensive and authentic ATS systems not only candidate search but also the “Hire to join” time has come down to a great extent. Storing databases and automating the recruitment process has become easy and less time consuming. Moreover before buying any ATS Software you should check this amazing Applicant Tracking Software Buyer’s Guide by Greenhouse, Inc. If you are looking for an open source ATS Software you can find it here.

Customer Purchasing Insights for School Management Software

SoftwareSuggest is India’s largest software discovery & recommendation platform. We provide free consultation on software, and help SMEs them select the right software. As a part of our business, we collect customer requirements, which when analysed can serve the industry with deep insights.

Keeping the same in context, we are introducing SoftwareSuggest insights. In our first research, we have profiled the school management software industry and have answered the following questions based on our data.

  • What features buyers look for in school software?
  • What is the budget of school management software buyers?
  • Preferable type of software- web based VS the installation based?
  • Geographical spread of school management software buyer?
  • Who is the decision maker?
  • Spread of software purchases over the year?

What were the features customers looked at while purchasing the school management software?

There are several important factors which prospective buyers investigate for a smart school management software decision. Here are some of the top factors considered while purchasing school management software-


First Time Buyers Vs Customer Upgrading their Software

20% of the customers were existing users and were looking for an upgrade. We found following reasons for upgrading the software

  • Customers were not satisfied with the service from smaller players and wanted to move to software companies focused on school management software
  • Their software did not have the latest features, and wanted to move to complete ERP system,

80% of the customers were the first generation buyers looking to solve a long-standing problem with new technology.

new vs existing customer

Web Based VS Installation Based Software

Currently, there are more installation based users then web based. For new purchased, we found 59% were indifferent between web based or installation software, whereas 11% of users wanted to go with SaaS based software and 20% with installation based software. Here is an infographic to help you select the right the right school management software.


What is the budget ?

Schools and Institutes who go with installation based software look at spending between Rs 10,000 to Rs 2,00,000 . Majority of buyers (60%) preferred the budget upto Rs 50,000.installation busget2

For the SaaS, budget flows from Rs 7/student/month to Rs 15 student/month. Buyer’s found SaaS as cost efficient and user friendly. Majority of SaaS based users – 42% prefer the budget upto Rs.7/Student/Month.Web based budget2

Size of School in terms of number of students

Largest group of software buyer where school with around 1000 students. They formed 32% of the requirements we received. The table shows the strength of school in terms of students that came looking for school software.

Number of students Software buyers (%)
Below 200 12
200 – 500 27
500 – 1000 32
1000 – 2000 16
2000 – 5000 9
5000 + 4

Software Buyer’s Geographical Spread:

Maharashtra is the state with maximum number of buyers (12%) for school software management software. The other stages with higher number of software buyer were Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

software buyers2

Do Seasonal time affect?

The answer is yes, it does effect. The software sales are around the time of admissions. Eventually it decreases during midterms and then starts increasing during final terms.

Sales closure seasonal

As we know school admissions generally takes place from June & July but for the sake of better precautions school do buy the software from earlier stage i.e. from the end terms (March). You can see the highest purchase rate of buying school management software in March. Also the sales goes down around October.

Who’s shopping for School Management Software?

We found mainly three types of people who are generally involved in taking the decision to purchase the School Management Software- Management, Principals and IT In charge or administrators.

softwareusercategory3The report has been generated from the data collected by my team, do write us comments or email us with suggestions on the report.

Find the list of top school management software with software demo video, comparison reports, screenshots, features and many more available to help you select the right software.


List of ISVs (Individual Software Vendor) for Hotel Industry from India

The Hospitality Industry is marked by intense competition. Hospitality industry provides intangible services that attract customers and prompt them to provide feedback and recommend it to others. To ensure flawless guest experience, the latest technology upgrades that keeps track of visitor room booking, banquet services, reservation, bill processing, and inventory management, comes in handy.

Below are some of the hotel management software (in no particular order)that helps hoteliers to manage their hotels efficiently and thus enhancing their hotel operations & customer experience.

hotel management software from india


HotelSimply is a SaaS based software by Bitla solutions (Bangalore based company) that provides complete software application to cover all needs of a hotel from front office to POS operations. It helps hoteliers to access their hotel functions from anywhere at any time and on any device. It simplifies the operations and manage the hotel very effectively and efficiently.

