Announcing the second batch of 15 companies selected for @InTech50 2016

Last week, we announced the first batch of winners of InTech50 2016 amidst a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The judges and panelists are having a great, yet tough time.

With much deliberation and discussion, we are very happy to announce the second batch of 15 companies that are selected for InTech50 2016:

  1. CanvasFlip Solutions Pvt Ltd: CanvasFlip is a User Research and prototyping tool for UX teams and product managers to record User Videos, Conversion Funnel and Interaction Heatmap.
  1. Entersoft Information Systems Pvt Ltd: EnProbe is a cloud based vulnerability assessment tool designed to help developers, website owners and administrators to identify security vulnerabilities in their website. EnProbe provides a “One-click, configuration free” scanner that helps in identifying the security health map of a website.
  1. FourthLion Technologies: The product is an offline retail behavioral analytics platform that offers a superior than e-commerce experience – (a) Personalization based on offline retail behavioral signals (e.g. with how many people you come, what time you walk in – and based on this give you timely offers, and give you a enhanced menu experience); (b) Using IoT to detect retail behavioral signals (capturing what table you prefer, how much do you walk around when in store); (c) Making IoT intelligent to aid the offline retail experience (e.g. vending machine suggesting what you should buy right now to stay in line with your diet)
  1. FRSLABS Research Systems Pvt. Ltd. Detects and prevents fraud at the point of application. Patent Pending technology that detects fraud faster with fewer false positives resulting in reduced operating costs (over 50%) and improved customer experience.
  1. Gradatim IT Ventures (India) Private Limited: The Gradatim MFInsure OnDemand Insurance System, is a flexible system for the core processes of life and non-life insurance companies and agents. It is a cloud based, analytics driven, web and mobile-enabled, policy and claims administration system for life and non-life insurance products.
  1. IgrenEnergi Inc: It has three hardware products supported by a common underlying IOT and cloud analytics platform: the Solar Optimizer, the OptiVerter and the OptiPVStore. The Optimizer boosts lifetime energy production by minimizing module mismatch losses. It connects 8 modules independently, operates each at its maximum power point and extracts the highest generated power at all times.
  1. Innovaccer Inc: This Integrated Enterprise Analytics Platform enables organizations to integrate disparate enterprise data sources / applications on a big data lake (Hadoop and Spark based) and democratizes access to enterprise wide data without having to write code.
  1. I-exceed technology solutions private limited: Appzillon Digital Banking Suite consists of pre-built banking solutions that help the bank go digital in a very short time frame. The solutions under the Appzillon Digital Banking Suite are Appzillon Consumer Banking, Appzillon Corporate Banking, Appzillon Branch Banking, Appzillon Relationship Management, and Appzillon Onboarding System. Appzillon Digital Banking Suite enables the bank to offer end-to-end digital experience for its consumers, corporates and internal users.
  1. Nextgen Project Management Systems: Platform for corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  1. Quicko Technosoft Labs Pvt Ltd: Whatfix is a SaaS solution which helps companies to accelerate user on-boarding, reduce support queries and remove training needs.
  1. Qustn Technologies: Capabiliti is a mobile first SaaS platform used by large enterprises to train and engage with their remote users (employees / clients / vendors). The platform allows a company to have a one view of their entire business – and ensure that harmonised communication / training / sales support is reaching the last mile.
  2. Vistara (VistaraIT India Pvt Ltd): Vistara is the software defined IT operations management (ITOM) platform. They offer the only SaaS based ITOM suite that delivers a policy based framework for visibility and control across hybrid IT infrastructure.
  1. Spoors Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd: EFFORT is a one stop solution to all field challenges for all verticals. EFFORT a fludic mobile+Cloud based SaaS solution, helps companies quickly configure any field business process in just few mins, deploy and start using EFFORT to monitor and execute field operation with ease.
  1. Ttatva innovation labs pvt ltd: Offers a cost effective Tele care as a service platform to enable remote patient care transformation and reduce overall cost of care for patient. This platform will help patient receive care through moving patient clinical and diagnosis information and not moving people
  1. ZingHR: ZingHR is a new-age End-to-End HR platform that delivers Real Business Value with a combination of latest Cloud Technologies, Best Practices and Employee Centric Mobile Applications, rather than just HR process automation.

Congratulations to all the above winners !!

Watch this space for the announcement of the third batch of 15 winners.