• Titash Neogi

    How to hire like a hacker

    In my past several years of running Themeefy, I have gone through many hiring cycles. Over time I have learnt that there is a particular strategy or set of things, that work really well — especially if… MORE >>

    Sep, 17
  • Muthu Ranganathan

    Need 9 months to get baby out

    One of the pressures and challenges of working on products is to get it out soon – the release. But I often recollect one of the leaders that I have worked with saying “need 9… MORE >>

    Sep, 16
  • Amey Navelkar

    Product Aesthetics, Community Development and the Step-wells of Gujarat

    If you have had a chance to visit the state of Gujarat in Western India, you have almost certainly seen atleast one of the famed step-wells in the region. Known locally as “baori” or “vav”,… MORE >>

    Sep, 15
  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    If you are bootstrapping, you are not alone here – Sridhar Vembu(@svembu), @Zoho #BootUpINDIA

    Sridhar Vembu is a simple person, and most of what he says are tweet sized bits of wisdom. He inspires you almost instantly when you start conversing with him. That was the first impression when I… MORE >>

    Sep, 12
  • Prajakt Raut

    M&A: Why small exits matter? The big value of small exits (#iSPIRT-OEQ)

    iSPIRT Open Ecosystem Questions(OEQ) Series.  The conversation around this exciting session was lead by Sanat Rao (iSPIRT) and the speakers were Jay Pullur (Pramati Technologies), Sanjay Shah (Invensys Skelta), Pari Natarajan (Zinnov), Karthik Reddy (Blume Ventures)… MORE >>

    Sep, 11
  • ProductNation Network

    Take a Step Towards Denmark Presenting The Next Step Challenge

    Denmark is located in Scandinavia in Northern Europe and of the easiest places to start and grow a business. The World Bank has rated it as amongst the easiest countries to do business in and… MORE >>

    Sep, 10
  • Jyoti Ramnath

    Bootstrapping is certainly possible until and unless the business model requires exponential growth in a short span of time, Nikhil Nath – CEO, Knowcross #BootUpINDIA

    Last week I got a chance to speak with Nikhil Nath, Founder and CEO of Knowcross that provides technology solutions to leading hotels of the world in over 30 countries. Started in 2002, Knowcross has… MORE >>

    Sep, 09
  • Muthu Ranganathan

    No. 10 : product manager is for successful products, let’s explore 10 success tips

    Keeping with the world cup fever, where No.10 is center of everything for success, thought of writing this post on success of product managers, who are the No.10 for success of products. Here in plan… MORE >>

    Sep, 08
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