Story of an iSPIRT Volunteer.

I am Taron Mohan, CEO of NextGen Tele and an iSPIRT Volunteer. I usually meet many CXOs of Banks for selling mobile-SIM-overlay based financial inclusion solutions. This one time I was on an email thread with the CEO of a big Public Sector Bank with other iSPIRTers. The discussion was about India-Stack. In my entrepreneurial zeal, I pitched my NextGen Tele SIM-based solution. I quickly realized that this was a mistake. I knew instinctively that I should not use an iSPIRT session to further my own private self-interests. iSPIRT’s credibility comes from Volunteers like me putting India first. While working for iSPIRT we set aside our personal gains for a larger cause of building a Product Nation.

I’m now an advocate for all of us Volunteers signing a Volunteer Code-of-Ethics that sets clear expectations from all of us. This would help us maintain the high standard that we all hold ourselves to. So, working with the iSPIRT Fellows Council we drafted the Volunteer Code-of-Ethics. I have signed it and will abide by it. I plan to even assert my iSPIRT Volunteer Code-of-Ethics in my email signature.

iSPIRT Volunteer Code-of-Ethics
As an iSPIRT Volunteer, I am committed to making India a Product Nation. At no point in time, I shall use my iSPIRT Volunteer status to further my private or business interests. I hope to set a high ethical standard and be an example to others.

On Behalf of the Fellows Council –
Manjunath Nanjaiah, Thiyagarajan(Rajan) & Sharad.