• Mukund Mohan

    Three Things To Do Before You Launch Your SaaS Startup To Get InBound Leads

    There are 3 items you should do quickly, if you are going to launch your SaaS startup or a new product that caters to a new audience. First, get listed on SaaS marketplaces, Cloud Brokerage… MORE >>

    Sep, 01
  • ProductNation Network

    India innovated and celebrated @Inno_fest #IndiaCanInnovate

    With whatever little humility we can garner, we created a platform for showcasing, inspiring, and celebrating innovation in India – in less than 27 days!! With the awesome support from our partners, sponsors, believers, dreamers,… MORE >>

    Aug, 31
  • Varun Mittal

    Stop Wasting your Hard-Earned Inbound Leads

    Inbound Digital Marketing – A must for Generating Leads! Organizations rely significantly on inbound digital marketing for their business. One of the most popular marketing channel used is Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, wherein inbound leads are captured… MORE >>

    Aug, 28
  • Titash Neogi

    Get a team first.

    Nothing can be done solo. Everything can be done with the right team. I meet dozens of people in Bangalore, who when they realise I am an entrepreneur ask me my two cents on starting… MORE >>

    Aug, 27
  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    A perspective on Entrepreneurial Independence

    ‪To me, entrepreneurship‬ is a dynamic manifestation of creating connected values with compassion; so I focus on creating connected values without worrying for my funding orientation. When I started, after coming out of Sun Microsystems,… MORE >>

    Aug, 26
  • ProductNation Network

    As somebody rightly said “it was all a notion but hey, its innovation now”

    What’s more, when you give this notion a Woodstock fever! That would be Innofest’2015. My participation was courtesy iSPIRT and Avinash, with whom I was interacting for my startup. One thing lead to another, and… MORE >>

    Aug, 25
  • ProductNation Network

    Innovation @ Innofest 2015

    Here is small write-ups of stalls I visited and could relate better with innovations at stalls@Innofest. Wish that innovation stalls were open for viewing by public,children and youngsters. Captured innovations to share and motivate readers… MORE >>

    Aug, 24
  • ProductNation Network

    Promote innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve sustainable economic growth

    We are at a profound moment in India’s history. We have a young and energetic workforce, a robust macroeconomy and a strong leadership at the Centre. This is our chance to power India forward. A… MORE >>

    Aug, 21
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