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Personal finance software helps understand your spending and saving patterns and take appropriate decisions to optimize them. However, choosing the right personal finance software can be a difficult and confusing task.

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Our team has done an extensive research on the subject and here we list below some of the most popular Personal Finance software from India (in no particular order):


MProfit is a leading portfolio management and accounting management software for investors, advisors, traders, corporates, family offices and CAs to manage the stocks, MFs & other assets. It manages multiple individual and group portfolios, simplifies integrated accounting and import contract notes, mutual fund statements from over 900 sources. It is an installation based software which cost starts from Rs 2500.


ManageMe is an easy to use personal finance software that can track and categorize all your transactions and also manage your personal budget. With scores of intelligent features, it fulfills all your money management requirements and take care of your finance 24/7. It is very simple to use, safe, affordable and have logical interface.


MyUniverse is a cloud based personal finance software of Aditya Birla Money. With Myuniverse all your financial information is stored safely. It is designed to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of your personal information during storage and transmission of your information. MyUniverse is a smarter, easier and quicker way to make your financial universe at one place.


ClearTax is a personal finance & tax management software built by ClearSharp technology pvt ltd. It is the easiest and simpler way to e-file your income tax returns. With Cleartax individual can prepare and file their income tax returns in very less time along with maximizing their tax deductions. It is simple and accurate to use that provides fantastic support 24*7. Beside all this amazing services Clear tax is free for e-filing.


Arthayantra is a cloud based financial planning firm that makes unbiased,holistic and high quality financial advice accessible to everyone.It connects all aspects of financial planning and helps individuals take holistic and merit based financial decisions to achieve their life goals.


InvestPlus is a cloud based personal finance management software by ideas infotech. It helps in managing all the accounting, investments, and income tax related requirements. It also helps in record keeping from basic to more complex personal and family account management needs. Its key features include daily entry, accounting reports, annual statements, asset management, investment management, income tax preparation, personal organizer etc.


Perfios is one of the best web based personal finance software that provides a complete view of your financial status. It can compute your income tax, see your shopping, dining, store financial documents and other spending patterns. Perfios provides a 360 degree view of your personal finance by consolidating all account types like bank, credit cards, equity, loan, insurance, bonds, real estate, gold etc.

Aditi Easy Life

Easy Life Professional is by AditMicrosys Pvt Ltd located in Ahmedabad since last 20 years. It is an installation based software that provides good financial software solutions to maintain life insurance records and very easy to keep personal information like lockers, land and other assets. It helps in comprehensive financial management software for your entire family. Personal Finance enter all exchanges identified with income, expenses, non-life insurance payments, borrowed loans and so forth.


VAULT is a progressive Personal Finance Management Tool, appropriated on a Pen Drive (Hard disk version also available) that lets you maintain your personal financial details easily & securely. It joins the features of On-line portfolio management software, Accounting packages and spreadsheet analytical capabilities. Vault allows all the financial transactions to record easily without worrying about complex accounting terms or complicated data entry screens.

The article has been created with the help of Personal Finance Software analyst at SoftwareSuggest. The list is not comprehensive and you can mention as comments the software missed by us.