• ProductNation Network

    Exploring Mobile Moments and Building a Consumer Strategy for your App

    It’s all about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Today mobile offers us this capability to capture, analyse and execute in real-time on users immediate needs. Mobile is the… MORE >>

    Oct, 31
  • Srivardhini K Jha

    Indian Mid-market SaaS companies: Forging a new path to disruption

    SaaS has changed the competitive dynamics for Indian enterprise software product firms, putting them on a level playing field with their western counterparts. It has opened up new market segments, notably the small and medium… MORE >>

    Oct, 30
  • Bhawani Srivastava

    Telling stories to establish credibility [template]

    In today’s world, there are a few realities that every sales professional is acutely aware of. The first is that there are many alternatives available for every prospect you have. Not only are there alternatives… MORE >>

    Oct, 29
  • Rajat Harlalka

    Wizters – The anonymous social network.

    There’s a lot of news about Whisper, Secret, and other anonymous social networks lately. Anonymous forums that have existed online for years, such as the anonymous confessions at PostSecret and  the anonymous question-and-answer network. Unlike… MORE >>

    Oct, 28
  • Manjula Sridhar

    Women Entrepreneurs and Professional Networking

    Few months ago a Nicole Jackisch German exchange student doing her Master Thesis at IIMB contacted me and requested to take part in a survey of women entrepreneurs. I filled up the online questionnaire that… MORE >>

    Oct, 27
  • Muthu Ranganathan

    Competition – Research and Share

    As we build (software) products, the competition is something that we need to stay ahead of, but how?   Especially building products for different markets, you always have others building similar products for probably same… MORE >>

    Oct, 24
  • Manjula Sridhar

    M & A Connect Roundtable on Structuring and M&A

    Couple of key points that emerged during recent acquisition of startups have been issues related to structuring of the company.  Anil Advani of Inventus Law walked us through these issues in a roundtable organized by… MORE >>

    Oct, 22
  • Prajakt Raut

    Why product startups need to pay serious attention to brand name and logo design

    A logo is one of the most visible faces of your brand. In other words, the logo is most likely to be your most frequent and most visible brand representative. Ideally, a logo should clearly… MORE >>

    Oct, 21
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