Innkey PMS

Innkey PMS is a leading Saas-based software by Innkey Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. located at Ahmedabad. It is an integrated software that includes reservation, POS, front desk, housekeeping, store & inventory that supports multiple currencies manageable from multiple locations.

Mycloud Hospitality

Mycloud hospitality is a cloud based hotel management software by Prologic First. It is easy to configure with little or no training and offers 24*7 online support.Its key features include rooms and rate management, web booking engine,reservations,channel management, front desk, housekeeping, night audit and report management.The price starts around Rs 6000 per month.


DLS PMS is powerful and full featured software by Innosoft DataLinks Pvt. Ltd. It incorporates friendly graphical user interfaces and integrates all key departments in the industry. It comes up with needful features of data security, scalable architecture, flexibility and affordability.

Ezee Front-desk

Ezee Front-desk hotel reservation software is an installation based software which is extremely easy to use. It is a modern solution that provides a whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of hotel management.

MCubic PMS

MCS PMS is a multi-faceted software by Mcubic Software Pvt. Ltd. It includes various modules that integrates all the services that a customer look for from hoteliers. Its key features include integrated payroll management system, multi-featured menu screens, interface to POS terminals, multi-currency support and mobile POS.


CogHMSis a web based HMS software consisting various modules covering almost every aspect of hotel management. Some of its important modules are Hotel reception, hotel reservation and hotel accounting. Application design is quite user friendly that helps in gaining expertise hands in very less time.


Athithi is a full-featured software for hotel management developed by Ryancom Infotech Pvt. Ltd. located at Bangalore since 1999. It is an integrated business process automation for hotel industry that integrates various modules of front office, reservation, F&B Management, housekeeping & laundry management, sales & catering management and more. A complete reservation module is designed in a way that guest can use it on their own phone.

QuantumR Hotel Management Software

QuantumR is a fully integrated with front office management. It is user-friendly with GUI interface that manages all rooms and their operations such as room service, guest search, laundry etc. With the help of this software hotel staff can quickly see their task and will be able to do it effectively.

WINHMS Enterprise

WINHMS is an installation based hotel management software by Winsar Infosoft located at Chennai. It is helpful for large chain hotels to manage sales, bookings, inventory and payroll. It is highly configurable system that comes up with various in-built modules for front office, POS, House Keeping, inventory, Payroll, Purchase and banquet. It support multi-property and consequently be hosted centrally at various areas.

True Hotel

True Hotel provides a complete hotel management software solution to hoteliers. It can be used at multi locations & multi segments such as hotels, resorts, motels, and large chain hotels. It is an installation based software that contains number of modules of front office, F & B management, housekeeping, payroll, banquet, inventory, back office, report, and special billing service management.

FortuneNext 6i

FortuneNext 6i is an all-in-one hotel PMS software by IDS Next Ltd.With its centralized data integration, it provides complete solution for front office, sales & marketing, point-of-sale, F & B management, SMS alerts and much more. It is easier to use and provides efficient property management to increase hotel’s productivity & performance.

Lucid PMS

Lucid PMS Suite offers is located at Bangalore. Its key features include centralised data integration, highly configurable, reliable and secured system. It is robust and built on latest technology that make it simple and easier to use. Along with its several features it is also cost effective and claims to provide “value for money” to its potential customers.

Shawman PMS

Shawman PMS is an efficient tool to manage rooms, guest preferences and front office management. Its PMS reservations are linked to online base central system. Its room blocking feature helps in billing and housekeeping operations.


Winceron hotel management software manages the daily operations of restaurant,pub etc. It is beneficial with its easy accounting, uniform pricing, customizable bills etc. Its key feature is KOT billing facility and Peg System. It is multi user and makes its operation efficient that is simple to use and more user friendly.


Checkin is a user friendly software that can be used on Stand-Alone or by multi user. It tracks the working of the entire hotel staff. It is simple to use and generates multiple reports to ensure productivity. It operates systematically and help in reducing the work load of every department.


WBS PMS is a SaaS based PMS software. A very simple and easy to use software for hotels. It is a rich system that improves reservation management efficiencies and increase real time online bookings via seamless channel management integration.

