• Varun Mittal

    Stop Wasting your Hard-Earned Inbound Leads

    Inbound Digital Marketing – A must for Generating Leads! Organizations rely significantly on inbound digital marketing for their business. One of the most popular marketing channel used is Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, wherein inbound leads are captured… MORE >>

    Aug, 28
  • Titash Neogi

    Get a team first.

    Nothing can be done solo. Everything can be done with the right team. I meet dozens of people in Bangalore, who when they realise I am an entrepreneur ask me my two cents on starting… MORE >>

    Aug, 27
  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    A perspective on Entrepreneurial Independence

    ‪To me, entrepreneurship‬ is a dynamic manifestation of creating connected values with compassion; so I focus on creating connected values without worrying for my funding orientation. When I started, after coming out of Sun Microsystems,… MORE >>

    Aug, 26
  • ProductNation Network

    As somebody rightly said “it was all a notion but hey, its innovation now”

    What’s more, when you give this notion a Woodstock fever! That would be Innofest’2015. My participation was courtesy iSPIRT and Avinash, with whom I was interacting for my startup. One thing lead to another, and… MORE >>

    Aug, 25
  • ProductNation Network

    Innovation @ Innofest 2015

    Here is small write-ups of stalls I visited and could relate better with innovations at stalls@Innofest. Wish that innovation stalls were open for viewing by public,children and youngsters. Captured innovations to share and motivate readers… MORE >>

    Aug, 24
  • ProductNation Network

    Promote innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve sustainable economic growth

    We are at a profound moment in India’s history. We have a young and energetic workforce, a robust macroeconomy and a strong leadership at the Centre. This is our chance to power India forward. A… MORE >>

    Aug, 21
  • ProductNation Network

    India Inc’s Innovators Are Setting The Stage For The Ecosystem

    Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple Inc and one of the greatest innovator from the tech world, believed that innovation was the only way to win, and by no means did he just see… MORE >>

    Aug, 19
  • Sharad Sharma

    When it Comes to Startups, an 80% Fix is No Fix

    In this polytheistic world of entrepreneurs, who is the Startup Initiative for? There are many types of entrepreneurs. There is the self-employed vegetable-vendor type, the Thelawala. Then there is the small businessman in Okhla or… MORE >>

    Aug, 18
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