• Manju Nanjaiah

    SBI and iSPIRT discuss future of banking in India

    iSPIRT and SBI had a 4-hour meeting on the future of banking. 30+ seniormost officers of SBI – including all the MDs, DMDs, CGMs, and GMs – participated. Two SBI Board members were also present…. MORE >>

    Jul, 06
  • Varun Mittal

    Are You Ready to Take up the Entrepreneurial Challenge in Technology?

    There has been a rise in technology entrepreneurship as a movement since last 10 years in India before which new technology businesses were essentially due to business expansion by corporate and business communities in India…. MORE >>

    Jul, 03
  • Prajakt Raut

    The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Estimating Market Size For It’s Startup

    Note: Before I begin, I would like to clarify the difference between market potential and revenue estimate. I have often seen entrepreneurs use the two terms interchangeably. Market Potential Market Potential is about estimating the… MORE >>

    Jul, 02
  • Prathibha Sastry

    Small Businesses Ascending the Digital Path

    # DigitalDesh spanned across 22 cities in 30 days to discover The Internet of Inside India. Amritsar to Kanyakumari An endeavor to study the behavioral patterns of entrepreneurs across different regions. To understand their digital… MORE >>

    Jul, 01
  • Manjula Sridhar

    Kicking off the Second Edition of Pre-Entrepreneur boot camp #ArthaSiddhi

    So for all the folks who were eagerly waiting for the second edition (there were few who sent us requests through email and twitter), your opportunity is here. (For new folks take a look at… MORE >>

    Jun, 30
  • Krishna H.S

    Product positioning is all about connecting emotionally to your prospective customers – Insights from the Positioning and Messaging PlaybookRT

    The 50th PlaybookRT session was held at Helion Ventures in Bengaluru to brainstorm and understand best practices for positioning and messaging of startup products. This roundtable was led by Shankar Maruwada, who by virtue of… MORE >>

    Jun, 29
  • Chaitanya C

    What is a good sales target for a sales person in SaaS in India?

    Unfortunately there is no fixed answer. Problem with SaaS is that there are too many moving variables. LTV,Churn,ARR,ARPU etc. So its really hard to come up with one fixed number. So based on our experience… MORE >>

    Jun, 26
  • Mukund Mohan

    The first 5 steps to building your own SaaS application

    This post is for non developer founders who want to build a SaaS application. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a relatively small market – at $19 Billion in total revenues, it seems large, but… MORE >>

    Jun, 25
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