Experts IN HMS

Experts in HMS is an installation based software developed by Experts Solutions. It includes various modules like Reception, front desk, housekeeping, inventory, room service that seamlessly integrates to suit the needs of hoteliers.

Oyasys HMS

Oyasys HMS is a web based application that provides an ERP solution for hotel management. It includes features like hotel reservation, automatic/manually bill generation, searching and sorting facility,multi user access level and many more.


Fiesta Hotel management software includes various modules to make POS, hotel reservation system, front desk operations, housekeeping, material management, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, report management etc. The financial module is the heart of Fiesta. It generates multiple reports with summaries and detailed formats.

Know Cloud

Know Cloud is a web based hotel management software that helps as a tool to enhance guest experience. It is globally used by big hotels. It includes various suite of products that improvise the guest services and enhances team productivity by its effective management.


IManageMyHotel is a Saas-based multiple hotel management software developed by Crystal planet solutions. It includes modules like front office, restaurant management system, central reservations, online payment gateway integration, inventory and travel agency management. It costs Rs 25000 for license upto 3 hotels.

Cloud18 HMS

Cloud18 HMS is an installation based software that integrates various modules to cover every aspect of property management. It is easier to install, configure and comes with user friendly interface. The important optional modules include laundry management, payroll, housekeeping, banquet management and guest relationship management.

Binix Guest Plus

Binix Guest Plus is a comprehensive system that empowers and improve productivity and entire performance for hotel operations. It integrates the entire operations using contemporary & modern technologies.


MGH World is a cloud based hotel management software that enables hoteliers to manage their entire operations online from anywhere. It includes reservation system, inventory manager, point of sales, complete rate control, accounting solution, employee activity tracker and more using just one login. It is simple, user friendly and easy to use.

Hotel Manager

Hotel manager is an installation based application by Menson. It helps in day to day operations of hotel right from room bookings, reservations, check-in and checkout. It is easier to use and helps operator to track all checkin check out status only in just one click.


Champagne provides end-to-end features of hospitality management into a single seamless comprehensive system. It is completely user friendly with graphical user interface that allows users to work quickly and efficiently. It can be customized with scalability and openness feature that is mainly designed for client/server architecture.

The article has been created with Hotel Management system analyst at SoftwareSuggest. The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.

#MadeinIndia Personal Finance Software

Personal finance software helps understand your spending and saving patterns and take appropriate decisions to optimize them. However, choosing the right personal finance software can be a difficult and confusing task.

madeininda personal finance software - ProductNation

Our team has done an extensive research on the subject and here we list below some of the most popular Personal Finance software from India (in no particular order):


MProfit is a leading portfolio management and accounting management software for investors, advisors, traders, corporates, family offices and CAs to manage the stocks, MFs & other assets. It manages multiple individual and group portfolios, simplifies integrated accounting and import contract notes, mutual fund statements from over 900 sources. It is an installation based software which cost starts from Rs 2500.


ManageMe is an easy to use personal finance software that can track and categorize all your transactions and also manage your personal budget. With scores of intelligent features, it fulfills all your money management requirements and take care of your finance 24/7. It is very simple to use, safe, affordable and have logical interface.


MyUniverse is a cloud based personal finance software of Aditya Birla Money. With Myuniverse all your financial information is stored safely. It is designed to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of your personal information during storage and transmission of your information. MyUniverse is a smarter, easier and quicker way to make your financial universe at one place.


ClearTax is a personal finance & tax management software built by ClearSharp technology pvt ltd. It is the easiest and simpler way to e-file your income tax returns. With Cleartax individual can prepare and file their income tax returns in very less time along with maximizing their tax deductions. It is simple and accurate to use that provides fantastic support 24*7. Beside all this amazing services Clear tax is free for e-filing.


Arthayantra is a cloud based financial planning firm that makes unbiased,holistic and high quality financial advice accessible to everyone.It connects all aspects of financial planning and helps individuals take holistic and merit based financial decisions to achieve their life goals.


InvestPlus is a cloud based personal finance management software by ideas infotech. It helps in managing all the accounting, investments, and income tax related requirements. It also helps in record keeping from basic to more complex personal and family account management needs. Its key features include daily entry, accounting reports, annual statements, asset management, investment management, income tax preparation, personal organizer etc.


