Announcing the Working Group on IT Security

siber640e_0With the growing penetration of technology, Internet, and digital medium, there is an increasing need for protecting critical infrastructure of the country. If compromised, these infrastructure can bring down the entire nation to stand still. With the nation going Digital India and the Prime Minister himself talking about security frequently, and challenging Indian citizens to create products that will server the nation and the world, we at iSPIRT are taking this
opportunity to create / develop / nurture the IT Security products, entrepreneurs involved in it, and product companies in the country.

We see a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to take this challenge and develop new products, small companies to find their niche and create a larger market for themselves, medium size companies to scale and become bigger, and large companies letting their employees to contribute in their individual / expert capacity. Keeping
iSPIRT’s vision in making India a Product Nation, we have created a Working Group on IT Security. We hope to get the support from all the relevant stakeholders. You can find more details about the program here.

Initiative Co-Hosted by Bikash Barai{iVIZ} & Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (PK) {IIIT-Delhi}