• Amit Ranjan

    Join the team building cool tech stuff for 1.3 billion Indian citizens… from the startup trenches inside the Government!

    After SlideShare, I’ve taken up a role in the government sector. I recently joined the National eGovernance Division, Ministry of IT, Govt of India. My work involves architecting and building e-governance facing products and services… MORE >>

    Apr, 23
  • ProductNation Network

    InTech50: an outside-in perspective

    After a gap of 10 years, I recently returned to Bangalore to attend InTech50. The excitement started from the get go when I was flown from Delhi to Bangalore by an all-female Indigo cockpit –… MORE >>

    Apr, 22
  • Venkatesh Hariharan

    Software Patents: Evil, Necessary or an Evil Necessity? iSPIRT OEQ Hangout

    iSPIRT organized a OEQ(Open Ecosystem Hangout) on 20th April, 2015, to understand the role of software patents within the software ecosystem.Software patents are a much debated subject in the technology world today. In some jurisdictions… MORE >>

    Apr, 21
  • Mukund Mohan

    Starting with an SMB focus vs. enterprise for SaaS companies. Which is better?

    In the initial days of your SaaS startup, when you are doing user development, you may find that your product will help both SMB (Small Medium Business) users as well at Enterpriseusers. There’s a tendency… MORE >>

    Apr, 20
  • Vijay Anand

    How does Net Neutrality Play a Part for India’s Product Ecosystem?

    If You are connected to the Internet, Social Media or any form of media, you must have heard about Net Neutrality and the protests that are going on. While it feels like iSPiRT hadn’t officially… MORE >>

    Apr, 17
  • Avinash Raghava

    D-Day at InTech50 (2015 edition)

    Finally… Here is wishing all of you – happy pitching, selling and buying… Today, ‘fantastic fifty’ Product Founders will showcase their solution potential, and work collaboratively with buyers, investors and partners to shape, and create… MORE >>

    Apr, 15
  • Rajagopalan C

    Founders should do Content – iSPIRT content marketing roundtable

    It has been one of the wettest April for Delhi in years. 5th April 2015 was no different. An overnight downpour had created a surreal Saturday setting for “Content marketing your way to multi-million dollars… MORE >>

    Apr, 14
  • Priyanka Desai

    3 companies who are doing content marketing in the right way

    According to Content Marketing Institute, 90% of the companies are using content marketing, however only one third of third of them are satisfied with the response that they get. According to DemandMetric, it is 62%… MORE >>

    Apr, 13
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