Perfios is one of the best web based personal finance software that provides a complete view of your financial status. It can compute your income tax, see your shopping, dining, store financial documents and other spending patterns. Perfios provides a 360 degree view of your personal finance by consolidating all account types like bank, credit cards, equity, loan, insurance, bonds, real estate, gold etc.

Aditi Easy Life

Easy Life Professional is by AditMicrosys Pvt Ltd located in Ahmedabad since last 20 years. It is an installation based software that provides good financial software solutions to maintain life insurance records and very easy to keep personal information like lockers, land and other assets. It helps in comprehensive financial management software for your entire family. Personal Finance enter all exchanges identified with income, expenses, non-life insurance payments, borrowed loans and so forth.


VAULT is a progressive Personal Finance Management Tool, appropriated on a Pen Drive (Hard disk version also available) that lets you maintain your personal financial details easily & securely. It joins the features of On-line portfolio management software, Accounting packages and spreadsheet analytical capabilities. Vault allows all the financial transactions to record easily without worrying about complex accounting terms or complicated data entry screens.

The article has been created with the help of Personal Finance Software analyst at SoftwareSuggest. The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.

List of 20 #Madeinindia School Management Software

Managing and handling the activities of schools manually is considered to be a painful task. Each and every department is important to be handled in order to ensure its proper functioning like a MNC. A Software technology can help you administer entire institute by providing a detailed as well as summarised reports of all students as well as staff.


Our team has done an extensive research on the subject and here we list below (in alphabetical order) some of the most popular School Management software in India:


Applane a simple, easy-to-use & integrated cloud-based school ERP software is committed to streamline all your institutional functions at a fraction of the cost. It is highly customizable product design, equipped with advanced modules and features like students attendance tracking via SMS/Email alerts, generate report card according to multiple patterns(including CCE),streamlined admission process etc.


ClockErp is a cloud based as well as installation based software integrated with android and iOS apps. Clock ERP provides solution to student, administration, financial management and other related functions. It allows user to customize ClockErp according to their needs. ClockERP is simple and have appealing user interface with secure, reliable and decently arranged modules.


Edifice is online school management and campus automation software by Edusoft based in Kolkata. It facilitates the management of School’s Academic process, Student data, and Office management including Payroll, library and Accounts. For Edifice, no special or unusual requirements are needed. Any Standard PC with LAN, Windows OS or WAN IP based network would be sufficient.


An online school management and administration system software developed by Idleminds technologies. Edsine provides various features like multilingual support covering more than 60 languages and any new language can be easily configured and can be made available. It provides single click power search on all modules and web, Email/SMS alerts, chat between students, teachers and parents and open connectors for customizing the software behaviour.


EduERP is a configurable web based Institute management software solution by Accusol Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a Complete ERP based school information system with modules like Student Management System, Front Desk Management, Campus Management System and Administration Management. It has a modular structure that integrates with RFID technology, Biometric sensors and Smart Cards.


Eduflex Campus Management system provides both online as well as offline based architecture within and outside Campus.  Eduflex integrates all departments, students, alumni, faculty and other stakeholders. It is simple to use with excellent web interface for student access, staff access and university access. It comes up with needful features like centralised database with single sign-on, localization support, workflow alerts, Event based alerts, comprehensive data and application security.


Eduware is a multipurpose desktop based application on client server architecture that covers entire school activities from admission process to issuing transfer certificate to the student. It is user-friendly software with database backups and allows smooth flow of information within the school administrative department.


Fedana by Foradian technologies is a cloud based multipurpose school management software with 40000+ users worldwide. It user-friendly dashboards with login access to all the teachers, students, parent, non-teaching staff and other management body of institution. Some of the key interesting modules of Fedena are Campus News, School Calendar management & Events management. Besides this it is also an excellent collaboration tool.

Go E School

Go E School is a complete school software provider by trendsetterz located at Lucknow. It is an open source school ERP software that helps to provide optimum management solutions to all the educational institutes around the globe. It is simple and efficient method of managing the educational records with an ultimate ease.


