• Shashi Bhagnari

    How Foradian has established its position in school management software with an innovative product

    Kerala based, Foradian Technologies that began as a web development and services company, soon emerged to be one of the fastest growing firms in the field of school management software. What came as a small… MORE >>

    Nov, 21
  • ProductNation Network

    UxNow ~ Nickel o Wonder : The Design Conference

     “It was a rainy day. Everyone in the family was relaxing and I, in my cuddling days, was sketching scenery with mountains, birds and rivers. I filled my clipart with all the colors I wished… MORE >>

    Nov, 20
  • Manjula Sridhar

    Nuts and Bolts of Marketing & selling SaaS products to US customers from India for First Timers

    In innumerable brainstorming and “gyan” sessions with friends, mentors and experts, one of the most stressed focus area is getting product market fit as soon as possible and then follow it up with scaling sales…. MORE >>

    Nov, 19
  • ProductNation Network

    My Learning while building a Bootstrap Startup in India

    I had written a post How I built a 1100+ users SaaS business as a Single Founder with Zero Marketing Budget some time back which got covered at YourStory. Since then I have got lot of mails asking… MORE >>

    Nov, 18
  • Prajakt Raut

    Why entrepreneurs should watch MasterChef Australia

    This article is not about cooking or opportunities in the F&B sector. Instead, it is about the importance of design, presentation quality, and visual appeal. And the impact it can have on your business, including… MORE >>

    Nov, 17
  • Nandini Jammi

    Some People Hate Self-Checkout

    There’s a myth out there that helpdesk companies like to perpetuate about customer service automation — that it will save you time, that all your competitors are doing it, and you need to have it… MORE >>

    Nov, 14
  • Ankit Dudhwewala

    #MadeinIndia Software for Billing and invoicing

    Billing and invoicing software probably are the most used software in the world. And India has some very efficient software product that are being used all over the world. Here is a list of 15… MORE >>

    Nov, 13
  • Nari Kannan

    6 Steps to prevent your Product from becoming multiple Applications! All in Cartoons!

    Somewhere along my long software engineering career, I sat one more time rolling my eyes and clucking mentally that one more product is about to become a series of applications! We are about to create… MORE >>

    Nov, 12
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