Access to the most vital funds for early stage startups

Angel funds are the most vital funds for any startup. It does not only help in validating the idea and prevents the early startup death, but also brings in the valuable mentoring to the table. Having the first right angel investor to back you in your startup journey sets the tone for more investments to come for the startup’s growth. At the high-risk stage (early stage), angel investors on board help sail through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

2014 was a defining year for Indian startup ecosystem. The year saw the highest-ever inflow of angel and seed funds in India. According to VCCEdge (a platform which provides information about the Indian deals landscape), $115 million was raised by entrepreneurs through angels and seed funds across 285 deals, compared to $69 million in 2013 across 262 deals. In the last two years, LetsVenture ( an online platform for angel funding) closed 23 deals on the platform with $6.5 million being raised. The very interesting trend to note across these deals was that out of the 170 angels who invested online, 40% of them were first-time angel investors. It’s so encouraging to see senior professionals and successful entrepreneurs joining the startup investment bandwagon.

India, as a country, to grow economically needs many successful startups. And to reduce the high mortality rate among startups at early stage, we need thousands of angel investors in our startup ecosystem. Though Indian startups raised nearly $ 5 billion from venture funds and angel investors last year, a large number of young startups still find it difficult to access capital and mentors. Also, we have seen entrepreneurs falling into the traps by raising funds from investors who don’t have any idea of the startup ecosystem. These startups are forced to give a high equity for a small capital and subsequently face trouble in the future fund rounds. Also, there is a major Series A crunch in the ecosystem. Hence, there is a dire need of mentors and advisors who can help startups to be Series A -ready.

LetsIgniteKeeping in mind the absence of an opportunity to network with reputed angels,VCs and mentors for early stage startups, LetsVenture is coming up with the biggest Angel Summit for smart entrepreneurs, investors and mentors – LetsIgnite on April 21-22, 2015. There is a ‘Startup Competition’ to choose 100 best startups for the opportunity to meet the best Angels, VCs and mentors from India and abroad on a single platform. The competition is open for startups who are actively fundraising, looking for fundraising in near future and those who are looking for right mentors and advisors. More information about this competition can be found here. Last date for receiving applications is 20 March, 2015.

Post Contributed by Niti Shree, LetsVenture