Govide is web as well as desktop based School ERP software. It offers 21 modules with enhanced reporting system. It is simple & easy-to-use interface that integrates the existing Bio-metric devices with the school ERP software.


HDschool is a software to manage school, Institute and training center. HDschool software manages your students, fee structure, fee collection module, school stock, stationary management, suppliers, result management, library management, HR management, examination management etc. The license key available for a single computer is Rs 19000. The company gives 30 days free trial.


Iolite – a complete web based solution for students is developed by Shah Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a company with an experience in software development for more than a decade. IOLITE is a paperless school automation software solution that provides facility to carry out day-to-day activities of the school. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the department of an institution.

Jack Prodigy

Jack Prodigy is cloud based software by Ebullitent Info Systems, founded in 2010. Jack Prodigy helps to bridge the gap in communication at all levels of education management. It is a SaaS based application that is highly secured & confidential and provides user-friendly and attractive user interface. Jack Prodigy is customizable that has made the entire campus administration quite simpler with the technological advantage.

Pelagian School Accounting Software

Pelagian School Accounting software – a multi-user school management software solution with student’s master records, Fee management, Result management and Payroll management. A very simple to use and customizable, installation based software costing Rs 8033.

School Cube

School Cube is a web-based user friendly software by Triz Innovation Pvt. Ltd. It allows to administer your school and its related information through easy & attractive dashboards. It also provides CCE reporting structure, designed for CBSC board schools. School Cube is a supported ERP system that helps educators to manage, analyse and get reports of extensive real time data.


Schoolpro by Third Eye Infotech Pvt Ltd is one of the leading School Management software provider in Rajasthan. Schoolpro is a feature-rich, multilingual, complete school content Management System as per CBSE schooling rules with various modules like Academic ,Fees, Examination, HR & Payroll System ,Library ,Time-Table etc. The software price starts from Rs 25000.

School Time

School time is both web based and installation based software that provides most user friendly school management system. User get features like electronic payment integrations, GPS tracking, SMS/Emails alerts, digital library, exam management and much more.


SchoolSAAS by IFW Techno Creations Pvt Ltd located in Udaipur is a web based school management software application that runs on SaaS model. It is more cost-effective and customized as it nullifies the need to spend money on expensive servers and also additional staff for its maintenance is not required. Features like SMS/Email alerts, Bio-metric attendance machine, and mobile apps to manage whole process on fingertips helps to go a step ahead in School management system.

Web-School ERP

Web-School is an open-source ERP-software developed by Gescis technologies located in Kerala. It runs on Cloud-based system and also on demand it facilitates an offline version. It helps to monitor the overall working of your whole institution and have a control over its day-to day activities. The price are exceptionally adaptable that practically anybody can make utilization of this product.


WinEr is a complete end-to-end school management software solution for all kinds of educational institutions. It is an integrated management system that avoids duplication of work and results into time & cost savings. It comes up with needful feature of SMS/Email alerts to parents, admission management, high security and user access control options for teachers/staff and much more.

The article has been created with the help of School Management Software analyst at SoftwareSuggest. The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.

#MadeinIndia Restaurant Management Software

Restaurants have busy nights almost everyday. Here, no tables are empty and more often than not, customers are in the waiting room. Waiters are busy serving and clearing tables, no cylinders are ideal and everything is on fire. Managers are on the edge of capacity to avoid mistakes. But suddenly the smoothness breaks and it becomes a flop show with one mistake of the chef or a serviceman. This can washout the whole reputation of a restaurant. A better way to save your customers would be paying a nominal amount for the restaurant management software to get order in place.

Here we list some popular #MadeinIndia Restaurant Management software

madeinindia restaurant management software

Touché POS

Touché POS by Prologic First is as functionally powerful an F&B retail POS as any available internationally. It is designed for quick service in fast food outlets, for customer care in fine dining and for flexibility in food courts & industrial catering. Special features include the option of dual display terminals & kitchen display for QSRs, a unique repeat diner profiler for fine dining and stored value account handling for food courts & institutional catering units.


InnkeyPOS by Innkey Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. provides the complete software application to cover all needs of the restaurant business life cycle from stocks to payroll management. It is a cloud based restaurant management software for any level of restaurant operation like QSR, fine dine or chain of outlets.


