• ProductNation Network

    China and India: Rivals and friends?

    The tone set by the Prime Minister’s visit suggests that the two countries can be both, with India being an equal partner Narendra Modi found himself marking a year as Prime Minister neither in his… MORE >>

    May, 22
  • Rem Koning

    Seeking a Program Evangelist for #PNCamp Program

    #PNCamp Program, an iSPIRT initiative, is growing the Indian StartUp ecosystem by connecting founders and executives from high potential startups. We work with successful VCs and entrepreneurs to source the most promising entrepreneurs and help… MORE >>

    May, 21
  • Nari Kannan

    Cheap Kills, Value Wins!

    Competing on price is never a great strategy! Cheap Kills, Value Wins! As long you as you have a clearly differentiated offering, you should calculate the value your solution provides your users, and base your… MORE >>

    May, 20
  • Pandith Jantakahalli

    Practitioner’s Guide to Product Strategy

    Building products that help customers achieve the outcomes that they desire over the long term is hard. Jeff Bezos has a great quote on basing your strategy on things that do not change. This quote… MORE >>

    May, 19
  • Manju Nanjaiah

    Finance Secretary – interacts with Product Industry in Bangalore.

    Mr. Rajiv Mehrishi promises deeper Institutional Reforms Mr. Rajiv Mehrishi, Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance for Government of INDIA, is a pro-reforms, vocal advocate of institutional transformation of the Financial System in INDIA. Additionally, he… MORE >>

    May, 18
  • Manjunath Gowda

    Validated: InTech50 – boosting India’s next-gen tech innovations

    Did you know that India is ranked as the fourth largest startup hub in the world with over 3,100 startups? According to the economic Survey 2014-15, the startup scene has been mainly driven by ‘hyper-growth’… MORE >>

    May, 15
  • Ravi Padaki

    The Operating Model for Product Companies

    The missing bridge between strategy and execution Building an IT product business can be quite challenging if you don’t have certain foundational elements well understood and institutionalized. This applies to not just startups but large… MORE >>

    May, 14
  • Avinash Raghava

    CanvasFlip – The fastest and most awesome way to design an interactive prototype for Mobile Apps

    We got to hangout with Vipul Mishra, Co-Founder of CanvasFlip – the fastest and most awesome way to design an interactive prototype. If you are a business that needs to design an app, read on…… MORE >>

    May, 13
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