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    iSPIRT & the India Stack pilot – commercialization of techno-creative innovations

    iSPIRT invited select companies to leverage the IndiaStack API’s and collaboratively construct a pilot program, as a demonstrable proof of concept.

    Broadly, the pilots were established to transfer the invented technologies and expertise to the market. In addition to creating sufficient and supportive infrastructure for technology transfer; to embolden entrepreneurs and businesses create profits based on intellectual property generated from these innovations, our pilot learnings were needed to help effectively address government, regulators and public institutions to seek their support for policy recommendations made by iSPIRT.

    More specifically, the belief at iSPIRT was that for successful new technology venture, entrepreneurs and businesses should possess a combination of learning experiences, knowledge, self-confidence and skills to face challenges in various stages of commercialization process.

    All participants to the pilot were carefully selected by examining their current business models, abilities to contribute to all aspects of IndiaStack, coexistence in a non-competing frame, investing in own resources (costs, effort, time) and above all for demonstrating their PASSION for technology and BELIEF that they will transform INDIA’s landscape for its people and businesses.

    This pilot would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. iSPIRT is highly indebted to Khosla Labs for providing AUA, KUA services for free. eMudhra for being our eSign service provider, and for generously waiving fees while working to onboard all the partners in a compressed timeframe for the pilot. All our partners, namely Capital Float, Eko, Axis Bank, and Suvidhaa for enthusiastically supporting us, while setting aside their competitive instincts to collaborate and sharing learnings. And also to each of the iSPIRT volunteers for their guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the pilot & also for their support in commission to completion of the pilot in less than 90 days!

    iSPIRT believes that by sharing the pilot learnings through the above publication, we will address aspects of entrepreneurship competencies and create the right entrepreneurial environment to produce innovations that are both technologically feasible and commercially viable.

    iSPIRT would particularly like to extend its sincere thanks to CATALYST and Dalberg for the study and its dissemination.

    Guest Post by Jaishankar AL, Tally Solutions

    Volunteer Hero: Rohith Veerajappa #CredoStories
    Because Sometimes Free is Valuable

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    Oct, 27
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