An online browser based Restaurant POS Software to manage your restaurants operation efficiently and effectively. User can work even when internet is down so that removes fear of losing connectivity. The web based application requires no installation and no particular hardware support. User get features like effective theft control, inventory control & wastage control at just INR 1000/month.


HyperDrive Infotech is an leading restaurant business software provider located in Bangalore founded on June 15, 2005. HDPOS restaurant software is simple, easy to use, lightweight billing software with fast and simple UI/UX. It allows users to completely manage financial accounting. It comes up with very needful feature of SMS & Email Management, unlimited reporting, recipe management & much more.


GoFrugal technologies is restaurant business technologies provider since 2004. It offers both online as well as offline based billing, inventory, kitchen order taking solution for any type of food & Beverage business in starting price of around INR 12,000. Additional features like SMS/Email alerts, web based reporting tool, process automation tools and Servjoy (Mobile app to manage whole process on an fingertip) helps to go step ahead in restaurant service providing.


With an industry experience of over 20+ years Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. is provides in depth restaurant software solution with almost every features from KOT to reporting. A very simple to use, installation based software costing around Rs 10,000.


eLitePOS is a complete touch based restaurant management software by Accusol Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for every type of food service provider from QSR to fine dine restaurant. This reliable, fully featured & user friendly POS Software can automate the entire restaurant from front desk pos to KOT to deliveries. The software price starts from 12,900.

eZee Burrp

eZee Burrp is both online as well as offline touch screen & desktop based  restaurant pos software with payroll management, KOT, loyalty gifts & promotion management, recipe management and many more modules to make restaurant management simpler & effective. Restaurant owners can manage menu items, inventory, new orders & see reports anytime anywhere. The company gives 30 days free trial.


It is a complete restaurant management system to maximize productivity and increase customer service of restaurant, with enhanced modules provided in it such as kitchen production, inventory management, reporting & analytics.

Lucid POS

Lucid POS is an integrated restaurant ERP software solution by a bangalore based company Lucid IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with an industry experience of around 13 years. It provides a smart inventory management, membership & customer loyalty management,  F&B costing, eCRM and much more starting from just INR 39,000. It is advanced easy to use, robust & Secured software solution with 24 x 7 technical support.


Cozy POS is a restaurant management software with desktop, mobile and tablet support. It also provides easy integration with multiple other softwares such as payment gateways, payroll software, accounting software & SMS Gateways. User can also design Table layout & POS ordering screen as per their restaurants requirement. The software is by Gopal Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading retail store management software solution provider established in 2001 with its headquarters at Hyderabad.


IDS NEXT by IDS Software Pvt. Ltd. is a software with 600+ users spread across India, middle east & Africa. It enables every type of restaurants to streamline the operations & increase efficiency by reducing revenue leakages & increasing customer satisfaction. The software comes up with 4 key modules POS, Accounting, Material management & Food & Beverages costing.


Mumbai based Dytel Technology Group provides an reliable and flexible software for restaurant industry. With it’s large software user base & 25 years of experience it has been one of the pioneer in software technology for food industry. DyneCC is a module based software which helps  restaurant owners pay only for features they needed.

The article has been created with the help of  restaurant management software analyst at SoftwareSuggest. The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.

#madeinindia eCommerce Platforms to Build Your Own Online Store

eCommerce platforms are becoming increasing popular for small & medium retail business wanting to sell online. There is no hassle of developing a website or integrating it with other tools and software. It manages everything from building ecommerce website to order fulfilment. Here we list below some popular #madeinindia eCommerce platforms in no particular order.

madeinindia ecommerce platform


Kartrocket is India’s only platform to provide end-to-end Ecommerce services. Starting from pre-build website templates, Kartrocket provides payment gateway to collect payment in any currency, automated shipping with multiple courier companies, automated affiliate listing, marketplace integrations, Android and Iphone mobile app for shopping as well as store management. Its seamless automated shipping, which is used by more than 3,000 retailers in India, has always been able to earn extra brownie points for the customers. Kartrocket has recently launched a free plan under the name of studio. It aims to minimize the risk and investment worries of small scale businesses by giving them a website with zero rental. KartRockets other rental plans includes Starter, Professional and Unlimited which are priced at Rs 1500, Rs 3000 and Rs 7000 per month respectively.


freKart is a good solution for companies which want to start wholesale website for B2B or a retail website for customer B2C, all under one single plan. One can also setup with a marketplace plan with vendor management. freKart also include mative mobile app & Facebook store. One can control the product you wish to sell on Mobile or Facebook with different pricing for different store.

freKart has pre-defined SEO rules and the entire system is Excel Friendly. One can also plan sales and schedule the store to change product with promotion price for specific intervals. The same scheduling and planning of sales can also be done for mobile app and Facebook store. It claims to have more than 350+ features. Pricing starting from 1110 INR.


