• Ankit Jain

    3 things I did right: Lesson 2 from a bootstrapped journey of 0 to 8 digit revenue

    We deployed over 1.62 million lines of code to add functionalities and security to the data. But one thing that doesn’t change is this: As an entrepreneur I play joker. I try – I fall… MORE >>

    Jan, 27
  • Roxna Irani

    M&A Roundtable: Indian startups are breaking through

    M&A activity in the Indian startup ecosystem has, for a long time, remained fairly nascent. Relatively small exits, averaging $10-15M, are commonplace in India. But things are changing, and with India being the third largest… MORE >>

    Jan, 26
  • ProductNation Network

    Why India needs to move beyond “Jugaad”.

    Innovation is a result of an unaddressed problem. Contrary to general perception, design process strives to find the correct problems. Solution to these form the second half of the process and which has complete dependency… MORE >>

    Jan, 23
  • Hemant Sharma

    Microsoft Windows 10 needs more than an oil-change, it needs an overhaul.

    The author extrapolates learnings from the last ten years of the Indian Automotive industry and makes the point that all things remaining equal, success in emerging markets depends largely on how premium a design feels in the hands and… MORE >>

    Jan, 22
  • Bhanu Chopra

    Why does the future belong to product startups in India

    I predict starting 2016, we will hear $3-4 billion product companies coming out of India every year. The startup ecosystem has come a long way in the country, especially in the last decade or so…. MORE >>

    Jan, 21
  • Prajakt Raut

    Are you an Indian Tech company, looking to go global? Apply now for our Great Tech Rocketships initiative.

    “Great Tech Rocketships to the UK” is a unique initiative to fast-track India’s most promising Tech Companies. Winners of this competition will  receive a one-week guided UK experience tour, including advice & mentoring from specialists, interactions… MORE >>

    Jan, 20
  • Ankit Dudhwewala

    #MadeinIndia Restaurant Management Software

    Restaurants have busy nights almost everyday. Here, no tables are empty and more often than not, customers are in the waiting room. Waiters are busy serving and clearing tables, no cylinders are ideal and everything… MORE >>

    Jan, 19
  • ProductNation Network

    Knowing Versus Understanding Your Customer

    When it comes to retaining your customer, you simply do not need to know them but should also try to understand them. If you wonder that why are your competitors holding a superior hand than… MORE >>

    Jan, 16
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