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    fluxday — the internal task management & productivity tracking app of Foradian is now opensource

    A no-nonsense, free & opensource task & productivity management tool for growing startups fluxday was developed by Foradian starting in 2013 and was a critical part of Foradian’s hyper growth and success as a B2B… MORE >>

    May, 26
  • Rushabh Mehta

    Building Ecosystems, Not Just Products

    When you analyze successful consumer and small business products, they succeed as a part of eco-systems and not just stand-alone products. Consumers and small businesses don’t buy products, the engage in an ecosystem. Facebook is… MORE >>

    May, 24
  • ProductNation Network

    Payment Bank + Technology = Faster Profitability

    Something very exciting is happening in India.Several Payment Banks are about to launch their operations with a dream to provide banking & transaction services esp. to millions of rural and semi urban un-banked & under-banked households…. MORE >>

    May, 23
  • ProductNation Network

    #PNChat Twitter chat about iKen – Early Entrepreneur Bootcamp

    We have curated the conversations about #PNChat Twitter chat about iKen – Early Entrepreneur Bootcamp image credit : @prasanna_Says ps: This content is curated by eChai team from public posts on social media platforms. In… MORE >>

    May, 20
  • Sudhir Singh

    Digital economy needs tax clarity

    “Digital” is an inevitable and progressive catalyst of change. Whereas internet-based online transactions have existed for some time now, the transformations at a national scale are morphing many more areas together into a “digital economy”…. MORE >>

    May, 19
  • Adam Walker

    Why Flipkart Taking Clients to Court For Non Payment Is A Big Deal

    What’s The Scoop With Flipkart?   “The digital industry is suffering because there have been several cases where advertisers default on payment… We do not have a strong industry body in terms of payment collection… MORE >>

    May, 18
  • ProductNation Network

    What it truly means to be a full stack company

    There are several different types of organizations out there, and the ones that are the leanest in terms of size are mostly product companies. Within the product companies as well, there is a lot of… MORE >>

    May, 17
  • Srivardhini K Jha

    Creating vibrant knowledge networks in emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems

    Vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, Route 128 are characterized by a free flow of experiential knowledge between expert and novice entrepreneurs. Experiential knowledge can provide much needed advice, mentoring and moral support to… MORE >>

    May, 16
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