• Manjula Sridhar

    M & A Connect Roundtable on Structuring and M&A

    Couple of key points that emerged during recent acquisition of startups have been issues related to structuring of the company.  Anil Advani of Inventus Law walked us through these issues in a roundtable organized by… MORE >>

    Oct, 22
  • Prajakt Raut

    Why product startups need to pay serious attention to brand name and logo design

    A logo is one of the most visible faces of your brand. In other words, the logo is most likely to be your most frequent and most visible brand representative. Ideally, a logo should clearly… MORE >>

    Oct, 21
  • Rushabh Mehta

    Global Lean Sales – Selling your software online to global markets, without field-force #PlaybookRT

    Last week I was going through the startup class videos and one particular statement by Sam Altman stuck with me. He said “All successful founders are fanatics”. And YCombinator has seen a whole bunch of… MORE >>

    Oct, 20
  • ProductNation Network

    Early Stage Start-up? Your Chance to Get Market-Ready and Mentored by the Best Brains in the Business!

    After a successful launch in 2013, TiE Bangalore’s AnthahPrerana is back with a bang!  It is not another business plan competition.  Think of it as an idea booster.  We pick the 10 best unfunded startups… MORE >>

    Oct, 17
  • Geetanjali Chitnis

    3 Reasons Why Start-ups Should Invest in Content Marketing

    Today, a stream of regular and engaging content can get people talking about any organization. While this is definitely good news for start-ups, the reality is that they often don’t have the time, resources or… MORE >>

    Oct, 16
  • Krishna H.S

    Cropin – Transforming agribusiness sector by leveraging ICT

    Cropin Technologies are one of the leading players in the niche and emerging agribusiness startups. Krishna Kumar, CEO of Cropin shares his journey and perspectives with Product Nation in this discussion. Read on… You are… MORE >>

    Oct, 15
  • Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

    Innovate on the Product, Not on the Business Model

    Entrepreneurs from Bangalore had no problem driving into Chennai amid a tense political situation in Tamil Nadu. There was an air of expectation and enthusiasm on the part of more than 15 entrepreneurs who had… MORE >>

    Oct, 14
  • Bhawani Srivastava

    When you lose the business in B2B sales

    If we only understand sales, we’re just salespeople to our prospects and nothing more. We can’t just be experts in selling. We need to be experts in our customers’ industries, too. When we understand the… MORE >>

    Oct, 13
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