• Aparna Somaiah

    HackerEarth: an online technical sourcing and assessment solution – Sachin Gupta, Co-founder. #PNHangout.

    HackerEarth is a Bangalore based start-up which helps companies hire programmers. It was started in 2012 by Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash, both of whom are alumni of IIT Roorkee. HackerEarth provides solutions for the… MORE >>

    Sep, 02
  • Vijay Anand

    Bootstrapping, not an excuse for being cheap #BootUpINDIA

    I witness the scenario on both sides of the table.  A startup provides a solution to a problem; solves it elegantly. And makes it seamless for its users. They use a few other products too… MORE >>

    Sep, 01
  • Muthu Ranganathan

    Bridging Code to Customer Gap

    One of areas I have focused in many years that I have been involved in building and taking enterprise software products to market is, bridging the code to customer gap. This really is the main… MORE >>

    Aug, 29
  • Rushabh Mehta

    Bootstrapping – What To Do When You Get Rejected #BootUpINDIA

    Very few product companies make it big without taking external funding. The stories that are shared in the industry are all about companies that have targeted large markets, hit a phase of extremely high growth… MORE >>

    Aug, 28
  • Prof. Pinkesh Shah

    How Companies Use Big Data to Help Their Customers?

    Big Data has gotten a lot of attention over the past 18 months as retail, manufacturing, and technology companies realize the gold mines they’re sitting on and rush to scour them for competitive advantage. Nearly… MORE >>

    Aug, 27
  • Umang Jaipuria

    Simple Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games and Apps

    There are many tactics mobile games and apps can borrow from retailers and e-commerce stores when it comes to selling In-App Purchases. Dynamic Pricing is one of the most powerful of them. This post is going to look at the low-hanging fruit… MORE >>

    Aug, 26
  • Shishir K

    Need For Digital Transformation in Public Insurance Sector

    Insurance market today is primarily dependent on push, tax incentives and mandatory buying for sales. There is very little customer pull, which will come from with increasing savings and disposable income. With the recent increase… MORE >>

    Aug, 25
  • Sandeep Todi

    The ‘Desi’-fication of Indian startups

    Desification is an invented acronym of course. It doesn’t exist in the dictionary. Or in lexicon. Nevertheless, it most aptly describes the phenomenon of a technology companies culturally adapting to the local mindset. In this… MORE >>

    Aug, 23
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