• Balachandar Arumugam

    Redefining Email Collaboration: The Grexit story!

    Innovation comes from myriad sources – in this case Niraj and his team has come up with an innovative product to tackle the common organizational challenges of email overload (often leading to lowered productivity) and… MORE >>

    Dec, 17
  • Indus Khaitan

    Your working space inside another startup in Silicon Valley. #AtithiValley

    A few decades back, when the technology boom in India was starting and our now ubiquitous technical talent was finding its footing, there remained a huge gulf between the India & the US in terms… MORE >>

    Dec, 16
  • Bhanu Chopra

    The future is here: Indian product companies are potential global giants

    Every year I speak at a dozen events – both within the country and outside. These events range from ones around entrepreneurship and startups to ones purely around technology. There is, however, one common thread… MORE >>

    Dec, 15
  • Krishna H.S

    Voice of Customer Digital platform for Indian SMEs – the Inquirly story #BootUpINDIA

    Inquirly is an integrated Voice of Customer Digital platform, designed exclusively to help Indian SMEs listen to their customers, engage with them, act on specific requests, all of these, using a single integrated platform. Product… MORE >>

    Dec, 12
  • Ankit Dudhwewala

    #MadeinIndia EMR, Clinic & Hospital Management Software

    eClinic and hospital management software are fast changing the way the medical industry functioned some years back. These software are being used extensively by doctors and hospitals abroad and unfortunately, India has been late in… MORE >>

    Dec, 11
  • ProductNation Network

    8 Powerful Things I learned about “Positioning your Startup” at the iSPIRT #PlaybookRT

    As a founder or technologist mired in the day-to-day tasks of product building, it’s easy to get drawn into thinking of your product as a collection of features. But do customers also see our products… MORE >>

    Dec, 10
  • Bhanu Chopra

    Over seven seas: Why Indian companies are increasingly going global

    While there are no numbers or research on how many Indian startups have global operations, I suspect it will be a sizeable number – a number that is growing every month and every year. No… MORE >>

    Dec, 09
  • ProductNation Network

    Head start Higher 101

    ‘Headstart Higher’ is an initiative by HeadStart Network Foundation. This is as a platform to connect startups to rock star people who could be their prospective employees. This is carried out in the SPEED DATING… MORE >>

    Dec, 08
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