#MadeinIndia Time & Attendance Management Software to Enhance Productivity

Let us start with a simple fact, no one can dispute over the countless benefits technology has brought us. It has allowed us to improve, perform and connect our resources beyond imagination!!

Whether you work in a company or run your own business, time management is always on top of your mind. By properly managing time, the organization can know the amount of work allocated to the employees, how long the employees spend in doing unproductive tasks and how many of them are doing over-time.

MadeinIndia time & management Management software

With this, organization can easily calculate their employees productivity. Moreover they can pre-plan their agendas and finalize company’s work schedule.

But, what if your time management software also facilitates the feature of attendance management? This will be an added advantage as the origination can keep an eye on the regularity and punctuality of an employee. Because, if company has a comprehensive and authentic time and attendance management softwares, it can easily organize the work with proper synchronization.

Here is a list of “#MadeinIndia” Time and Attendance Management Software to consider.

Timereckon: It is a web enabled time & attendance management software that can be seamlessly integrated with any payroll system. In case of time records processing, it provides an Enterprise web – based solutions. Moreover, it has comprehensive security layer which is accessible to supervisorial or managerial level only. Timereckon also allows integration with HR, Finance and Payroll Professionals so that they can automate the entire attendance and leave management process. It helps in generating extensive reports and has a large database for maximum storage.

Cost: Contact Website.

Timecheck Software: It is an enterprise grade web based solution with strong features to simplify Time and Attendance management process. Moreover, it provides immaculate solutions for improving business productivity. It integrates with payroll software and ensures on-time payments of salary. It provides intuitive dashboard and flexi-mode options for overtime management and terminal configuration.

Some of its value added features include visitor management integration, Bi-lingual support, user group management and work order management.

Cost: Contact Website.

ZingHR Time and Attendance Management Software: This time and attendance management software ensures that organization can keep track on various employee activities, irrespective of their locations. Moreover, it measures time spent on creating business policies and has a user-friendly dashboard. Thus, the organization can propel its productivity and utilize all its resources.

Cost: Welcome- 7250/month

Power- 9250/month

Business- 14250/month

Turbo- 19250/month

Timemate: It provides an organization the facility to reduce the processing time of employee time sheets and decrease human errors in it. In addition to this, it provides biometric time and attendance system which can seamlessly integrate with many hardware devices. Timemate has various solutions such as fingerprint scanning, swipe cards and hand-on punches which provides authentic attendance report. Moreover, it facilitates graphical representation of events & schedules and it allows the access of attendance reports via internet.

Cost: Contact Website

TimeSheet: Managing time spent on each job by a particular employee can be a daunting task. Therefore, Timesheet software is used as it is highly customizable & can be used by organizations of all sizes. Moreover, it gives enterprise-class time tracking solutions at very affordable prizes. It makes comprehensive reports of time management of employees at a rapid rate. It also provides a “to-do” manager to keep track of small and personal tasks. Some of its top-notch features include auto-locking of time sheets, intuitive dashboard & comprehensive reports with minimum data entry.

Cost: Independent Consultants: Rs.500/user/month.

Startups- Rs.400/user/month.

Growing Businesses- Rs.300/user/month.

Big Business House- Rs.200/user/month

Zoho:Attendance Management is now a breeze” this is the tagline used by Zoho attendance management software. Its time tracker helps organizations to regularly monitor team’s efficiency thus improving their overall capacity. Its timesheet helps companies to analyze employee’s activity and how much time has been registered on each activity. Zoho time sheets are facilitated with hierarchal structures and customized time-log templates. Timesheets also records Log-billable hours and makes sure that the employees are paid for their over time. Moreover, it enables organizations to record all work related items cohesively at a single click.

Cost: Free up-to 5 users.

Standard: Rs.2340/month up-to 25 users.

Premium: Rs.4500/month up-to 50 users.

Enterprise: Rs.5940/month

Adrenalin: It enables the organization to have a 360 degree view of employees working hours thus provides authentic analysis of their productivity. Adrenalin provides accurate data collections of employee’s information which is the crucial step in attendance management. Along with this, it helps to redefine attendance capture mode through integration with external time capturing devices. Moreover, it provides various reports to monitor attendance, regularity and sign-in / sign-out information of the employees.

Cost: Contact Website

Time productivity is the key to success of any organization. With this, it is imperative that it should be managed properly. Moreover, the above mentioned time management software amalgamate with other features such as payroll and attendance management thus providing additional facility to the company. Optimizing and synchronizing time dwells well if managed properly. Therefore, use these software in order to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Moreover, if you are looking for free and open source time and attendance management software you can check it out here.