#MadeinIndia Inventory Management Software

Inventory or stocks are the lifeline of a company or business, and managing it properly is what makes the difference between company’s success or failure. Regular usage of inventory management software can help in the same, and can keep a check on overstocking of product and outages.

Reliance on Excel for managing inventory is often a time-consuming affair filled with errors. This is where an Inventory Management Software becomes an essential tool for business owners. It contains business applications that track, manage and organize product sales, material purchases and other production processes.

Checkout this #MadeinIndia Inventory Management Software

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1. BSquare:

BSquare provides Inventory Management Software Solutions that can fit to all kinds of businesses. The Manufacturing industry can use it to generate work orders and bills of materials. Inventory data can be organized in an ‘easy to access and operate’ way.

Some of the features of BSquare Inventory Management Software are:

  • Order Management: The software is programmed to reorder the products or prevent the company from investing more resources into its manufacturing.
  • Tracking assets: It is used to track any product both in the warehouse or store.
  • Cost Management: It keeps a check on the total cost of materials used to manufacture
  • Product Identification: The barcode reader reads the barcodes and information on the products and gives instant notification of the inventory left.

2. Busy:

Busy Infotech is a two-decade old company and its inventory management software also comes packed with powerful windows based accounting software. It is easy to use and one can download the software and start using it as soon as the payment is done. Although the inventory management software is standardised, they also customize it for their clients a additional cost.

3. ProfitBooks:

ProfitBooks has a kickass web based inventory management software that is easy on the eyes and has all the navigation buttons perfectly placed. If you buy the product for a two-year or a three-year period, you can get discounts. The company also offers a special price for non-profits and startups. To understand how the software works, ProfitBooks offers you the software free for 14 days.


  • ProfitBooks comes with free instant app-support and CA consultation
  • Specially designed for Indian Businesses.
  • Maintain multiple warehouses
  • Allocate batch numbers
  • Maintain re-order level
  • Identify top selling product
  • View all transactions at one place

4. RetailCore:

RetailCore is built on .NET & MySQL. The product comes along with various other software like Billing & Invoice support, Barcode Label support, Bookkeeping and Reporting. RetailCore is used in various business and stores which include art and antiques, apparel, automobile parts, supermarkets, and convenience stores, etc.


  • Manage products with a unique barcode.
  • Instant search of a product by product name.
  • Get accurate inventory info by product category.
  • Search by product parameters such as size, colour, locations, etc.
  • Clear reports are available that can be downloaded to analyse the company’s performance.


ACGIL’s Inventory Management has an operational facility that is varied from other applications present in the market. Manage serial number tracking, keep a record of existing stock, maintain records of expiry dates and optimising the proper flow of raw material distinguishes ACGIL’s ERP solution over others. It works efficiently if your entire operations are on the cloud.


  • Helps in maintaining multi-warehousing
  • Serial number tracking
  • Product Barcode Optimization
  • Auto set reorder triggers.
  • Provide real-time stock reporting.
  • Ensure selection of customer specific pricing.

6. VirtualSplat:

VirtualSplat’s Online Inventory Control Software has an interactively designed interface. Pending orders and cancelled orders, all of them will be maintained. The login credentials can also be shared with suppliers to maintain control over the material procurement process. 


  • Maintains client list with their personal details.
  • Managed and Controlled Inventory programme.
  • Get high-quality reports at the click of a button.
  • Location wise stock summary
  • Product Minimum Stock Alert
  • Helps in maintaining multi-warehousing.

7. EasyAccounts:

EasyAccounts Inventory Management Software comes with an Account Management Software and it has been especially made for traders and manufacturing units. They offer various types of support, both online and offline. 


  • Allows negative stock maintenance
  • Unlimited item creation.
  • When inputting the number of finished products, raw materials automatically detected.
  • Employee wages report as per the production
  • Stock Ledger View for a particular period.
  • Single Item Stock Tracking.
  • Stock Transfer between godowns.

8. FusionRetail:

The FusionRetail software helps you keep right inventory by putting a check on slow-moving and non-moving stock. It results in speedy inventory turn that increases profits and smoothens other retail processes. The product mainly focusses on retailers and is best suited for them. Some of the features associated with this product:

  • Instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, a special classification for each purpose and to track and monitor associates.
  • Error free handling of a large number of inventory SKUs.
  • Proper inventory hierarchy. Proper Categorization of all the products such that retrieval is easy.
  • Re-order Management system which helps you set up the re-order point along with quantities.
  • Purchase Management System that instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices and separate classification for each purpose.

9. MargCompuSoft:

MargCompuSoft boasts of more than 1200+ ERP clients and over 6 lakh users which stand as a testament to their business prowess. It has more than 2500+ Sales professionals on their roll. It was awarded the Best Software in 2008-09 and 2009-10. MargCompuSoft’s ERP solution for inventory management can be used for any vertical function and is also customizable according to the requirements of the customer that makes it highly useful for companies that have huge functionalities which require being incorporated.


  • Stock Valuation using multiple methods.
  • Primary and Alternative unit for each item.
  • Multiple Prices List of items.
  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing.
  • Item-wise gross profit.
  • Batch/MRP/Size/Shade/Reference/Serial No Wise Inventory.

10. RanceLab:

RanceLab’s inventory management software can be implemented fast and smoothly without hampering the sales and other day-to-day processes. It includes complete Stock Accounting for any number of products and SKUs with a set of user definable options to suit your business needs. RanceLab’s software is best used in big retail stores and in manufacturing companies. In-built barcode integration eliminates any stock mismatch.


  • Inventory hierarchy helps you classify correctly and categorise complete stock accounting for any number of products and SKUs.
  • Purchase management feature in the software instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices and separate classification for each purpose.
  • Plan your merchandize by quickly looking at its performance in your inventory book.
  • Stock Discrepancy Statements and Adjustments.


If we have missed any software, please add it as comments. You can find the complete list of Inventory Management System on SoftwareSuggest.com.