• Manju Nanjaiah

    Gandhigiri to the Software & Technology Entrepreneur – Part II

    Gandhi and Customer Centricity The progression of Economic activity as it stands in the Global Economy today has accelerated from commodities->products->services->experiences->transformations. (Pine and Gilmore) Today we are already in the Experience Economy (Its Apple like… MORE >>

    Oct, 02
  • Mrityunjay Kumar

    CultureAlley: Simplifying Language Learning

    CultureAlley combines the 2 most addictive online habits – Social Media and Gamification, to help people learn foreign languages. It attacks boring, generic, and old school pedagogy in education and turns it on its head…. MORE >>

    Oct, 01
  • Ishani Dave

    Looking for business leads? Want to be seen among the top level CXOs and decision maker? @CeBITINDIA

    The premiere edition of CeBIT in Asia is all set to get off to a very strong start. From 12-14 November over 600 companies spread over 9 topic clusters will showcase global enterprise technology innovations…. MORE >>

    Sep, 30
  • Amey Navelkar

    Why B2B Startups Need an Enterprise Integration Strategy

    B2B startups usually solve a unique problem that existing enterprise applications do not address. In some cases, they even create a new solution niche as they expand their customer base. As your B2B startup grows… MORE >>

    Sep, 29
  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    I Just Wanted 50K INR per month, but ended up building company with $9M revenue – Paras Chopra, VWO.com

    Paras Chopra from Wingify is great story for startup ecosystem in India and I personally become a fan of him after I watched his Unpluggd Talk on “How To Bootstrap A Tech Startup In India”… MORE >>

    Sep, 26
  • Ankit Dudhwewala

    Cloud Based #MadeInIndia Accounting Software

    Cloud based Accounting Software are becoming increasingly popular for small and medium business. There is no hassle of installing it, the data is safer on the cloud and the costs works out to be much… MORE >>

    Sep, 25
  • Samit Arora

    The Changing Landscape of Inbound Marketing and Why Should Marketers Care!

    Traditional Marketing – including advertising, print media, branding and corporate communication – isn’t the same anymore. Physical subscriptions have significantly dropped. People now handle all their bills online. Interruptive cold calling is a big no-no…. MORE >>

    Sep, 24
  • Jyoti Ramnath

    “Bootstrapping is tough. Most of the time things take three times longer than what we think. The only way to enjoy this journey is to absolutely love what you do. That is what sustains you.” – Rushabh, ERPNext

    Continuing our journey to bring to limelight bootstrapped entrepreneurs from India, we got a chance to speak with Rushabh Mehta, Founder of Web Notes Technologies, a software product company that publishes a free and open… MORE >>

    Sep, 23
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