• Seema Joshi

    Keep Calm and Attend PNcamp 2.0

    You’re a dreamer? You’re a doer? You’re a doer-turned-dreamer? You’re a dreamer-turned-doer? If you are some or all of that, you are quite likely an entrepreneur!! It is no secret that a start-up’s journey is… MORE >>

    Sep, 29
  • Ankit Dudhwewala

    Customer Purchase Insights for Hotel Management Software

    SoftwareSuggest is an online platform exclusively dedicated towards Business Software Discovery and Recommendation. We analyze every aspect of the software trends for the customers so that they can purchase the best software from hundreds of… MORE >>

    Sep, 28
  • Avinash Raghava

    Announcing The 2016 India SaaS Survey – A Joint initiative by Signal Hill & iSPIRT

    According to a recent report by Google and Accel Partners the SaaS market in India is expected to cross over $50Bn by 2025, driven largely by demand from Western markets, in particular from US-based SMBs…. MORE >>

    Sep, 27
  • Shrinath V

    Why services firms struggle to build products

    I’ve seen this play out so many times over the last few years. A business leader at a services firm will sit down and talk about how they’re working on a product. S/he will quote… MORE >>

    Sep, 26
  • Pallav Nadhani

    Asserting my Maven code-of-ethics and being a Proud Maven at iSPIRT

    I am Pallav Nadhani from FusionCharts. Like my fellow entrepreneurs, who dream of making India as a Product Nation and building a great ecosystem together, I found my calling answered with iSPIRT Playbook round-tables. I… MORE >>

    Sep, 22
  • Shrinath V

    When sales hijacks your product roadmap

    Hey product manager, let me remind you of that time when you had the perfect roadmap for the market. You had it all sorted out (finally!) with engineering and were clear about what you’d build…. MORE >>

    Sep, 21
  • Thiyagarajan M

    Market Maps – Thinking market instead of an idea 

    Starting point of a startup is an idea and it goes through a journey of product releases and pivots to reach its product market fit and further scale. Source of this idea is a brainstorming… MORE >>

    Sep, 20
  • ProductNation Network

    #PNCamp – No BS feedbacks and teardowns to build great products groundup

    So, you got a startup. Great! You have a product ready and a few users/customers too, Awesome! I am sure you are super excited to take it to next level, right? But thats when the… MORE >>

    Sep, 19
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