• Prajakt Raut

    Great Tech Rocketships (GTRS) to the UK – a UKTI, Tech Hub UK and iSPIRT initiative

    Great Tech Rocketships to the UK is an initiative by UKTI to assist companies from India that would like to do business in, with or from the UK. (UKTI, or UK Trade & Investment, is… MORE >>

    Mar, 03
  • Sharad Sharma

    InTech50 – helping software product companies connect with influential CIOs from across the world

    In a recent article in ET, Mohandas Pai and I suggested that if India does not produce enough product companies, our economy will not be sustainable in the future. The data is compelling. To quote… MORE >>

    Mar, 02
  • Manju Nanjaiah

    RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan meets Product Startups.

    He is a maverick, a reformer, a decision maker and above all the Governor of Reserve Bank of India. The country’s foremost authority in Economics met with Product startups in Bangalore to understand their challenges… MORE >>

    Feb, 28
  • Pushkar Gaikwad

    How to Bootstrap in India

    I am bootstrapping AeroLeads and InBoundio, 2 product based startups and strongly feels before raising money, everyone should bootstrap as you want to learn how to manage resources and money before you actually raise money… MORE >>

    Feb, 27
  • ProductNation Network

    ‘Finding’ Innovation

    In a highly competitive market, and one where market dynamics are changing faster than ever, innovation is the key to long-term sustainability and success. History has proven that companies that have a culture that encourages… MORE >>

    Feb, 26
  • ProductNation Network

    The best things are simple. Is your messaging there yet? : from #PlaybookRT

    The most crucial lessons come from looking at the mistakes: those that we make and those that we spot others making. A thought might get triggered by listening to great dreamers like Steve Jobs. But… MORE >>

    Feb, 25
  • Sharad Sharma

    Here’s how India’s “Product Nation” ambition be achieved and what the Budget can do for that ambition

    The Next Google, Made in India If you look at the Indian business landscape, you will see several successful services companies in fields like airlines (e.g. Jet, Indigo), health care (e.g. Apollo, Manipal), mobile phone… MORE >>

    Feb, 24
  • ProductNation Network

    HasGeek announces Meta Refresh and Rootconf 2015

    HasGeek is a community of geeks that gets together several times a year to discuss technology relevant to product startups. HasGeek’s conferences are community driven via an open submission and selection process through Talkfunnel. Product… MORE >>

    Feb, 23
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    • "Announcing Platform Scale, the book: The pre-orders campaign is now live" good read ,
    • Great Tech Rocketships (GTRS) to the UK – a UKTI, Tech Hub UK and iSPIRT initiative ,

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