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    CISO Platform Decision Summit to Showcase Innovative IT Security Start-ups

    India’s startup ecosystem has climbed another step towards becoming the largest in the world. It is the fastest growing and third-largest in the world. Though we have more than 3000 start-ups in India, we are… MORE >>

    May, 29
  • Ravi Padaki

    Roadmap To A Cashless Country

    Denmark is well on its way if not already the first country in the world to go 100% cashless. Sweden is not far behind either and in fact may be ahead of Denmark in cashless… MORE >>

    May, 28
  • Mukund Mohan

    The 5 most important questions to ask before you price your SaaS product

    Over the last few weeks I had a chance to review 89 of the companies to understand their free to paid conversion and also a chance to talk to 13 companies. What I learned was… MORE >>

    May, 27
  • Chaitanya C

    SaaS Metrics for India B2B

    When we started selling our Cloud telephony platform, we had very little idea of what metrics to concentrate on. So we just built the product and winged it Now after 4 years, we have a… MORE >>

    May, 26
  • ProductNation Network

    Leadership Attitude

    In this cutthroat and competitive business environment it has become imperative for both new and established organizations to be on top of their game. Staying constantly in top form and delivering results requires the organization… MORE >>

    May, 25
  • ProductNation Network

    China and India: Rivals and friends?

    The tone set by the Prime Minister’s visit suggests that the two countries can be both, with India being an equal partner Narendra Modi found himself marking a year as Prime Minister neither in his… MORE >>

    May, 22
  • Rem Koning

    Seeking a Program Evangelist for #PNCamp Program

    #PNCamp Program, an iSPIRT initiative, is growing the Indian StartUp ecosystem by connecting founders and executives from high potential startups. We work with successful VCs and entrepreneurs to source the most promising entrepreneurs and help… MORE >>

    May, 21
  • Nari Kannan

    Cheap Kills, Value Wins!

    Competing on price is never a great strategy! Cheap Kills, Value Wins! As long you as you have a clearly differentiated offering, you should calculate the value your solution provides your users, and base your… MORE >>

    May, 20
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