• ProductNation Network

    Show Me The Money

    Who doesn’t remember the famous four words of the 1996 film Jerry Maguire? The relevance of these words encompasses all generations. We look at the rich and mighty with a hint of jealousy, sometimes incredulously… MORE >>

    Sep, 04
  • Dev Khare

    India B2B Software Products Industry Clocks Solid Growth from 2014 to 2015

    India’s B2B software product industry has grown nicely since we published the first edition of this index in November 2014 – the top 30 companies are valued at $10.25 billion (₹65,500 crores) and employ over… MORE >>

    Sep, 03
  • ProductNation Network

    Next BIG Idea Contest – Your Gateway to North America

    Most of the tech businesses today, look at a global reach and expansion. However, it is difficult to achieve this without a strong network, and finances. Also, it does not help if you are an… MORE >>

    Sep, 02
  • Mukund Mohan

    Three Things To Do Before You Launch Your SaaS Startup To Get InBound Leads

    There are 3 items you should do quickly, if you are going to launch your SaaS startup or a new product that caters to a new audience. First, get listed on SaaS marketplaces, Cloud Brokerage… MORE >>

    Sep, 01
  • ProductNation Network

    India innovated and celebrated @Inno_fest #IndiaCanInnovate

    With whatever little humility we can garner, we created a platform for showcasing, inspiring, and celebrating innovation in India – in less than 27 days!! With the awesome support from our partners, sponsors, believers, dreamers,… MORE >>

    Aug, 31
  • Varun Mittal

    Stop Wasting your Hard-Earned Inbound Leads

    Inbound Digital Marketing – A must for Generating Leads! Organizations rely significantly on inbound digital marketing for their business. One of the most popular marketing channel used is Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, wherein inbound leads are captured… MORE >>

    Aug, 28
  • Titash Neogi

    Get a team first.

    Nothing can be done solo. Everything can be done with the right team. I meet dozens of people in Bangalore, who when they realise I am an entrepreneur ask me my two cents on starting… MORE >>

    Aug, 27
  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    A perspective on Entrepreneurial Independence

    ‪To me, entrepreneurship‬ is a dynamic manifestation of creating connected values with compassion; so I focus on creating connected values without worrying for my funding orientation. When I started, after coming out of Sun Microsystems,… MORE >>

    Aug, 26
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