• Titash Neogi

    Tête-à-tête with Ram Shriram

    A mentor and guide to many, Ram Shriram, managing partner at Sherpalo Ventures and one of the first investors at Google, addressed a rapt audience last week at the Bangalore office of [24]7.  Opening the… MORE >>

    Nov, 26
  • Satish Mantripragada

    Dymystifying Valuations & Investors – an opinion from an entrepreneur!

    Valuations often have seemed to be a “Black Art”, but they seem to be crucial in determining your strategy for outside investment! Are they really? How is the early stage entrepreneur going to decide what is reasonable?… MORE >>

    Nov, 26
  • Satish Mantripragada

    So how do you measure the health of your business?

    Business model & “LTV” – Life time value Develop the business model that is “realistic” by clearly defining revenue sources, keeping the interest of customers and shareholders Match pricing consistent with revenue streams/goals Define what… MORE >>

    Nov, 25
  • P P Gopalakrishnan

    Does Mobile Only strategy point to lack of Design Thinking?

    The runaway success of Indian e-commerce show is driven by the single biggest attraction of hefty discounts available almost on all products! More than any other value proposition of e-commerce such as more choices, convenience, 24×7… MORE >>

    Nov, 24
  • Venkatesh Hariharan

    Software Patents FAQs for Indian Startups

    A couple of months ago, you might have noticed press reports where iSPIRT took a strong stance against software patents in India. The global experience with software patents has been that it leads to increased… MORE >>

    Nov, 23
  • Manju Nanjaiah

    CULTURE & Community to the Software & Technology Entrepreneur – Part I

    So what is Culture? Does Organizational Culture matter? Culture is about living your values, every single day. From an Organization’s stand-point its a way of working that ensures that critical operating values persist at all… MORE >>

    Nov, 20
  • Suresh Kabra

    Entrepreneurship : Is Your Temperament Inclined For It?

    Entrepreneurship is the buzz word right now. Everyone seems to have that next disruptive idea which will create the next unicorn. Now, if you are the founder of a startup, you are looked upon as… MORE >>

    Nov, 18
  • ProductNation Network

    iSPIRT Meeting at PMO – Stay in India Checklist

    An important policy agenda for iSPIRT is to reverse the exodus of technology startups. About 75% of the funded technology startups are redomiciling outside India due to regulatory irritants. iSPIRT has a Policy Expert Team… MORE >>

    Nov, 16
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