Validation Tank @ InTech50

This year’s InTech50 saw a new addition to the format. While InTech5 was designed to give global exposure to companies that have got paying customers and product-market fit, this year we have introduced Validation Tank to help companies in idea and proto-type stage companies to validate the potential for their idea. The format is designed to help the founder get a feedback on their product idea. Read more about Validation Tank here.

After a couple of pilots, we have chosen 5 companies to pitch their product idea to the CIO’s and they got first hand feedback from the ultimate technology buyer in the enterprise. Validation Tank was moderated by Ranga Raj and to judge the idea we got Harmeen Mehta – CIO Airtel, Akshaya Gaur – CIO Mashreq Bank, Jon Walters – CIO Direct General Insurance and Ravi Narayan – Head Microsoft Ventures. Each company got 10 mins to slot and they pitched their idea for 3 mins and the 7 mins slot was used for Q&A and feedback from the CIO’s. The jury was honest with the feedback and more importantly the companies got actionable feedback making it very attractive for someone who is at an idea/proto-type stage get first hand feedback of what the enterprise buyer thinks. Here are the five companies that pitched at InTech50 Validation Tank 2015.

Contentivo – It is a tool for helping enterprises increase its social media reach exponentially through employee networks

ConvFlow – A product that helps enterprises collaborate on problems and ideas in real-time on mobile and web

FixNix – Cloud based Governance, Risk and Compliance solution for the enterprise

Nous – Product that helps match people and skills in the enterprise

PlayLyfe – Gamification platform for the enterprise. Helps companies gamify internal applications with a few clicks

If you are a product entrepreneur, working on a product idea for the enterprise and would like to get the idea validated, please apply here for the next edition of Validation Tank.

Validation Tank is curated by Praveen Hari(Thinkflow) & Ranga Raj(Thinxtream)