“BuildaBazaar is DIY e-commerce platform with more than 25000 merchants. The robust platform was launched in 2011 by – one of the leading online marketplaces in India. It offers end-to-end solution like the platform infrastructure, payment gateway, logistics and also provides marketing support. BuildaBazaar powers brands like Airtel, Crossword, VIP Bags, etc. The SaaS based platform provider has forayed into International market with giant retailers like Aixom Telecom and Jumbo Electronics. The platform has also won “”The Game Changing Idea of The Year”” award by ET Retail.


PowerStores is an e-commerce and website platform that allows anyone to create a mobile-friendly website and sell to customers all over the world. With beautiful, professional themes to start from, PowerStores easy-to-use tools allow you to customize the colours and content of your site and is as easily as setting up your Facebook page. They have a team of web experts who will set up your website for you and train you on the platform. Pricing as low as Rs. 700 per month. 15-day free trial is also available.


Shop2grab offers you to build your own ecommerce website in almost no time. Along with all basic features  it also provide online marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, GoogleAdwords to drive traffic for your online store.  It allows your online store to seamlessly integrate with ebay & amazon to fetch product and order data. If you are a retailer and you want to sell online, Shop2Grab will also provide an POS System to keep your inventory match your tallies. Pricing starting from just 500 per month.


Martjack by Reasoning Global eApplications Pvt Ltd established in 2007 provides an eCommerce platform solutions to retail businesses across india and other emerging countries. It provides a seamless multi channel customer experience from mobile friendly web design to order fulfilment. SaaS based software application with cutting edge technology is leading the industry with 30+ payment partners, 10+ logistics partners, 70+ service partners and multiple Apps to boost your ecommerce business (email marketing, loyalty program & many more).


It is an ecommerce platform for retailers to sell their products and services in online marketplace. It works on latest and fastest technologies, providing themes for every retail segment. It is powered by a truly mobile supported system to provide the best selling experience.


Zepo founded in 2011 is providing the online store with more than 70 themes for to create ecommerce website. One can create a fully Customized ecommerce platform to match the brand image.


BoostMySale is an award winning ecommerce platform by Navigators software with experience of over more than 16 years. It is a SaaS based application to take care of your entire eCommerce ecosystem starting from product cataloging to warehouse management & delivery. It allows you to sell product on leading marketplaces such as amazon & ebay as well as you can create facebook store.

The article has been created with the help of  eCommerce platform Analyst at SoftwareSuggest. The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.

#MadeinIndia EMR, Clinic & Hospital Management Software

eClinic and hospital management software are fast changing the way the medical industry functioned some years back. These software are being used extensively by doctors and hospitals abroad and unfortunately, India has been late in embracing and exploiting its numerous benefits. However, the scenario is in for a change and there are many big players who are making their presence felt in the medical world.

EMR,Clinic & Hospital Management Software #madeinindia
Our team has done an extensive research on the subject and here we list below (in alphabetical order) some of the most popular EMR, Clinic and Hospital Management software in India:

A Cloud-based, next generation healthcare IT solution designed to better integrate all departments in a healthcare organisation, solution can serve a single centre clinic to a nation-wide healthcare chain. Maintain records on every medical intervention for every patient; with easy updation. Healthcare Business Intelligence Keeps all processes under control with prompted decision-support through mobiles and hand-held’s.

Providing Online EMR and practice Mgmt. Software services for private, institutional and government enterprises, Clinicea takes pride in its values customers like GPComplete, Healthware Systems, NMSPL, Health Insurance Commission (Australia). Starting from Just 999 per month it provides Patient demographics and scheduling, EMRs, medical billing, multi lingual support, and many more.

