• Ravi Padaki

    Future of Mobile Apps

    The future of mobile apps is linked to how humans have evolved and communicated with tools. Consider an inverted pyramid as shown in the image above, with two dimensions growing simultaneously. The first being awareness… MORE >>

    Apr, 18
  • Sanjiv Sinha

    Move vs Hire – establishing a beachhead in the US

    I have written many posts on what it takes to enter the US market. Most of my past posts have been around sales and marketing. However, there is a much more fundamental, one might say… MORE >>

    Apr, 17
  • Pankaj Kulkarni

    Innovation and User experience are two areas where CIOs are willing to look at new things: Highlights of #InTech50 2014: Day 2

    This post covers the highlights of day 2 of InTech50 2014.  The highlights of day 1 are here. Before getting into the highlights of the pitches of the 50 companies, here are some important points… MORE >>

    Apr, 16
  • Shashi Bhagnari

    “Software distribution in India is limited to only moving products to warehouses, and not really encouraging its use. This needs to change.” Jayaraman Kesavardhanan, K7 Computing

    K7 Computing is a leading provider of information security solutions that protect individuals and organizations from IT threats like viruses, malware and hacker attacks. The company, which builds world-class products and competes with global market… MORE >>

    Apr, 15
  • ProductNation Network

    Online Survey for Indian Mobile App Developer Enterprises

    The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) recently released an online survey for mobile app developers to respond on their legal practices within their work, as well as their business models and familiarity with India’s… MORE >>

    Apr, 15
  • Pankaj Kulkarni

    India is poised for success because of the 3 D’s: Highlights of #InTech50 2014: Day 1

    InTech50 is a joint initiative by iSPIRT and Terrene Global Leadership Network.  InTech50 is a showcase of some of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India.  This is the 1st InTech50 and… MORE >>

    Apr, 14
  • Sharad Sharma

    #InTech50 – The Secret Sauce

    InTech50 is a big success.  The visiting CIOs went back happy. The InTech50 startups are pleased with their POCs and leads. Press has celebrated the new platform and has heralded its importance to the Indian IT… MORE >>

    Apr, 11
  • Avinash Raghava

    #InTech50 Booklet – Find out more about the Innovative companies from India

    InTech50, a joint initiative by iSPIRT and Terrene Global Leadership Network, that recognizes most promising software products by India’s entrepreneurs, is pleased to announce the booklet which has more details about the 50 companies.   InTech50 Booklet: India… MORE >>

    Apr, 09
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