• Somayaji Manikantan

    Wooqer – Successful customer adoptions validate product tagline

    Wooqer is a platform primarily designed to drive communication & engagement across cross-functional, geo-distributed enterprise groups. Wooqer tagline reads “One platform. Unlimited possibilities” and true to this statement, its customers have leveraged it in many… MORE >>

    Jul, 23
  • Nikhil Kulkarni

    Naveen Tewari talks about “How InMobi is Disrupting in the Mobile space” #iSPIRT Event – Conclave for India as ProductNation

    We recently had 11 disruptive startups that made a presentation to the Hon. IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad. The first presentation was made by Naveen Tewari of InMobi. You can access the presentation made by Naveen here.  

    Jul, 22
  • Sangeet Paul Choudary

    Platform Thinking: How To Get Startup Ideas

    How does one find new startup ideas? Every business is built around solving a customer pain. Solving a customer pain creates value which in turn, if successfully harnessed, can be monetized. Platforms, in particular, connect… MORE >>

    Jul, 21
  • Titash Neogi

    Startup Hacks: What to do when you don’t have a complete team

    If it’s a tech product and the core team is not a set of founders, then you should probably double your deliverable timelines. The core team should comprise of at least one tech geek and… MORE >>

    Jul, 18
  • Rishikesha Krishnan

    India to transform into a software product nation

    The Finance Minister’s recognition of software products as a distinctive category which can propel India forward as a product nation could well mark a new era in India’s industrial development. At the time of independence,… MORE >>

    Jul, 17
  • Kailash Katkar

    Government recognizes the Software Product Industry

    The fact that the Finance Minister specifically underscored the Software Product Industry (SPI) in his maiden budget speech is testimony enough of the Government’s resolve to make significant and dramatic changes to achieve rapid economic… MORE >>

    Jul, 16
  • Nari Kannan

    All I know about Product Startup Recruitment…I learned from the movie Moneyball!

    Today, I was watching Moneyball, the movie for the third or fourth time! Every one of those scenes and dialogues was a lesson in recruitment that every product startup could use! I have used them… MORE >>

    Jul, 15
  • ProductNation Network

    Notes from the iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable – Nuances of Customer Acquisition #PlaybookRT

    Saturday, June 16 was the day, the iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable finally arrived in Mumbai. The topic for the Roundtable was Nuances of Customer Acquisition.  The Roundtable was hosted at the office of WebEngage by their… MORE >>

    Jul, 14
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