DocEngage EMR
A mobile enabled Online EMR software from Bangalore lets you manage thousands of patient’s records across the clinics located in different city. More of a CRM kind Clinic Management software allows you to manage appointment, billing, inventory/ pharmacy, laboratory, asset, Loyalty Programs, membership cards, reports, analytics and automated e-mails.

Electra HMS
Electra by ACG infotech Ltd. (since 1993) from Delhi, India. It integrates all resources of hospital into single software. It makes whole Hospital management a paperless process.

Healcon’s iClinic software is a Cloud based Clinic / Practice management software for doctors. It offers features like EMR, Scheduler, e-Prescriptions, medical charts, billing, SMS reminders, cloud platform and online booking. The cloud based software is completely free and one has to pay only for the SMS.

An Installation as well as cloud based hospital management software by Tamilnadu based VSC infotech Pvt. Ltd. User can efficiently manage patient information, record patient billing and payments made, maintain the patients history, keep a record of the patients investigation results, and trace prescription history.

Insta Health Solutions
Web and open source technology based application with easy scalability, lowering overall TCO. And ease-of-use Single screen philosophy adds to usability experience allowing end-user training in double quick time. An Integrated system with Clinical, financial and operational modules cater to various requirements for both primary care centres and tertiary hospitals; results in productivity and efficiencies across departments. A Remote accessibility – secure ERP Easy management with centralised availability of clinical, financial and operational data; secure deployment on cloud servers with minimal IT management.

Livehealth by Creliant Labs Pvt. Ltd. is an online EMR software providing instant and secure access to Medical Reports. It provides easy and smart central location to store, manage and maintain all their medical information.

It is a web-based clinic cum patient management software with intensive mobile support. User don’t have to worry on patient appointment & managing the medical records with Lybrate. It is very simple to use and free application it costs noting for basic plan.

Hexatech IT Ventures Pvt Ltd formerly known as BPO Softtech Services Private Limited offers powerful, flexible and easy to use Hospital Management System for efficient patient care, hospital management and critical financial accounting. Medismart is specially designed for multi specialty hospitals, to cover wide range of hospital administration and management processes.

Mediware HIS
Mediware by DataMate InfoSoultions provides a comprehensive hospital management software solutions. With almost every possible modules for end to end hospital management like OPD Management, laboratory and Blood bank management, EMR, Clinical Management, Pharmacy management & Finance management. Software is used by clients across 8 countries and top users like Anathapuri Hospital & Research Centre – Thiruvananthapuram , Cochin Port Trust Hospital – Kochi and many more.

Medixcel by Plus91 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud based Clinic Information management System. User can manage their clinics & clinic chains on the cloud or locally. Basic Plan of software starts at Rs 2000 per month.

Power + HMS
It is a web as well as desktop based healthcare software specially designed for small & med size hospitals & Clinics in India by Kunsh Technologies, to make the Hospital Management easy, user-friendly and time saving& paperless.

A very simple and easy to use practice management software by practo technologies is pack full of features required to manage a clinic or hospital. The software has a very interesting and useful feature of cloud telephony. User can manage multiple clinics with one phone number & review the calls. Pricing starts from 999/month – 1999/month.

Praxify is the next generation cloud based EMR & practice management Solution with an integrated iPad application by Xtremum Solutions. It provides solution for everyone in the medical field right from patients, doctors, hospitals to blood banks, labs and pharmacies. Empowered by latest technology it can work seamlessly on Android and iOS.

Srishti Software
A comprehensive, integrated healthcare delivery platform which covers the complete spectrum of patient care. Its web engineered and cloud-ready enterprise solution; ported to hand-helds. EHR based on IoM gold standard to which all other modules like clinical, para-clinical, administrative modules are linked. It covers all functionalities at multi-specialty hospitals at enterprise level; solves issues including vendor multiplicity, related complexities, and higher cost and integration issues.

Visual Infosoft is an Installation based leading home care solution provider since 1996 with specialisation in almost every field in the health care industry like ophthalmologist, paediatrician, dermatologist, General Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, obstetrics & gynecology and many more.

The article has been created with the help of EMR, Clinic and Hospital management Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest . The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.